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BBC Bias

BBC Bias? No, that can't be right. We all know the BBC is strictly impartial!
How do we know that?
Because that's what they keep saying on the telly!

BBC Complaints

Cronyism claim over TV woman's countryside job - 25/01/99 Ms Goodman is a friend of Peter Mandelson

No 10 job for Red Ken's ex-aide - 01/03/99 Bill Bush, head of BBC Analysis and Research and former chief of staff to Labour left-winger and London mayoral hopeful Mr Livingstone

BBC candidate in 'cronyism' row - 17/04/99

BBC boss was Labour Party member - 06/06/99

'Crony' row over new BBC chief - 25/06/99

New BBC boss defends independence - 25/06/99

Tories hire media firm to spot BBC bias - 27/06/99

Tories backtrack on BBC - 29/06/99

Cronyism row over TV licence fee report - 05/08/99

Labour 'crony' backed higher fee two years ago - 06/08/99

Mandela's green-fingered makeover - 14/12/99

BBC chief apologises for Labour bias in Archers - 10/02/00

World Service reshapes for 21st century (German service scrapped) - 11/02/00

BBC's weather girl power - 21/02/00

Blair network forging a new elite - 25/02/00 although they wield great power and influence, none has been elected... the media's leading lights play a significant role

Record audience for World Service - 14/03/00

The World Tonight's new web page - 28/03/00

Dyke takes axe to Birt bureaucracy - 04/04/00

Excluded Tories accuse Question Time of bias - 16/04/00

Helen Boaden, the new controller of Radio 4 - 17/04/00

Panorama "doing No 10's bidding" - 23/04/00

BBC accused of 'fleecing elderly' over licences - 01/05/00

'Today' censured over Churchill - 04/05/00

Panorama cut-back ordered by BBC - 11/05/00

BBC denies Royal birthday snub - 12/05/00

Hague calls for rethink by BBC over royal parade - 13/05/00

Drop Meldrew image, BBC told - 13/05/00

Robin Oakley retires early from BBC - 13/05/00

Labour sympathiser takes over at BBC - 14/05/00

BBC in new row over Labour bias - 15/05/00

Now BBC refuses to show Royal Tattoo - 17/05/00

Dimbleby attacks BBC's royal snub - 21/05/00

Anger at BBC satire of Queen Mother pageant - 22/05/00

Has the BBC lost faith in classical music? - 26/05/00

BBC launches lively news show - 30/05/00

Buerk admits TV death wish - 31/05/00

We made errors in report, says BBC - 06/06/00

Hollywood freezes out Republicans, says Bo - 09/06/00

Dyke plans to reduce 'serious' BBC1 shows - 11/06/00

Film blamed for car thefts - 14/06/00

Teenagers 'killed boy in Reservoir Dogs frenzy' - 05/07/00 Three youths tortured 15 year-old victim before murdering him while acting out scene from movie, jury told

Government plans to sack BBC governors - 09/07/00 Culture secretary draws up plans for independent watchdog to maintain programme standards and handle complaints

Blair faces cronyism gibes over Birt's job - 10/07/00 Fresh accusations of spin as former BBC Director-General takes post as powerful new adviser on crime

Dyke to fire 1,100 of Birt's managers - 11/07/00 BBC Director-General announces redundancy plans for majority of bureaucracy created by predecessor

'Boy killed his friend after film violence' - 20/07/00 Court hears that teenager is stabbed to death by friend after watching the film Blade

'Reservoir Dogs' boys jailed for murder - 27/07/00 Three teenagers who tried to cut off ear of 15-year-old friend before killing him detained at Her Majesty's pleasure

BBC staff 'suffered for not being Welsh' - 06/08/00

BBC veteran attacks TV news 'makeovers' - 28/08/00

Women on top as BBC1 names new controller - 15/09/00

1m viewers desert new Panorama - 17/10/00

BBC news loses a million viewers - 29/10/00

BBC programmes 'heavily biased in favour of EU' - 08/12/00 The survey, conducted by an independent media monitoring company, claimed that the BBC's Today programme was twice as likely to feature pro-Europeans as Eurosceptics

