The Big Apple

The Big Apple

The Big Apple

14th Apr 2010

Next stop for the Doctor Who team is New York's Apple store. The TARDIS wasn't needed for this short trip downtown to the fashionable Soho district...

After the excitement of a TV industry screening at The Paley Center on 52nd Street, the Doctor Who team met with 'real' Americans as the event, which was being held in the store, was open to anyone who came in off the sidewalk. Billed as 'Meet The Film Makers', Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat were grilled by leading US TV critic, Matt Roush, from TV Guide.

As ever, questions centred on the choice of costume, but the public were also keen to find out what Matt and Karen thought of New York City.

Karen was excited by her first trip to Times Square she beamed "It was so exciting there are lights everywhere and the buildings are SO tall. I'm from a small place in Scotland!" Matt was overwhelmed with the friendly welcome, he said. "You guys are great! You clap all the time, it's cool. It's really thrilling to know there is an audience out here".

As the fans were taking their turn in asking questions one girl told Matt, "Brooklyn loves you," which sparked a reaction from another girl who started her question with "Queens love you too!"

There were also some revealing insights. When Matt was asked about his first meeting with Steven Moffat, he revealed that he had met Steven at an audition for the part of a different Doctor: Dr Watson in Steven's upcoming BBC One drama series about Sherlock Holmes. The part of Dr Watson went to Martin Freeman. Filming has been taking place in Cardiff in the same studio complex as Doctor Who - 221B Baker Street next door to the TARDIS! Of course Matt Smith become THE Doctor after all.

Matt was also amazed by the research some of the audience had done. He was asked about his former agent, Wendy Padbury, who played Zoe when Patrick Troughton was the Doctor. It was his current agent, Michael Duff, who had the pleasure of calling him to tell him the good news.

We'll have more exclusive coverage from tonight's screening of episode one, The Eleventh Hour, which is being held at Village East Movie Theatre in New York City at 6.30pm.

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