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It's time to fight back

News imageIt is absurd that women and children In this day and age still fall prey to opportunistic sexual predators. When will they be empowered? When will they be heard? Never, it seems! There always appears to be a more important issue to be addressed in legislature.

The tear-filled eyes and extreme vulnerability of one such rape victim is what sparked the design of this modern day invention. The victim looked up at Sonnet Ehlers and said, 'If only had teeth down there!' These were the humble beginnings of a device which proves to bring hope to women all over the world - those women who still find themselves with little or no rights at all. Why does the system make these women, these victims, feel like the offenders? In many societies these women are treated like offenders! This must stop! It. in fact, stops here! Rape-aXe is a device which latches itself to the skin of the attacker, causing immense discomfort, allowing the victim to escape. The attacker is 'branded' a rapist! Since the attacker will need medical assistance, there is no escaping arrest since medical staff will alert the authorities.