BBC attacked for nativity gender switch - 10/12/00

When rude is too crude - 12/12/00

Viewers rebel against new BBC drama - 09/01/01

Woman dies after [9-hour!!!] trolley wait - 12/01/01 (Evening Standard Story; the BBC have kept quiet about this one)

Today team missed the political signals warning of Mandelson's resignation - 25/01/01 Andrew Marr, the BBC's political editor, whose support for Labour provoked controversy over his appointment to the BBC's top political post

Dyke celebrates his first year as BBC's director general by axing 750 jobs - 05/02/01

Dyke gears up to fight political bias protests - 01/04/01

BBC's own expert attacks Jesus series - 01/04/01 for portraying Christ as "a politically correct social worker"... the corporation had ignored critical aspects about Christ's life because of fears that the issues would be too "difficult" for viewers

UK hails progress in disease fight - 20/04/01 UK? No, actually it was the government's chief scientist, Professor David King

BBC admits Labour bias on Newsnight broadcast - 25/04/01 !!!!!!!! (I couldn't find this story on the BBC website)

BBC chairman to step down - 26/04/01

'Cronyism' risk for Labour in finding new BBC chairman - 27/04/01

BBC bosses sidelining faith, says ex-head of religion - 29/04/01

TV drama to show explicit gang rape - 29/04/01 Channel Four bracing itself over controversial programme depicting middle-class machismo and misogyny

Blair starts to pile pressure on BBC before poll - 06/05/01 to ensure that its coverage is not dominated by stories embarrassing to Labour

Europe by stealth - 08/05/01 The Labour party's approach is to talk about Europe as little as possible... the BBC has been told not to be "distracted" by stories about Europe

Radio 4's In Business returns for a new series, starting by asking if it is time to rebrand Britain - 09/05/01

'I thought I was being terribly polite really' - 15/05/01 Allegations of BBC bias have followed a string of pro-Labour appointees

TV to blame for protests, says Labour - 22/05/01 Labour officials appeared angry and embarrassed that its attempt to put pressure on broadcasters had leaked out

Blair clears TV over 'protest collusion' - 23/05/01 Labour is now trying to justify Miss McDonagh's outburst - seen at Westminster as a crude attempt to "lean" on the broadcasters

Israelis outraged by BBC documentary - 18/06/01

Queen announces media shake-up - 20/06/01 OFCOM to be the single regulator

BBC overrun by women clones, says Lord Taylor - 14/08/01

TV chiefs left to police taste and decency - 03/09/01 which will almost certainly lead to a fall in standards

Race to be the BBC's ultimate anchorman - 10/09/01

Who is best for the BBC? - 10/09/01 Blair due to appoint new chairman soon

Interviews for BBC chair to begin - 10/09/01

Panel may offer BBC shortlist - 12/09/01

BBC chief apologises for terror debate - 15/09/01 audience contained a disproportionate number of people from an anti-American perspective

BBC chairman decision 'imminent' - 19/09/01

Gavyn Davies is BBC chair - 19/09/01

Tories attack new BBC choice - 19/09/01

Bleasdale and BBC clash over Labour satire - 30/09/01 series may never be broadcast, because it is critical of New Labour

BBC cuts back coverage of Queen Mother's death - 04/10/01

'We're not here to toe the line' - 11/10/01 BBC News director Richard Sambrook: "jingoism has no place in the corporation". But Labour-Watch already knew that.

