CategoryWeight0 pts1 pts2 pts3 pts4 pts5 pts
Graphics1No GraphicsBasic text based graphics ripped from another project (copyright rules still apply)Coder Art used as little more than place holdersGood graphics but not necessarily consistent or well used. Little animationArtwork is consistent with game play. Good animations. Some decent variety (Poorly drawn but thoughtful art qualifies).Outstanding graphics with consistent and well chosen palettes, good animations, and graphics which suit the game play but are varied throughout
Sound1No SoundPoor quality, limited sound effects which have little or nothing to do with the actual gameSome sound effects which coincide with actual game eventsDecent variety of sound effects tied to in game eventsQuality sound effects which contribute and enhance the game play (in other words, the judge did not have to turn the volume off after a few minutes of play due to annoyance.Outstanding sound effects that add significantly to the game experience. Lots of variety in the effects.
Music1No MusicHas music but is of poor quality and low variety and not seem to fit the game playMusic which does not necessarily match game play but is of high quality and/or variedVaried quality music which does not distract from game playVaried original score which suits the game play and adds significantly to the ambiance of the gameOutstanding, original, well suited music. Advanced music programming as evidenced by dynamic tempo changes and beat timed events.
Controls1No ControlsBasic directional and button controls. Some glitches and no attempt at physical simulation on player motionGame responds to user input in some intuitive and glitch free mannerHigh quality physical response to controls with appropriate choice of input device and scheme for game play. (Game is not comfortable to play)More advanced input techniques are apparent such as combos of appropriate physical simulation of motion based upon inputGame controls are extremely well refined and appropriate for the game play style with advanced or unique forming of player input.
Network Multiplayer1No network or multiplayer supportSome network features present (high scores recorded on a global list for instance. ~OR~ two or more players can play the game in the same session in a non competitive, non cooperative turn based manner. (i.e. Two player SMB for instance)Network features contribute in some way to game play (via downloadable of uploadable content) OR players interact through cooperative or competitive play on a single DS (like a turn based strategy game)Network is used to provied in game interaction between DS consoles (via chat, voip, or multiplayer interaction)A refined way to locate and engage other online players via game lobby or similar constructMultiplayer interaction is a central component of the game and adds significantly to the game play. (Any game were you can group up and explore a level or compete against another group would qualify)
Fun2Didn't like it at all or could not figure out how to playWas a playable but did not hold attention of the judgesHeld attention long enough to complete several levels/minutes of the gameHad moments of fun or was very fun, but very shortWas entertaining enough that one might play it even if they were not forced to, because they had to judge it.Game play was such that there is a glimmer of commercial potential.
Theme1Not a winter theme...(minus 40!)Winter theme obviously slapped on at the last minuteChance of snowWintery mixI had to put a heavy coat on just to play the gamebrrrrrrr