Air Greenland Charter - Arctic specialists

Air Greenland operates a very varied fleet consisting of both fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters.
We have more than 40 years of experience in flying in the Arctic and we have carried out countless types of jobs for many companies.

Air Greenland's charter department has wide experience with:

  1. Taxi flights
  2. Medical evacuations
  3. Exploration - support for scientific exploration projects
  4. Rescue operations
  5. Special transports - including flights with loads in sling
      Each contract is tailor-made to suit the customer's specific requirements and our service extends beyond the flight itself. Just ask us.
    • Heliskiing

    You can contact us at the following address:

    Air Greenland Charter
    P.O.Box 1012
    DK-3900 Nuuk
    Tel. +299 34 34 34
    Fax +299 32 08 98
    Send e-mail

    Charter Bases

    Thule Bell 212
    Upernavik Bell 212
    Uummannaq Bell 212

    AS350 B3
    Bell 212
    Super King Air

    Kangerlussuaq Twin-otter
    Qaqortoq Bell 212
    Narsarsuaq AS350 B2
    SK 61
    Copenhagen Boeing 757
    Airbus 330-200
    Constable Point Bell 222
    Ammassalik Bell 212
    Tasiilaq Bell 212

    Bell 212
    SK 61

    Please note the data sheets for our helicopters and fixed-wing planes.

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