Interrogators get a grilling - 24/10/01

What has become of the British patriot? - 31/10/01 I am now used to the nightly diet of anti-American and anti-Israeli editorialising from reporters who seem determined to make us ashamed of our allies and ourselves

BBC announces job cuts - 01/11/01

Anger over BBC World poppy ban - 02/11/01

Banned Falklands play goes on radio - 29/11/01 The BBC banned the Curteis play for not being left wing. "Many at the BBC could not stand Margaret Thatcher."

BBC 'gives legitimacy to Arab terrorists' - 11/12/01

BBC orders critical coverage of Queen's Jubilee - 03/02/02 because "many people no longer support the monarchy"... "We are content with our royal reporting"

Labour and Tories united in BBC row - 07/02/02

Dyke not 'dumbing down' BBC - 10/02/02

Labour's cash, cronies and favours - 17/02/02

Boris Johnson: The BBC must steel itself to probe the Mittal scandal - 21/02/02

BBC gets its way 'thanks to the old boys at No 10' - 21/02/02 says Tim Allan, one of Mr Blair's former "spin doctors"

Bashing Sir Humphrey - 25/02/02 The institutions of the state, from NHS trusts to the BBC, have been put under Labour placemen

Voters will cross the floor - 07/03/02 The Government, slavishly followed by the BBC, has sought to belittle Richard Balfe and to scoff at his motives

Regulator attacks TV sex and violence before 9pm - 07/03/02

BBC critics 'are white and from the South' - 13/03/02 a very revealing remark from the BBC's chairman, Gavyn Davies, a prominent Labour supporter

Prolier than thou - 13/03/02 Do Asian teenagers really prefer to watch and listen to rubbish?

What has the BBC come to? Toilets, that's what - 14/03/02

BBC apologises to middle-class 'hijackers' - 14/03/02

Mixed reactions - 14/03/02 Gavin Davies, the BBC chairman, has insulted all groups

Middle class actor attacks PC at the BBC - 19/03/02

Ronnie Barker in TV comeback as Churchill's butler - 21/03/02 How left-wing will it be? Here's a clue: see who will be playing Churchill's wife!

End of the world is nigh as BBC1 changes its image - 27/03/02 in the name of "diversity and totality"... It is likely to fuel accusations of increasing political correctness at the BBC

More than an hour of TV a day 'turns teens to violence' - 29/03/02

Teen TV viewing 'linked to violence' - 29/03/02

Red faces in BBC news rooms as corporation is caught on the hop - 01/04/02 Complaints poured in about the amateurish and insensitive way in which the long-expected news was presented... While independent channels immediately saw the significance of the Queen Mother's death and understood the strength of public feeling about it, the BBC chose to treat it just another news story

Palace fury at BBC's missing black tie - 02/04/02

What's wrong with the BBC is everyone's problem - 03/04/02

What this past week has told us about Britain today - 07/04/02

Public mood takes media by surprise - 09/04/02

BBC U-turn on radio silence - 09/04/02

How these 10 days have turned the tide - 10/04/02 BBC planners decided some time last autumn that the Queen Mother's death belonged in a sort of Songs-of-Praise, Dad's-Army ghetto for oldies... no one under 70 would be much interested unless the coverage could be spiced with a bit of disrespect

The BBC at its best, the Blitz and a bee in Dimbleby's bonnet - 10/04/02

Leaping Frenchman is latest BBC stunt - 12/04/02 Greg Dyke, the BBC Director-General, was accused of "basking in a Jacuzzi of spare public cash"

Poet told to apologise for remark on Israelis - 16/04/02 BBC2's Late Review panel member Tom Paulin's extreme anti-Semitic views

BBC to air abolition of monarchy debate - 23/04/02 what a surprise

New media laws to be unveiled - 07/05/02

Class warfare - 23/05/02 perhaps Alastair Campbell had a quiet word with his friends in the corporation

Ousted writer plots revenge on the queen of Ambridge - 26/05/02 a scriptwriter on The Archers who left the programme five years ago after rows over its "politically correct" story lines, has written a novel lampooning his erstwhile boss

