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Welcome to PengSpace

Sweet Spring Fling Party!

April 17th 2010

Spring Fling 2010 was well attended by happy penguins from all over PengSpace. As promised Dalton looked stunning in his aqua bikini and pink purse while hosting party games and contests. We met in Flowers' igloo then rocked the NightClub dancing and changing our penguin colors to make the nightclub lights change. Then we moved to Dalton's igloo where he ran contests with real prizes. We had five winners of contests held both in his igloo and on the PengSpace Chat: Austin, Coziboy, Bella, Amber, and Sully125. Each of them have their choice of a one month free membership to Club Penguin or some Card Jitsu Card codes. You can see photos from the party by going HERE. For those of you who attended the Spring Fling you may pick up your page badge to display on your page here. Thanks to everyone for helping to make the party such a success!

Posted by Flowers

Egg Hunt Winners

April 6th 2010

Thank you to all who participated in the First Annual Easter Egg Hunt! Everyone has been talking about what a blast they had and what a great time it was using team work figuring out the answers together. We had eleven winners from all over the world: "Americas Time Zone" Winners: 1. Bella (New Zealand) 2. Cheyy (U.S.) 3. Juan (Puerto Rico) 4. Jillian(U.S.) 5. Justine (U.S.) 6. Christina (U.S.) 7. Jocelyn (U.S.) 8.Jessica (U.S.) "European Time Zone" Winners: 1. Jonathan (Finland) 2. Kool (Romania) 3. Rayanne (Pakistan). Each winner received his or her choice of a one month membership to Club Penguin or some card jitsu card codes. Everyone who participated received a "Page Badge" to show they participated regardless of how they placed! This was just the first "Hunt" with more to come. We have lots of fun and exciting events planned for months ahead, so there will always be something to look forward to and do together. Mark your calendars for Friday the 16th at 6 PM PengSpace time. We're planning a PengSpace "Spring Fling" party on Club Penguin! Make sure to join the Activities Group so we can e-mail you a reminder when the next Event is posted and read the details there!!

Posted by Flowers

PengSpace 3.0

Mar. 13th 2010

Hi Penguins! If you've been a member of PengSpace for a while, you'll know that Rod Rego (previous owner) created PengSpace back in July of 2007 as PengSpace 1.0. About 2 years ago, 2.0 was released. And now, we bring you 3.0. Although it's nothing too special, we plan on having tons of stuff planned through out the year, such as meet ups and parties. So stay tuned! Please let us know if you experience any issues with the new site design. Also, check out our new groups! In other news, please give a very warm welcome to our newest moderator, Flutterby! She is now apart of the PengSpace staff! Lastly, check out the PengSpace Ninja group page. More information on that group can be found here.

Posted by Dalton



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