KNIME 2.1.0 released

We have just released version 2.1 of KNIME, the most user-friendly and comprehensive open-source data integration, processing, analysis, and exploration platform. KNIME 2.1 is available for download and is, starting with this release, covered by GPLv3 (see license for details).

(If you are new to KNIME, you can find a few short movies showing KNIME in action.)

This new version includes - among many improvements under the hood - several exciting additions:

Time series support:
KNIME 2.1 introduces a set of nodes for handling date and time values within KNIME workflows.
Web services:
a new node is now available on KNIME labs that allows users to feed data sets to arbitrary web services. This expands the use of KNIME far beyond the built-in functionality and makes a vast amount of additional online functionality accessible from your KNIME workflows.
Image and text processing modules:
in addition to the already published text processing nodes, now a large collection of nodes to process images can also be downloaded from KNIME Labs
PMML support:
after offering beta functionality in version 2.0, KNIME now offers full PMML support (both as producer and consumer) for PMML.
Asynchronous and scalable data handling:
the KNIME data caching mechanism, which allows data sets limited only by available external storage space to be processed, is now handling data I/O asynchronously, hence further accelerating KNIME data handling.
R integration:
R nodes in KNIME can now also be used to produce and consume predictive models, making it even easier to include existing IP in the form of R-scripts when upgrading your business process to KNIME.
Database connectivity:
the universal database connectors and "in DB operation" KNIME nodes also support the new date and time types.
Expanding OS Support:
the vintage Linux (32/64 bit) and Windows (32 bit) versions are now complemented by a Windows 64 bit version and an experimental build for Mac OSX.
Some additional enhancements are:
  • Undo/redo functionality for the workflow editor
  • Various new processing and analysis nodes, e.g. a new set of PCA nodes
  • Weka Model Reader and Writer nodes
  • LibSVM integration
  • Workflow Directories
  • ...

For a detailed list of changes see the changelog.

KNIME is the only open source analytics tool that has been developed from day one using rigorous professional software engineering processes in conjunction with cutting-edge data analytics expertise from a university group. GmbH, located in Zurich, Switzerland, with distributors and partners in Europe, USA, and Japan offers consulting and training for the KNIME platform in addition to an increasing range of enterprise products (KNIME Server and Cluster Execution) and the free KNIME Report Designer, which will be released in late November. Visit for more information.


The experimental KNIME build for Mac OS X has been updated to solve issues with some missing nodes.
- Dominik