Political media too cynical, says John Cole - 27/05/02 His complaint is that they are voicing their own opinions... He notes too that after the "hell of a fuss" broadcasters made in trying to get cameras into the Commons (under the Tories), footage of Parliament now forms only tiny clips in news reports (under Labour)

BBC forces viewers to record its new sitcom - 30/05/02

Adviser accuses BBC of being anti-GM in 'ridiculous' thriller - 31/05/02 The BBC was yesterday accused by one of its advisers of inflaming the hysteria surrounding genetically modified crops with factual errors and bad science

BBC newsreader attacks 'tokenism' - 11/06/02

Dressing down for BBC crew at Ascot - 20/06/02

BBC1 could be scrapped as a free channel under Tories - 20/06/02

The BBC draws ever nearer to killing its independence - 05/07/02

Simpson on Sunday: The truth about me and BBC censors - 14/07/02

Woman who chose Blair's ties leaves family for Sky man - 15/07/02 not a BBC story but it follows the same pattern

Brass Eye fuels rocketing complaints - 15/07/02 Complaints about "taste and decency" on television and radio have soared

Broadcasters are accused of eroding 9pm watershed - 16/07/02 A controversial post-September 11 edition of Question Time drew 200 complaints about insensitivity and anti-American bias

Programmes that drew complaints - 16/07/02

BBC 'poses threat to democracy' - 17/07/02 More than 60 MPs, nearly 50 of them Labour, have backed a Commons motion that accuses the BBC of "dumbing down" its coverage of Westminster

Tory leader attacks BBC politics plan - 17/07/02

BBC reveals £1m bonuses for executives - 17/07/02 despite months of belt-tightening at the corporation... Greg Dyke, the corporation's director general, scooped bonuses and benefits worth £112,000 on top of his basic salary of £357,000

Blair to ignore warning on media ownership law - 29/07/02

BBC: "Jubilee holiday hits UK factory output" - 05/08/02 BBC tries to blame the Queen for the recession in manufacturing!!! - despite the Trade and Industry Secretary's admissions

Silence that shames us all as Mugabe destroys Zimbabwe - 13/08/02 a Radio 4 press pundit expressed boredom at the sight of more photographs of white Zimbabweans packing up their furniture and leaving homes their families had lived in for generations

BBC chiefs 'wasting licence fee millions' - 16/08/02 too many of its programmes were "humdrum, over-familiar and formulaic"

BBC crime night allows burglars to steal the show - 21/08/02 two "reformed" criminals will show how easy it is to break into homes and cars!!!!!

Marching for a bit more airtime - 13/09/02 Peaceful countryside protests are not getting the TV coverage they deserve

Tory leader survives anniversary mauling - 14/09/02 John Humphrys of the Today programme shows where his sympathies don't lie (again)

Huge turnout for countryside march - 22/09/02 400,000 march against hunting, yet the BBC devotes 2 out of 3 video links on this page to antis!!!

BBC Radio 4's The Today Program shows extreme bias against hunting - 23/09/02 Yesterday there were 400,000 marching for hunting and about 40 protesting against it... guess who The Today Programme spent most time talking to!

407,791 voices cry freedom - 23/09/02 a presenter on Radio Five Live put on a jokey posh accent as he spoke to a reporter in Hyde Park, perhaps to convey the BBC's general disdain for the event

Country marchers accuse BBC of pro-Government bias - 24/09/02 The lyricist Tim Rice, who went on Sunday's march, summed up the anger of many, telling The Telegraph that the BBC had proved itself to be the "Government's PR machine"

Marching back to Labour - 25/09/02 Extremely pro-Labour and anti-hunting article in the Guardian by Rod Liddle, head of The Today Program

Slanted thought on Today - 26/09/02 Mr Liddle displays the most blatant bias and party allegiance, while running an important news programme for the BBC whose charter insists on impartiality

BBC ultimatum to Today chief over march attack - 27/09/02 Ron Liddle's revealing article poured scorn on the marchers and suggested that they reminded people why they had voted Labour

During the week following the biggest march in our history, the BBC's website invited comment on such topics as "Is work ruining your life?", the Lib Dem Conference, the Ivory Coast, a small earth tremor in Dudley and the Booker Prize. As for the march, it never happened. And of course there is no mention of Rod Liddle.

