Robert J. Samuelson

Let Them Go Bankrupt, Soon

Solving Social Security and Medicare.


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  • Posted By: doctorfixit @ 12/23/2009 2:25:24 PM

    Correct. Greed is the basis of all con games. FDR promised an immediate windfall of unearned old age benefits in exchange for selling future generations into debt slavery. They bought it hook, line and sinker. It worked so well that every liberal fascist scheme since Franklin Delano Stalin has been a variation of the same tactic. America went from being a hard-working, honest society to a place where scamming the system and playing honest people for fools is the way government, corporations, political parties, "scientists" , the media, and even churches operate. Socialism corrupts everything that it touches. Socialism destroys civilization, it is rot from within. Those who defend it are either useful idiots or AlGorian charlatans.

  • Posted By: doctorfixit @ 12/23/2009 2:14:32 PM

    Another Ponzi promote trying to use class warfare techniques to keep the fraud going. If Social Security is such a great deal, why are you so afraid to make it voluntary? That's the best fix of all. Let people choose whether or not they want Social Security. We should be free to choose, not be forced into a system that is so obviously dishonest from top to bottom. Why is it any of your business how much money someone else has? The very wealthy already pay 90% of the tax burden. Yet they don't get any more from the government than you do. Why are you so greedy?

  • Posted By: doctorfixit @ 12/23/2009 2:08:05 PM

    "those of us who have lived up to our end of the deal can receive our just rewards." "Your end of the deal" was to believe the government lie: " GIve us all your money and we'll see to it that you are taken care of". No one who receives benefits from Social Security has paid for them. The money you let the government take from you that you should have used to save for your own retirement was given to previous suckers. Your benefits are coming from younger workers, and they are far more than you would have earned from investing your money. You are getting far more than your "just rewards". At the end of the chain, the last suckers will get nothing.


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