Sign our Pledge and make a difference by cutting plastic bags out of your life

BYOB - in other words Bring Your Own Bag with you the grocery store, farmers market, and retail stores. Not only will you be reducing the amount of plastic you are consuming but you will be showing fellow shoppers, and store owners how easy it is to stop using plastic.

Pay attention to all the other plastic that you are consuming in the form of beverage bottles, food wrapping, product containers, and toys. Take it to the next level:

1. Bring your own mug to the coffee shop.
2. Use a reusable water bottle.
3. Buy beverages in glass and products packaged in cardboard or some other renewable resource.

Our planet is choking on plastic, but you can make a difference.  Sign our Pledge to be Plastic Bag Free and you will be leading the way...

8674 Signatures and Counting...

8676  Robyn Scarth  Waimea, Hawaii USA  April 19, 2010 
8675  Zoe Fummey  Scotland  April 19, 2010 
8674  Gail Steven  farm, Scotland UK  April 19, 2010 
8673  Lorenzo  Ravenna, Italia Europa  April 19, 2010 
8672  kelly  paducah, ky us  April 18, 2010 
8671  Sarah Hartwig  Berlin Germany  April 18, 2010 
8670  Kimberly R.  Las Vegas, NV United States  April 17, 2010 
8669  Lauren Klein  st. louis, MO United States  April 17, 2010 
8668  Patricia P  New York  April 17, 2010 
8667  Samantha  Melbourne, Victoria Australia  April 17, 2010 
8666  Ai Pin  Singapore  April 17, 2010 
8665  Petq  Varna Bulgaria  April 17, 2010 
8664  Петя  Варна Българи&  April 17, 2010 
8663  Rishi J Avala  Sharjah, Sharjah U.A.E  April 17, 2010 
8662  Heidi Campbell  West Hartford, CT USA  April 17, 2010 
8661  cherry  Damansara, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  April 16, 2010 
8660  Gail Steven  I live on An Eco Friendly Farm =D, SCOTLAND ♥ UK  April 16, 2010 
8659  Allison  Chicago, IL USA  April 16, 2010 
8658  deb willett  white lake, mi oakland  April 16, 2010 
8657  Natacha  Canada Quebec  April 16, 2010