Today editor Rod Liddle told to drop column - 27/09/02

Today editor Rod Liddle steps down - 30/09/02

Liddle steps down from Today - 30/09/02

Liddle chooses Guardian over Today - 30/09/02

Who will succeed Liddle? - 30/09/02

No argument, new issue for Today is facts, facts, facts - 13/12/02 The mantra throughout the rest of BBC News is "accessibility" - shorthand, say some, for dumbing down

ITV ditches Blair-Brown drama - 02/04/03 A spokeswoman for Granada said ITV executives had felt the subject matter was too sensitive for them at the moment given the current political climate

Cambridge spy drama by BBC 'is worthy of the KGB' - 23/04/03 Moffat admitted yesterday that he had made up a scene in which an upper-class, Right-wing Cambridge student loudly refuses to apologise for knocking over a drink held by Philby's girlfriend because she is a Jew

Duncan Smith hits BBC with catalogue of bias - 11/05/03 accusing the corporation of deliberately discriminating against the Conservative Party "all the damn time"

Tories accuse BBC of unfair polls coverage - 26/05/03

Tories hand over BBC dossier - 27/05/03

Johnny Ball 'slates' children's TV - 29/05/03

Ignored and grunted at - TV toddlers have to be taught to talk - 05/06/03

Tories meet Dyke over BBC bias claims - 26/06/03 see if you can find this story on the BBC website!

Disinfect the BBC before it poisons a new generation - 07/07/03

BBC accused of 'Enron complacency' - 15/07/03


Time to watch the BBC bias that costs each of us £116 a year - 09/09/03 Telegraph sets up "Beebwatch"

Beebwatch - 09/09/03

TUC backs BBC - 11/09/03

Why Humphrys is here Today but may be gone tomorrow - 10/10/03 Colleagues say Humphrys hates political correctness, arguably one of the BBC's big weaknesses

Oliver Stone's Sympathetic Film on Castro - 02/11/03

Square-eyed toddlers can't relax - 05/11/03

Grammar Schools top the Performance Tables The very schools Labour has been undermining for 30 years continue to perform outstandingly well. The BBC's coverage focuses on a couple of lefties claiming the results are "an unnecessary irrelevance"

BBC listeners want right to kill burglars - 02/01/04 Radio 4 poll blows up in BBC's face

Kilroy quits as BBC presenter - 16/01/04

Robert Kilroy-Silk statement in full - 16/01/04

Radio 4 halves number of Today journalists - 27/01/04

Who are the BBC governors? - 28/01/04

The BBC must reform itself or it could end up sold off - 29/01/04

BBC director general Dyke stands down - 29/01/04

Greg Dyke: Shouldering responsibility - 29/01/04

BBC statements in full - 29/01/04

Greg Dyke's e-mail to BBC staff - 29/01/04

Tough time for BBC as Dyke resigns - 29/01/04

Governors: BBC must move forward - 29/01/04

Search on for BBC successors - 29/01/04

'Cut the crap, bring Greg back' - 29/01/04 "The government has successfully manipulated the BBC and damaged it in the process"

Byford new acting director general - 29/01/04

Papers dissect Dyke departure - 30/01/04 the governors "lost their nerve in the face of intense political pressure"

Dyke explains why he went - 30/01/04

'Hutton will affect BBC charter' - 30/01/04

Now it's a matter of trust - 30/01/04

Make me chairman and I'll save the BBC - 01/02/04

John Simpson: 'Why are the British destroying the BBC?' the Saudi asked me - 01/02/04

