Monday, April 12th, 2010

By Alex Segura


I know what you’re thinking — “Didn’t they just announce a new ACTION COMICS writer?” Well, we did. But stuff has changed and we’ll get to that in one second.

Firstly, starting in June, HUGO award-nominated writer Paul Cornell will join interior artist Pete Woods and cover artist David Finch on ACTION COMICS. Cornell comes to DC with a very shiny resume, including work as a novelist and in comics and television — notably, for the Dr. Who series. Cornell steps in at a critical point for our hero, coming out of THE WAR OF THE SUPERMEN. So, what does he have in store? Well, let’s ask him. Take it away, Paul:

“I’m proud and honored to be taking on such a historic title. It’s particularly great to begin by featuring Lex Luthor, who’s always been one of my favourite characters. So many legendary creators have written this title in the past that I’m giddy and frankly terrified at the prospect of following in their footsteps.”

And who wouldn’t be psyched to work with artists like Woods and Finch? As you can see from the Luthor image above by Mr. Finch and the Woods images below, ACTION promises to earn its title in spades.



But what of Marc Guggenheim, who we announced as the new ACTION writer a ways back? Well, we swung by Superman Group Editor Matt Idelson’s office for some info. Matt?

“I’m very bummed to be missing out on this chance to work with Marc who I think would have kicked some serious butt on ACTION. The story he pitched began to evolve into something quite different, something Marc knew would be great, but he had concerns about whether he was the man to write this tale. Rather than do a disservice to the book, the readers and himself, Marc decided to step away from ACTION, and we both know that sometime in the future, we’ll be collaborating on Superman for sure.

“With Guggs out of the picture, there was only one person to turn to, one writer who could bring this book to those Guggian heights while still making it his own—Paul Cornell. Shockingly, he accepted the challenge. In the short time we’ve been working together, his enthusiasm has blown me away!

Happily, no sooner had Marc stepped off than another editor swooped in to work with Marc on a project that will be announced in the near future.”

So, wait — we get an ongoing ACTION COMICS series from Cornell, Woods and Finch and a top-secret Guggenheim series? Sold.

Stay tuned to THE SOURCE for more on what’s next for Marc, and for some more upcoming SUPERMAN and ACTION COMICS art.

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  1. vinniebartilucci says on :

    This news just shimmers. Having just come off (well, having cancelled out from under him) a series from Marvel which is now nominated for a Hugo, he’s more than got the chops to take on such a major character.

    I am anxious to hear more.

  2. meisterlegion says on :

    This seems to be an eleventh-hour switcheroo. I can only imagine Marc’s pitch, and how it didn’t fit with the long-term plans of Superman’s direction. However, that’s why we have the new management we do, and a CCO who I have complete trust and faith in with making sure the right writer gets on the right book/title.

    For me ACTION COMICS was more than just Superman stories - it was stories of the SUPERMAN FAMILY - which includes Lex Luthor. I personally look for full-out “action” in ACTION COMICS.

  3. madamerogue says on :

    Smashing news! This will actually make me start picking up Action Comics now!

  4. carl42 says on :

    Oh thank god. I’ve loved everything since One Year Later, and I was going to have to drop Action because of Guggenheim. I’ve never read a good thing by him. If the GL movies’ any good, it’s despite him, not because of him But Cornell’s actually rather good. His Captain Britain and Young Avengers work among others was all solid to great. Now I’m excited.

  5. meisterlegion says on :

    Why was I speaking of ACTION COMICS in the past tense? I think because Supe’s has been missing for so long. It will be nice to see him back in the pages again, along with the rest of his “family”.

  6. Oracles Bird says on :

    I’m a HUGE Cornell fan! Congrats to him on the book! I can’t wait to see where he takes it. That image of Lex is enough to wet my appetite! Just awesome.

  7. mambazo says on :

    If you have any sense DC, you will hand this man more work than he can handle.

  8. madamerogue says on :

    Any chance now for a Bernice Summerfield book at Vertigo? :)

  9. wildclaw says on :

    I’m hoping for Nightwing and Flamebird to stay around as I really like their characters

  10. kongoman says on :

    Congrats to Cornell, can’t wait to see what you’ll do. As far as guggenheim, i have the feeling that “top secret series” actually means “we don’t know what he’s going to do next”.

  11. DaVeO says on :

    Welcome to DC, Paul! I loved Capt Britain and MI6!!

  12. praetor says on :

    Luthor as a permanent Orange Lantern would simply rock. It’s about time levels with Superman (though since he’s smarter than Supes, having similar power levels puts him on the advantage).

  13. albatross says on :

    hmmmmmm that’s a nice lookin’ Orange Luthor. …There a toy of him, yet? plz?

  14. Lex says on :

    Conell wrote the recent Captain Britain series? I’ve been meaning to check out the trades because I’ve heard nothing but praise for that series. He should be a good pick for Action Comics and I’m excited to see his take on the Superman family.

  15. badsoul says on :

    very exited! its a brand new day for the superman books

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  18. Gorbunov says on :

    Nice. Good to see that DC editorial some-rare-times takes out heads out of their collective arse and reaching for new talented writers instead of hiring another DeeDee hack pal. Just hope there will be enough head-outta-arse moments to get Hickman, Aaron, Fraction and Van Lente in near future.

  19. dhacker615 says on :

    Fantastic news!

  20. Horror Animated Avatars | Fangoria says on :

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  21. DarkestKnight says on :

    Geez, being a big Cornell fan I am super excited to see him come to DC and work on action… BUT I’ve not been paying attention to war of the supermen and wasn’t planning on it. Now I have to go and get myself familiar with all that business. ARGH!

  22. querldox says on :

    Rouge don’t you listen to the Bernice Summerfield audio dramas from Big Finish starring Lisa Bowerman? She’s too tied up with Doctor Who to do anything at Vertigo.

    I’m very happy with this news. Paul has written some of my favourite Doctor Who episodes and the amazing Captain Britain. I’m so glad he’s ascending rather than being stuck on a few X-spin offs at Marvel

  23. kennypick says on :

    Wow! Good stuff!

    After Guggenheim’s Flash run, I can’t imagine why they’d hand him a flagship title.

    I certainly hope that Nightwing and Flamebird get the heck out of dodge too. As good as Rucka can be, his arc with those two has been tedious and boring.

    I’m not familiar with Cornell’s writing, but his bibliography speaks for itself!

  24. thedanofsteel says on :

    I like this news allot. Paul busted a hump monthly putting out Captain Britain and this kind of faith in his talents is well deserved.

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