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all pages and the majority of photos have all been updated with a new camera as of 21 september 2006



So what is the fascination with CLUEDO??  For me it goes well back to my childhood many moons ago. The family always had CLUEDO & MONOPOLY in the house - most houses did at the time I would think. MONOPOLY, however, used to drive me mad. It just seemed to go on and on until sheer boredom set in. CLUEDO was different. I was already a fan of Agatha Christie so a crime game was a natural progression. The games were challenging and fun but didn't last all night, there was always time for two or three games. The characters became well loved although I was never fond of Mrs. White!!!

About two years ago in 2004, I was surfing the net and came across CLUEDOFAN.COM. I found this to be an excellent web site for CLUE and CLUEDO fans and was full of images of different versions from around the world. Although a fan of the game I had never been a serious collector and only had the original CLUEDO in my possession at the time so I was gob smacked when I saw all the limited editions and overseas variations of the game.

I had also just got into buying on Ebay so I started searching for CLUEDO and CLUE and I guess that was the turning point. The first game I bought was CLUEDO SUPER SLEUTH and it just went on from there. In two years I have amalgamated approximately 70 versions of the game plus various sundry, miscellaneous and, quite frankly, items with a very tenuous CLUEDO link - the POPPETS chocolate box is a fine example of this. So I still continue collecting and any help in collecting rare versions, especially the vintage Japanese and South American versions would be appreciated.

I have also turned my hand to inventing my own versions for private use with my CLUEDO playing buddies. My first attempt was a Dr. Who version that basically just changed rooms to planets, suspects to The Doctor and some of his assistants with the option of playing the game with your favourite Doctor and weapons were the same as normal CLUEDO but were adapted from the Doctors possessions e.g. a sonic screwdriver Candlestick, a Revolver hidden inside a 500 year old diary, a cat badge with attached knife and so on. The idea was that the President of The High Council of The Time Lords had been murdered and you had to discover which person was framed for the murder, the weapon used and the Planet that the murdering villains came from. After that LIVE CLUEDO was born. Had wanted a version we could play around the house and finally completed it last year. Follow the link to see the page for this. My final version was completed in January this year (2006). There has been talk of a two storey CLUEDO for a while but no one seemed to want to make it so I guess I just went ahead and did it myself. I called it ULTRA CLUEDO and actually designed the board myself instead of just sticking plain white card over an old CLUEDO board as I had done with the Doctor Who version. My original idea was to have the top floor attached to four wedding cake pillars and a small set of stairs from a dolls house leading from the Hall to the upstairs landing. Unfortunately, design is NOT my strong point so I have ended up just sticking the top floor board on an 8" high Candlestick (apt eh?) and using coloured squares to indicate the stairs. This means that the way from the Study to the Lounge via the front of the Hall is now NO ENTRY as that is where the stairs are. To get upstairs players have to enter the Hall and go from there.  There are now 10 suspects, 10 weapons and 13 rooms. In addition to the normal suspects there are Baroness O'Range, Lady Grey, Doctor Brown & Mr. Pink!! The four extra weapons are the Axe, Poison, Hammer & Truncheon. Finally the four extra rooms are the Bedroom, Bathroom, Box Room & Drawing Room. I use pawns and weapons from my other CLUEDO games but did not have a Hammer or Truncheon so it was Ebay to the rescue again. Found both items as key rings so bought them and now have all ten weapons. I have tried to include elements from other CLUEDO games to make this a fun version. I liked the idea of the secret passages from the DVD version so have "Secret Passage" in all the downstairs rooms and players must state which room they wish to go to, draw one of the "Secret Passage" cards and follow the instructions. There are also "Magnifying Glass" squares as in the CLUE MASTER DETECTIVE version so as you pass over or land on one you take a card and you have to follow the instructions. There are opportunities to lock doors locking people out - or in. Finally, I decided to abandon the idea of placing suspects and weapons in rooms when making accusations so now only the players tokens are used in the game. The weapons, however, now get more use. Each weapon has a certain use during play. There are 10 weapon cards and one is dealt face down to each player at the start of the game and the rest shuffled back into the pack. The player takes that weapon and can use it in the way indicated. They can also be swapped round with other players and some can be used in secret passages. So there it is, great fun to play though would be nice to see an official version at last.
NB Since typing the above, The double decker CLUEDO has just been updated to include 6 Motives for the Crime and 10 Clues left behind in the murder room so now there are 5 items to find in the solutions envelope!!  There are now 78,000 possible solutions!! It gets bigger and

So these are my CLUEDO/CLUE games. I hope you enjoy the site and if anyone lives fairly local and is interested in regular CLUEDO night, please let me know. E-Mail me at

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There are six main categories and seven image categories. Each of the six main categories has it's own listing within showing thumb nails of each item and a link to that items page with pictures and information about that item. The seven image categories contain scans of each of the six main characters so you can see how they have changed through the years, and a seventh page contains other characters who have appeared alongside the usual suspects over the years.



1. ENGLISH CLUEDO   Rescan completed 4 September 2006
2. AMERICAN CLUE   Rescan completed 12 September 2006
3. REST OF THE WORLD CLUE/CLUEDO   Rescan completed 17 September 2006
4. CARD GAMES & JIGSAWS   Rescan completed 17 September 2006
5. COMPUTER & DVD/VIDEO GAMES   Rescan completed 18 September 2006
6. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS   Rescan completed 21 September 2006



1. MISS SCARLET - A Smattering of Scarlets
2. COLONEL MUSTARD - A Menagerie of Mustards
3. MRS. WHITE - A Wanderlust of Whites
4. REVEREND GREEN - A Gathering of Greens
5. MRS. PEACOCK - A Plethora of Peacocks
6. PROFESSOR PLUM - A Profusion of Plums


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