Fallout from a 'rubbishy piece of journalism' - 01/02/04

Wrong then, wrong now: how the BBC blundered - 01/02/04

The extraordinary world of Andrew Gilligan - 01/02/04

Daytime TV harms children, say presenters - 01/02/04

Ethnic targets for staffing 'will backfire on the BBC' - 01/02/04

The BBC helps to sex up the asbestos threat - 01/02/04 how the BBC is self-righteously eager to promote only one side of certain issues

BBC staff protest at 'pressure' - 05/02/04

Tories reject BBC chairman panel - 18/02/04

Scrap licence fee, Tories urged - 24/02/04

Most people think BBC has dumbed down, poll shows - 06/03/04

Duncan Smith cleared on Betsygate - 29/03/04 The Commons standards committee says it has "grave doubts" about some of the techniques used by the BBC's "investigative journalist" Michael Crick to gather information for his complaint

Grade is named as chairman of BBC - 02/04/04

Michael Grade is new BBC chairman - 02/04/04

Michael Grade: Maverick mogul - 02/04/04

Mixed reaction to Grade's new job - 02/04/04

Auntie's new man - 04/04/04 Profile: Michael Grade

Row erupts over new BBC chief's Pinewood shares - 04/04/04

BBC promotes rapper who claims the Royal Family killed Diana - 04/04/04

The BBC's anti-sceptic agenda - 04/04/04 producer admits bias

Watching TV 'is bad for children' - 06/04/04 (negative influence of TV; not a bias story)

BBC to review fairness of European coverage - 05/05/04

Big Brother's global controversy - 18/06/04 "trash TV turns people into idiots"

BBC outlines 'radical' manifesto - 29/06/04

BBC Manifesto

At-a-glance: BBC charter manifesto - 29/06/04

Caring and sharing - is this what the BBC is really for? - 01/07/04 The BBC gets into social engineering

Fifty years of TV news - 05/07/04

BBC Iraq war coverage criticised - 13/07/04

Inquiry into BBC One programming - 13/07/04

Your view: How does the BBC need to change? - 16/07/04

Repeats top viewers' complaints about BBC - 21/07/04 "The unanimity about the sense of decline in quality of BBC television output is startling"

So much TV is vulgar and obsessed with sex, says Humphrys - 28/08/04

TV is corroding society, says Humphrys - 28/08/04

TV devils in the detail - 28/08/04

500 criticise BBC 'I cried for Arafat' report - 06/11/04

BBC's £35m training course is a fiasco, says expert - 02/10/04

Social Affairs Unit: Why the BBC in its Present Form should be Abolished - 20/10/04 Its chief television reporter on the Arab-Israeli conflict, Orla Guerin, is the most biased reporter I have ever seen. The BBC is a law unto itself and is virtually out of control

Unseemly tears - 07/11/04 Ms Plett's flood of feeling is just the most overt and recent manifestation of a pro-Palestinian bias endemic within the BBC

Public value key to BBC websites - 08/11/04

Inquiry called into 'pro-Brussels bias' at BBC - 12/11/04

Inquiry into BBC 'pro-Euro bias' - 12/11/04

The new electrical rules will be a shock - 21/11/04

Tories open fire on BBC over 'bias' by Paxman - 26/11/04

Tory complaint about BBC's Paxman - 26/11/04

BBC boss details 3,000 job cuts - 07/12/04

BBC plans for Manchester move - 07/12/04

BBC shake-up: At-a-glance - 07/12/04

Changes herald uncertain times - 07/12/04

BBC row over 'bias' in wildlife calendar - 10/12/04

Newsnight's Wark faces criticism for trip with minister - 05/01/05

Wark's holiday 'puts BBC in difficult spot' - 06/01/05

Grade questioned on Wark friendship with First Minister - 07/01/05

Kirsty's crony - 07/01/05

'Don't mention the navy' is the BBC's line - 09/01/05 when even Communist China's news agency tells us more about what is really going on than the BBC, we see just how strange the world has become

