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Index of Guys Galor Crochet Patterns

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I have had a number of very generous people offer to help support this website, so I have started up a PayPal account that will accept monetary donations. To each of you, a big "THANK YOU".

Shirl Wright - 311 W 36th Ave Kennewick, WA 99337

e-mail to tswright@direcway.com

Patterns on CD's - Purchuse Price = $6.00 each. Shipping = Free.

June - 2004
Thanks to sister crocheters, I have added an additional index page featuring there Creations.  
Thanks Ladies. See her here:


[TXT] geninfo.htm crochet helper 105kb [TXT] tsqr.htm test sqare information 105kb [NOTE: Updated - June, 2001]

Guys Galor [TXT] k_shrtsl.htm short sleeve shirt + pants 4kb [TXT] k_2cljck.htm 2 colored jacket + hat 4kb [TXT] k_vneck.htm v-neck shirt + drawstring pants 4kb [TXT] k_jogger.htm jogger sweats + headband 4kb [TXT] k_3x3swr.htm xmas sweater + pants 4kb [TXT] k_3swr.htm 3 colored sweater + pants + cap 4kb [TXT] k_usa.htm red,white,blue sweater + pants + hat 4kb [TXT] k_muset.htm muscle shirt + shortss + cap 4kb [TXT] k_walk.htm walking shorts + hat 4kb [TXT] k_sport.htm sports coat + pants + short sleeve-turtle neck sweater 4kb [TXT] stripsw.htm striped sweater + pants 4kb [TXT] k_cuff.htm cuffed boat pants + striped tank top + hat 4kb [TXT] k_swim.htm swimming trunks 4kb [TXT] k_fish.htm sweater + pants + muffler 4kb [TXT] k_skicot.htm ski coat + boots + cap4kb [TXT] lgshts.htm shirt + long shorts + hat 4kb [TXT] bib.htm bib coveralls + shirt + hat 4kb [TXT] cam.htm camouflage + hat 4kb [TXT] jump.htm jumpsuit + hat 4kb [TXT] trtswt1.htm turtleneck sweater + drawstring pants + hat 4kb [TXT] k_hawaii.htm hawaiian print shirt and shorts [TXT] k_dwsh.htm draw string shorts and tank top


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