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Index of Evening Elegance Crochet Patterns

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I have had a number of very generous people offer to help support this website, so I have started up a PayPal account that will accept monetary donations. To each of you, a big "THANK YOU".

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June - 2004
Thanks to sister crocheters, I have added an additional index page featuring there Creations.  
Thanks Ladies. See her here:


[TXT] geninfo.htm crochet helper 105kb [TXT] tsqr.htm test sqare information 105kb [NOTE: Updated - June, 2001]


[TXT] b_bndgn.htm 2 colored hi-waisted gown + cappie cap [TXT] b_antiq1.htm antique gown + bag, pg1 [TXT] b_antiq2.htm antique gown + bag, pg2 [TXT] b_furtgn.htm faux fur trimmed gown + hat [TXT] b_3rflgn.htm gown of ruffles + hairband [TXT] b_tuxpg1.htm ladies tuxido gown with jacket + top hat -- pg 1 [TXT] b_tuxpg2.htm ladies tuxido gown with jacket + top hat -- pg 2 [TXT] b_oppo.htm gown and hat of opposite colors [TXT] b_hitmgn.htm 2 color trimmed hi-waisted gown + hairnet [TXT] b_wtign.htm 2 colored gown with wrap-around ties + shawl [TXT] b_caftan.htm caftan + turban [TXT] b_drpgn.htm drop sleeve - belted gown + hairband. [TXT] b_vstgwn.htm gown with v-st trim + v-trimmed hat [TXT] b_frilgn.htmgown with filly ruffle around top + frilly bag [TXT] b_rflgn.htm gown of ruffles + hairband [TXT] b_trm2gn.htm trimmed 2 piece gown + hat [TXT] b_shelgn.htm gown with shell skirt [TXT] b_ovrgn.htm gown with overskirt [TXT] b_webgn.htm gown with web-like insert + hat [TXT] b_string.htm gown + feathered hat + fan 4kb [TXT] b_2shll.htm 2 piece gown in shell st + hat [TXT] b_shvgn.htm gown of shells + shawl [TXT] b_2evept.htm evening gown + jacket [TXT] b_2gtrgn.htm 2 piece gown + tiara [TXT] b_clrgn.htm sheath gown w/depachable collar [TXT] b_trbgn.htm gown + turban [TXT] b_ rosgn.htm rose decorated poncho + rose decorated hat + 2 color gown 4kb [TXT] b_ evegn.htm gown + shawl + bag 4kb [TXT] b_2pgn.htm 2 piece gown + hat w/ feather 4kb [TXT] b_3x3st.htm xmas gown + hairband 4kb [TXT] b_2peve.htm 2 piece evening gown + hairband 4kb [TXT] silvrstp.htm gown w/silver straps + silver hairband + silver bag 4kb [TXT] shlshaw1.htm evening gown + hairband 4kb [TXT] shlshaw2.htm shawl with colored shell pattern 4kb [TXT] spslg.htm gown w/slashed sleeves, trim in red,white,blue + hat 4kb [TXT] sideskt.htm evening gown's skirt done sideways 4kb [TXT] zigzag.htm jacket + hat trimmed with a zigzag st 4kb [TXT] b_slash.htm slash fronted gown + hat 4kb [TXT] scarf.htm hi-wasted gown + scarf 4kb [TXT] easter.htm gown + basket + grass + eggs 4kb [TXT] offgown.htm off the shoulder sleeve gown with flowers 4kb [TXT] 4ruffles.htm gown with 4 skirt ruffles 4kb [TXT] strfgn.htm lacy ruffled gown + fur stole 4kb [TXT] lnggown.htm lounging gown + gold belt 4kb [TXT] lacyrufl.htm lacy ruffled gown + heart purse 4kb [TXT] vbarneck.htm v-bar gown + fan 4kb [TXT] xmgown1.htm traditional christmas gown + holly hairband 4kb [TXT] xmgown2.htm snowflake christmas gown + holly hat 4kb [TXT] b_rfvgn.htm gown + ruffled v-neck jacket 4kb [TXT] 2ribgn.htm 2 ribbon gown + hairband 4kb [TXT] bklgn.htm gown + hairband 4kb [TXT] slvthgn.htm gown + stole 4kb [TXT] tricolgn.htm gown 4kb [TXT] bdrflgn.htm gown + beaded belt 4kb [TXT] fulbckgn.htm gown + hair ornament-flower 4kb [TXT] fullgn.htm gown + hairband 4kb [TXT] beads1.htm beaded gown + hairband 4kb [TXT] mkity.htm miss kitty gown + hat 4kb [TXT] ruffles.htm side ruffles gown + hairband 4kb [TXT] slvtrm.htm silver garland trimmed gown + stole 4kb [TXT] vslit.htm v-slit skirt gown + lace stole 4kb [TXT] 1strap.htm 1 strap gown + stole 4kb [TXT] hineckgd.htm hi-neck gown + stole 4kb [TXT] sthgn.htm sheath gown + stole 4kb [TXT] 2piecegn.htm 2 piece gown w/ hairnet [TXT] 3rfbgn.htm Ruffled beaded gown Top Home of the Free Patterns Mapsite for ABCentral Barbie Boutique Evening Elegance Fantasy Fashions Wedding Wonders Guys Galor Casual Corner Period Pieces Free Pattern Index Crochet & Craft Links E-Mail HOME
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