It might be more efficient just to burn your money - 09/01/05

Hands up if you are a BBC Tory - 23/01/05 Alongside its staff quotas for ethnic minorities and the disabled, the BBC could have a quota for Tories. Just two or three might be enough to start with

BBC's bias on Europe is not 'deliberate' - 30/01/05

Paxman hits out at BBC news cuts - 31/01/05

Mandelson warns BBC on Campbell - 07/02/05

Mandelson fires warning at BBC over 'dirty tricks' - 09/02/05

Balancing the political scales - 16/02/05 the BBC still claims to be balanced

Minister unveiling plans for BBC - 02/03/05

BBC drops Wark as election anchor - 07/03/05 following a row over her political impartiality

A reality TV show? Get it out of here, say villagers - 10/03/05

BBC 'will cut 1,500 extra jobs' - 17/03/05

Too much TV 'turns children into bullies' - 05/04/05

Tory fury as BBC sends hecklers to bait Howard - 24/04/05

Tory anger over BBC heckler show - 24/04/05

Apologise now - 24/04/05 The BBC claims that "the hecklers were not under the direction of the BBC" - but they were

Did Blair lie over WMD? - 25/04/05 Don't expect a straight "yes" from the BBC!

BBC unveils EU coverage changes - 11/05/05

Marr quits as BBC political chief - 13/05/05

Bias at the Beeb - 16/05/05 Robin Aitken, who spent his entire career as a BBC journalist, has written a book accusing the BBC of institutionalised leftism

Peers get to grill the grillers - 29/06/05

TV 'may stunt toddlers' learning' - 05/07/05

BBC edits out the word "terrorist" - 12/07/05

BBC defends executives' bonuses - 12/07/05 BBC executives accepted bonuses of up to 25% of their salaries last year, despite the threat of redundancy looming over thousands of BBC workers

TV happy to offend, group claims - 27/08/05

Author Smith raps England culture - 09/09/05

Child TV hours obesity risk link - 13/09/05

BBC site wins e-democracy honour - 01/10/05 all that pro-European bias has finally paid off

BBC seeks increase to licence fee - 11/10/05

Newsnight discussion lacked balance - 22/11/05

Arafat report 'broke BBC rules' - 25/11/05

Biased BBC Blogspot

Voice of the nation - 16/12/05 how times have changed

262 BBC execs earn over £100,000 - 23/12/05

The fear of 'hippies' at the BBC - 29/12/05 the BBC took a large number of tickets for Labour's annual conference

TV licence fee to rise to £131.50 - 23/01/06

Ministers attacked over BBC plans - 31/01/06

BBC admits to bias in news report - 17/02/06

Charter will force BBC to back Britain - 12/03/06 The BBC’s leading dramatists reacted with dismay to the demand to sustain citizenship and civil society

Entertainment 'key' to BBC future - 14/03/06

Sri Lanka: Truth, bias and the BBC - 16/05/06

'Prancing' BBC News hosts berated - 18/05/06

BBC bosses enjoy big pay boosts - 07/07/06 Director general Mark Thompson's salary rose to £619,000 in 2005-6, with his deputy Mark Byford receiving £403,000

Police probe Newsnight flag item - 09/07/06

Cameron scolded over Ross show - 25/08/06

Obituary: Michael Vestey - 30/08/06 For Vestey the corporation changed forever when John Birt took over as director-general, ushering in what he called the era of "BC" - Birtian Correctness

BBC 'is like a spoilt child indulged by Ofcom' - 28/09/06

The lunatics have taken over the corporation, says Wogan in attack on BBC - 21/10/06

