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Order a copy of the award-winning Biodiversity 911 video featuring characters from the creators of Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit.

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Biodiversity Basics Fun and Games

Biodiversity Basics

The amazing variety of life on Earth is called biodiversity.

Find out about Biodiversity Basics to learn what it is and why it's important. Use the buttons to the left to find out why we're losing biodiversity and what you can do about it.

Fun and Games

Have a blast with biodiversity. Check out interactive games, quizzes, and other fun stuff that will help you learn more about the variety of life on Earth.


NSFBiodiversity 911: Saving Life on Earth is an exhibit developed by World Wildlife Fund with major funding from the National Science Foundation and the Mars Foundation, with additional support from Eastman Kodak Company, the Evan Frankel Foundation, and the American Honda Foundation. It is no longer traveling but soon will be hosted permanently at two locations: Canada South Science City Museum in Windsor, Ontario and Our World Children's Global Discovery Museum in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Stay tuned!

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