The extension of the line A

Primátor Pavel Bém zahájil výstavbu prodloužené trasy metra A.

Prague Mayor launched the building of the metro line A extension, which will lead from the station Dejvická via the station Červený vrch, Veleslavín, Petřiny and all the way out to Motol. The line will be open in 2014, and afterwards it will be extended to Ruzyně Airport. The development of the new metro line D has not been overlooked either.

  • 15. April 2010
  • Redakce portálu

“Four years ago, we promised to build the new line A metro stations. Today we are fulfilling this promise. By extending the line A we will ease the situation on Vítězne square by cutting the number of buses by up to fifty percent. The traffic situation in the north eastern part of the city, including the city district Prague 6, will improve, and ninety thousand passengers will be able to travel with better comfort. The reduction of bus and car traffic will have a positive environmental impact. The station Motol will be used by passengers travelling to and from the extensive local hospital facilities. The southwest part of the city will get new traffic connections. The line A should be extended to Ruzyně Airport, which means that nine new stations will be built on the almost thirteen kilometre long route. Praguers may be able to use it by 2018,” said Prague Mayor Pavel Bém.

Metro line A stations: Dejvická - Červený Vrch – Veleslavín – Petřiny – Motol - Bílá Hora – Dědina - Dlouhá Míle - Staré letiště - Letiště Ruzyně. The extension to Motol will cost the City approximately CZK 18.7 billion with CZK 8 billion possibly financed from the EU funds. Of note is that the City Prague will cover the cost entirely from its budget and not from the state budget.   

The metro development plan didn’t omit the new line D. The extension of the existing line is technologically less demanding and takes a shorter time than development of the brand new line. We have already started working on the plans for the new line D. “The D line will cross the city centre in the direction from Main Train Station to Depo Písnice and it will take much of the burden from the busy line C,“ said Prague Mayor Pavel Bém adding: “The metro line D will offer Praguers a brand new route, the new metro trains will be driverless as they will be controlled remotely and have a different radius of turns, but mainly it is a transport solution that doesn’t have to  rely on the traffic situation above the ground. The new route will improve the Prague environment mainly thanks to the reduction of busses and cars. Currently there is a selection procedure for the tendering of documentation for the route, which is a necessary part of the development process. A subsequent selection process will be announced for the construction itself. The cost of line D development will be in the region of 40 billion CZK. Line D should transfer up to twelve thousand passengers per hour in both directions.”

Line D will be almost eleven kilometres long and will have ten stations: Hlavní nádraží, Náměstí Míru, Náměstí Bratří Synků, Pankrác, Olbrachtova, Nádraží Krč, Nemocnice Krč, Nové Dvory, Libuš and Písnice, part of the building is also the depot in Písnice for CZK1.8 billion. The line will significantly improve the problematic traffic situation of the south western part of the city, including the housing estates Krč, Lhotka and Libuš amongst others. Undoubtedly the situation will be much improved at the station Kačerov and the transfer station of Museum.

According to estimates based on 2008 figures the total cost should be in the region of CZK 18 717 million.