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Clerkenwell Gaol
Newgate Prison

Prisons of London & Middlesex - Howard Tractate
The Howard Association have issued another tractate, treating especially on this subject. They state in it that in al least two of the metropolitan prisons (that of Holloway, belonging to the City, and Coldbath Fields, belonging to the County), have, under the able management of their present governors, displayed in a noteworthy degree the practicability of a great and advantageous increase in the adoption of remunerative and reformatory labour in gaols.
Whereas the average cost of each English prisoner is 34, and the average earning of each, only 2 (in many prisons only one or two farthings per day) the inmates of Holloway Prison (most of whom are committed for a month or less), have earned upwards of 900 clear annual profit on their labour, in addition to a specially large amount of useful economic service rendered within the walls. Some of the long- time prisoners almost earn their own cost. It is of importance that the industrial reformation of criminals should continue to be promoted in the London prisons, and there is much room for further advance even in this direction. But just at present the subject of prison dietary claims the attention of the Association. Prisoners, however, should certainly not be placed in a condition even equal to that of the honest outside or workhouse poor; but the chief deterrent, and at the same time the most reformatory and economic treatment, should consist in a rigorous enforcement of an ample quantum of task-work. Real hard work, and the enforcement of it (but without semi-starvation), is a condition most useful and most hateful to the generality of criminals.
Source: The Builder 1868 Vol XXVI 2nd May 1868
Submitted by Alan Longbottom

City House of Correction - Holloway
Governor - John Weatherhead, esq.
Chaplain - Rev. John Owen
Surgeon - Mr. Thomas Graham
Chief Warder - Mr. James Edmund Clarke
Steward - Mr Charles Grimes
Clerk - Mr. William Bullock
Matron - Mrs Susan Game
Source: City of London Directory 1872

Millbank Prison

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