House Episode Recap: "Lockdown"

When an infant goes missing, Princeton-Plainsboro goes into lockdown, forcing the doctors to stay exactly where they are: Foreman and Taub in the file room, Wilson and Thirteen playing Truth or Dare in the cafeteria, House in a room with a patient, and Chase in a room with ex-wife Cameron.

This week's episode not only marked the return of Jennifer Morrison as Cameron, but also Hugh Lauire's directorial debut. The episode begins when a newborn is taken from her parents' room, and Cuddy calls for a lockdown in the hospital until the baby is found.

House and Nash
As much as House tries to escape the lockdown, he is forced to remain trapped in a room with a patient dying of cardiomyopathy. Nash (David Strathairn) has only hours to live, but chooses not to numb himself with morphine. He tells House he had requested him as his doctor, but House turned him down.

As the two begin to talk more, House can't seem to understand why a man who has no one to be there with him by his side would not just take the drugs to ease the pain.

The two begin to analyze each other and we learn Nash is trying to stay lucid until 9 p.m. in order to call his estranged daughter when she returns from work. House also confides his secrets in the dying man telling him he too had a woman in his life that changed him during his time at the psychiatric ward, but she left. Now he believes being alone is best way to go. "We suffer alone. We die alone," House says.

Nash eventually calls his daughter, who doesn't pick up, and after some convincing from House, he leaves a touching message saying he loves her.

Their time together ends with House apologizing for not taking on his case.

Foreman and Taub
Foreman and Taub find themselves locked in the hospital's file room, and Taub soon realizes the staff's credentials are in there waiting to be digitized. Foreman seems against snooping at first, but as soon as he realizes that this includes House's paperwork, he's suddenly intrigued. But House, being the all-knowing boss that he is, took the time to tamper with the files just in case someone decided to take a peek.

So, with that plan shot, the two pop multiple pain pills to pass the time and wind up high as kites. So high, actually, that they jab each other in the face because they lost sensation and think it's hilarious. After laughing it off, Taub sees Foreman pulled his credential file and realizes that's why he came down to the filing room in the first place. The two begin to chase each other around like children.

Taub reads that Foreman was on academic probation back in school for faking a lab result, leading Foreman to confess that he never felt he was worthy of his school and Princeton-Plainsboro. Foreman then gets a hold of Taub's file, and we learn that he was the prodigal student and doctor. But Taub is ashamed he's working as a fellow for House instead of being someone in House's position.

The two come down off their high, vow to never speak of their recreational drug use. And after Foreman leaves, Taub shreds the paper about Foreman's probation.

Chase and Cameron
Cameron shows up trying to get Chase to sign their divorce papers, but the two wind up locked alone in an exam area with nowhere to go and no one else to talk to but each other. Things start out pretty tense as Chase tries to talk to her about why she made the decision to leave him.

Cameron gives in and agrees to answer Chase's questions if he agrees to sign the papers. He asks her if she ever loved him, and she of course says yes. But things get heated when Chase brings up her dead husband and Cameron winds up admitting she doesn't know if she loved him.

She then says she loved in, but not in a way that would have worked because she's a mess. She married a dying man, he died, and then she pushed Chase away. Chase then signs the papers without another question.

The two reminisce of the dance class they took for their wedding, and leave it to Chase to call up the song on his iPhone and dance with her. The two share a passionate kiss, and just as it appears as though Cameron pulling away and ready to leave, she locks the door, and the two wind up naked on the exam table by the time the lockdown is over.

Wilson and Thirteen
Wilson and Thirteen both find themselves in the cafeteria during the lockdown, so to kill time, the two partake in a game of Truth or Dare. Wilson doesn't seem to be too strategic with the whole thing, but Thirteen is the self-proclaimed "queen" of the game. During some Truth questions, Thirteen says her father took the news of her bisexuality and Huntington's disease without any issue, and Wilson says he's not dating anyone -- right now.  Then the dares come out. Wilson tells Thirteen she has to show her breasts to Taub at some point in the future. She isn't keen on the dare, but she says she's honor-bound and will ultimately fulfill the dare.

Thirteen then dares Wilson to steal a dollar right there and then. Visibly nervous about the whole thing, he manages to come up with a lie to get the cafeteria worker to go back and cook him a chicken sandwich even though the grill is closed (he says Thirteen has a disease that requires protein — warm protein, that is). The worker leaves and Wilson manages to get a dollar out of the register. Too bad he sets off an alarm throughout the cafeteria.

During some more truth sessions, Wilson reveals he's been talking to his ex-wife again over Facebook and is thinking of asking her out. Thirteen also revealed she was lying and hadn't told her dad anything. But she did, however, keep true to her word and flash Taub on their way out later that evening.

Where's Baby Brooke?
Cuddy takes charge during the lockdown and questions the parents' toddler-aged son thinking he may have done something as a result of sibling rivalry. But even though the boy says he hates his little sister, he stands firm that he didn't do anything with the baby.

Cuddy has an a-ha moment when she sees there are too many towels in the mother's bathroom and searches to find out who's been in the room. She discovers that one of the nurses has been suffering from seizures all day and is running on autopilot, bringing in and taking out towels and laundry.  She and another nurse search the laundry carts and linen rooms until they ultimately find the baby buried in a cart of towels.

The baby is reunited with her mom, and all is well in the world.

What did you think of this week's episode of House? Were you glad to see Cameron return? Discuss!

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