Beijing 2010

2011 Audi A8 L arrives with 500-hp W12, seating for a king-maker

Audi is pulling out its biggest gun yet for the Beijing Motor Show, and while the big news for the A8 L might be the 6.3-liter W12 and the sedan's longer wheelbase, it's the rear seat accommodations that have us frothing at the mouth. Seriously, just look at it. With an overall length of nearly 17 and a half feet, the A8 L is almost a half-foot longer than its standard sibling, with a wheelbase of 10.24 feet. Those extra inches are put to good effect, with an interior that's enough to make a Maybach look downright spartan. Open ... Read more →

Chinese-market Buick Excelle sedan caught without camo

The next step in Buick's plan for Chinese world domination is a new small sedan based on the Opel Astra called the Buick Excelle. Following what's likely to be its debut for the Chinese market ...

Geely set to reveal modified Rolls-Royce aping limousine in Beijing

Never underestimate the power of a nose job. After getting in hot water with Rolls-Royce for the design of its GE limousine, Geely Automobile has reworked the majority of the car into what you see ...

Beijing Preview: Geely reinvisions London's iconic taxi with its Englon TXN

Geely may be content to let Volvo do its thing without any apparent outside intervention (at least for now), but the Swedish brand's new parent company apparently has its heart set on unleashing a ...

Ferrari takes wraps off new 599 GTO, quicker than an Enzo

We've seen the spy shots. We've even seen the options list. Now Ferrari has officially taken the wraps off its new performance benchmark, the 599 GTO, ahead of the car's official debut later this ...

Report: Mercedes-Benz planning CLS Shooting Brake for Beijing 17 days ago on Autoblog

When the next generation Mercedes-Benz CLS hits the streets in the next 24 months, the car that started the industry-wide trend towards "four door coupes" is expected to be joined by a shooting brake variant. That car may well appear as a concept at next month's Beijing Motor Show. and is sure ...

Beijing Preview: Peugeot to debut new 408 in the middle kingdom 2 months ago on Autoblog

In another sign of China's growing importance as an automotive market, Peugeot will use the upcoming Beijing Motor Show to debut its new midsize 408 sedan. The 408 was jointly developed by Peugeot stylists in Europe and China with the aim of appealing to the latter market. The mid-sized segment ...

Autoblog Podcast #174: With Reilly Brennan from AOL Autos

Shunk, Editor Paukert, Sam and Dan chat with Reilly Brennan from AOL Autos about what we're driving, the Ferrari 599 GTO, The V6 Ponycar horsepower race, Ward's interior awards, Audi and Mercedes sales numbers, and more. 


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