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Index of Period Pieces Crochet Patterns

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I have had a number of very generous people offer to help support this website, so I have started up a PayPal account that will accept monetary donations. To each of you, a big "THANK YOU".

Shirl Wright - 311 W 36th Ave Kennewick, WA 99337

e-mail to tswright@direcway.com

Patterns on CD's - Purchuse Price = $6.00 each. Shipping = Free.

June - 2004
Thanks to sister crocheters, I have added an additional index page featuring there Creations.  
Thanks Ladies. See her here:


[TXT] geninfo.htm crochet helper 105kb [TXT] tsqr.htm test sqare information 105kb [NOTE: Updated - June, 2001]

PERIOD PIECES -- Costumes From an Other Time and Place [TXT] b_tennis.htm gal's tennis outfit + racket cover [TXT] k_base.htm guy's baseball coat + cap + pants [TXT] b_july.htm gals picinic shorts + top + hair tie [TXT] k_july.htm guys picinic shorts + vest shirt + cap [TXT] picbask.htm picinic basket + cloth [TXT] b_cop.htm gals police uniform [TXT] k_cop.htm guys police uniform [TXT] b_gogo1.htm gogo costume of the 60's - one piece dress + hat [TXT] b_gogo2.htm 2nd gogo costume of the 60's - pants + op + hairband [TXT] b_santa.htm mrs. santa [TXT] k_santa.htm santa [TXT] k_santa2.htm santa - pg.2 [TXT] b_pilgm.htm pilgrum costum - gal [TXT] k_pilgm.htm pilgram costume - guy [TXT] k_pilgm2.htm pilgram costume - guy & turkey [TXT] b_clown1.htm clown costume - gal [TXT] b_clown2.htm clown costume pg 2 [TXT] k_clown.htm clown costume - guy [TXT] k_clown2.htm clown costume pg 2 [TXT] b_tvjag.htm tv Jag sailor uniform - girl [TXT] k_tvjag.htm tv Jag sailor uniform - guy [txt] b_cheer.htm cheerleader uniform + pompoms [txt] k_cheer1.htm basketball uniform w/basketball - guy [TXT] b_yank.htm 1864 yankee gown + Hat + cape 4kb [TXT] k_yank.htm 1864 yankee uniform 4kb [TXT] b_reb.htm 1864 rebel gown + hat + shawl 4kb [TXT] k_reb.htm 1864 rebel uniform 4kb [TXT] b_golf.htm 1930's style golfing outfit + bag 4kb [TXT] k_golf.htm 1930's golfing outfit + bag 4kb [TXT] b_ross.htm betsy ross costume 4kb [TXT] usflag.htm 13 colenies flag 4kb [TXT] k_wash.htm george washington costume 4kb [TXT] k-wash2.htm george washington costume - continued 4kb [TXT] b_gypsy.htm gypsy costume for gal 4kb [TXT] k_gypsy.htm gypsy costume for guy 4kb [TXT] b_2ween.htm barbie's helloween ghost 4kb [TXT] 2weenbag.htm trick-or-treat bag 4kb [TXT] k_2ween.htm ken's helloween ghost + chains 4kb [TXT] b_grad.htm graduation gown + cap for Barbie 4kb [TXT] k_grad.htm graduation gown + cap for Ken4kb [TXT] b_turn.htm barbie's turn of the century costume + bag + vest 4kb [TXT] k_turn.htm ken's turn of the century costume + vest + derby 4kb [TXT] b_ween.htm helloween witch + hat + pumpkin 4kb [TXT] k_ween.htm helloween wizard + hat 4kb [TXT] b_coln.htm american colonial gown + mop cap 4kb [TXT] k_coln.htm american colonial jacket + vest w/ lace jabbot + pants + hat 4kb [TXT] b_sph.htm barbie's spanish gown + shawl 4kb [TXT] k_sph.htm ken's spanish costume + sombrero + scarf 4kb [TXT] princess.htm gown + crown 4kb [TXT] prince.htm prince + crown 4kb [TXT] flap1.htm dressIndex of Crochet Patterns_files/july.gif + hat + scarf 4kb [TXT] flap2.htm dress + hat 4kb [TXT] b_cowg.htm dress + hat 4kb [TXT] k_cowb.htm pants + shirt + hat + rope 4kb [TXT] k_inda.htm indian ken + headband + moccasins 4kb [TXT] b_inda.htm indian barbie + headband + moccasins 4kb [TXT] b_grnsqr.htm pants + granny square top + hat 4kb [TXT] k_grnsqu.htm pants + granny square vest + hat 4kb
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