The BBC's commitment to bias is no laughing matter - 27/10/06

BBC frightened of criticising Islam, says archbishop - 15/11/06

BBC had regrets over Diana coverage - 25/11/06 The BBC spent £3.7 million covering the death and funeral, pushing anti-royal sentiment and claiming to have caught the "mood of the nation." But nearly half the population felt alienated by the blanket media coverage, which they thought was excessive and over-emotional

Runners in the BBC stakes - 29/11/06

Mail editor slams 'Orwellian' BBC - 23/01/07 Today's Tories are obsessed by the BBC. They saw what its attack dogs did to Hague, Duncan Smith and Howard

BBC helps to sex up EU election - 04/03/07

Mars actor attacks TV's 'fools' - 27/03/07

Chancellor's close ally may head the BBC - 30/03/07 another contender is Chris Powell, chairman of the Left-wing think-tank the Institute of Public Policy Research. He is the brother of Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair's chief of staff

BBC approves 'dumbing down' at expense of current affairs - 01/04/07

Tories: New BBC chief is another Brown crony - 05/04/07

Report on BBC's anti-Israel bias will stay secret - 27/04/07

BBC report to remain confidential - 27/04/07

BBC rapped for consumer bias - 25/05/07

BBC 'must become more impartial' - 18/06/07

BBC 'risked safety of troops' - 21/06/07

BBC apologises over Queen clips - 12/07/07 they've been getting things back to front again

Here is the news (as we want to report it) - 14/07/07 the anti-establishment views at the heart of the corporation have always dictated its mind set

'EU bias' of Today show to be probed - 16/07/07

C4 admits faking Ramsay scene - 16/07/07 Channel 4 starts behaving like the BBC

BBC editorial leaders suspended - 19/07/07 The BBC Trust said it was "deeply concerned that significant failures of control and compliance within the BBC have compromised the BBC's values of accuracy and honesty"

Newsnight poll complaint upheld - 22/07/07

Lords rap BBC chairman selection - 02/08/07

Tomorrow's World 'not to return' - 06/08/07 Intelligent television is outdated and elitist. If people start using their heads there's a risk they might stop voting Labour, and that's unacceptable

BBC may 'do less' says chairman - 09/08/07

BBC One boss quits over Queen row - 05/10/07

BBC Trust commissions news review - 18/11/07

BBC to review impartiality across the UK - 19/11/07

BBC admits inaccuracies in coverage of Israel - 23/03/08

No humanity for 'evil' Taliban - 25/08/08 FR Comments

BBC’s Terrorists in Need - 27/08/08 £20,000 from one of the corporation’s charity appeals ended up in the hands of the Muslim terrorists who murdered 52 people in London in 2005. FR Comments

Climate 'hockey stick' is revived - 01/09/08

BBC rapped by its own watchdog over 'biased' Thatcher show - 13/11/08

Carol Thatcher golliwog row: Presenters who kept their jobs at the BBC despite controversy - 04/02/09

An internet sensation, the Tory who told Brown to his face that he's a disaster - 23/03/09 More than 730,000 users have viewed it on YouTube, making it the most popular clip on the site two days in a row. The BBC failed to report Mr Hannan's onslaught despite giving full coverage to Mr Brown's most pro-European speech to date. FR Comments

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Shooting raises fears for Muslims in US army - 06/11/09 Nothing about fears for non-Muslims. Nothing about Hasan's hate website, his powerpoint presentation or his contacts with al Qaeda. Instead we get His relatives said he had become disillusioned... etc. Well done Penny Spiller.

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Why do people often vote against their own interests? - 30/01/10 No, it's not about the 1997 General Election!

Church of England is 'living in the past', says BBC's head of religion - 06/02/10 Aaqil Ahmed, a muslim. No, it's not a joke.

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Doctor Who 'had anti-Thatcher agenda' - 14/02/10Sylvester McCoy, who played the seventh doctor from 1987 to 1989, and Andrew Cartmel, the script editor at the time, both admitted the conspiracy, saying that it "seemed the right thing to do"

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