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New Doctor Who interactive episodes announced

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
  • Posted at 3:20pm
  • 08 April 2010
  • by PaulJones-RT

Matt Smith's Doctor is making his first foray into a new world - computer games. The BBC has announced the upcoming release of four free interactive stories, Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, to accompany the current TV series.

"There aren't 13 episodes of Doctor Who this year," said executive producer Piers Wenger, "there are 17 - four of which are interactive. Everything you see and experience within the game is part of the Doctor Who universe: we'll be taking you to places you've only ever dreamed about seeing - including locations impossible to create on television."

Fans will be able to download the adventures to their PCs or Macs for free and take control of digitised versions of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (who plays the Doctor's companion, Amy Pond), voiced by the actors.

The stories are being overseen by Who supremo Steven Moffat - as well as Wenger and fellow executive producers Beth Willis and Anwen Aspden - with input from revered video game creator Charles Cecil. They will be written by Phil Ford, co-writer of Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars, and James Moran, who co-wrote Torchwood: Children of Earth, with music by Doctor Who TV series composer Murray Gold.

"Children don't just watch Doctor Who - they join in. They make up games, invent their own monsters, create their own stories," said Moffat.

"Now, there's something else - now they can be the Doctor in brand-new episodes. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will offer fans of the Doctor a unique opportunity to enter his world, face his challenges and grapple with his deadliest foes."

Aimed at families, the interactive games form part of the BBC's drive to improve computer literacy. BBC Vision's head of multi-platform, Simon Nelson, said: "By aiming these 'interactive episodes' at the broad audience of the TV show - unique in British television, in that it encompasses at least three generations - we're aiming to encourage the family to gather round the PC or Mac in the same way they do the television."

The first episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will be available to download for PC and Mac from in June 2010.


  • Posted on 17 April 2010
  • at 1:00pm
  • by Delboy

Lego Dr Who anyone? 11 different Doctors - 11 different level and reached by Tardis at the end of each level.Heaven for everyone......

  • Posted on 14 April 2010
  • at 4:42pm
  • by Keith Smith

Wonderful Idea sounds great I can not wait to experience them with my kids. Mine whatch the episodes then they're minds are off, all fired up the fantastic things they imagine to play running about is a delight to witness this will only enhance it - Fantastic Idea Moffat and team when will we please (pretty please) see Dr Who on the XBOX360 or PS3 it would be such a sell out can you imagine that Dr Who on XBox Live! I want to be a dalek first.

  • Posted on 11 April 2010
  • at 10:59am
  • by allan

Come on, too much Doctor Who already! Resist this BBC franchise, it's now out of control. If you're this desperate to experience being an imaginary doctor, study and become a real one. Don't expect this appeal to have any effect, but save yourself a few quid and use any other game (dungeons and dragons perhaps), and imagine the hero is the doctor, it all amounts to the same thing, anyway.

  • Posted on 09 April 2010
  • at 11:35am
  • by MazY

It's great that you guys love Doctor Who, but seriously, do you have to be quite so over the top in promoting every shred of it on RadioTimes? It's getting very tiresome, very quickly. And before someone says "If you don't like it, move on", that's already under consideration!

  • Posted on 08 April 2010
  • at 7:04pm
  • by Thomas

the doctor who game will bee so good because i realy like doctor who and this can be wonderful

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