In some ways, The Who were "louder" in 1965 than they were at any other time. A lot of the dates that they played were small pubs and clubs, often in very cramped circumstances. There were no monitors in those days and the stage volume was all there was to fill out a hall, so anybody on the front row got blasted! The stage sound was just staggering and much more exciting than it was in larger venues in later years. The Who always insisted upon a good P.A. setup. Initially there were always two 4x12 Marshall cabinets which was more substantial Than any other London band. You could always hear the vocals!

Surprisingly, The Who used VOX equipment for a large part of 1965. Pete used two VOX AC 100 watt amplifiers with two 4x12 cabinets which contained middax horns. John used used two VOX T.60 bass amplifiers and the P.A. was a VOX 100 watt with four column speakers. This was a very "rich" sounding getup particularly suited to Pete's 12-string guitar. They were using this setup as late as November 2 at the Marquee club. For some unknown reason this period was never Documented in "The Vox Story", the semi-official history of Vox equipment !

During the early part of 1965, Pete was using a Marshall 50 watt head and either a 50 or 100 watt Selmer head as a "booster" through two 4x12 Marshall cabinets. Sometime in early November, The Who received their custom made Marshall equipment. This set-up featured the new 100 watt amplifier and "all in one" 8x12 speaker cabinet. John and Pete used two of these cabinets each and Roger had a P.A. set up with four individual Marshall 4x12 P.A. cabinets which were brand new. The height of these speaker cabinets was somewhat short of two regular 4x12's stacked, but was impressive none the less! These cabinets must have been very hard to lug up staircases!

Pete used a succession of Rickenbacker Guitars. Most notably, the 1997, 1998 models, as well as a Danelectro Guitarlin and an original Tonebender Fuzz box. John moved from Rickenbacker to Danelectro before settling on a Fender Jazz bass. Keith was promiscuos in his choice of drum sets.