This blog is moving to a new location

The move took a little longer than I expected, but from here on out, all posts will be posted at our new blog, Findable Blogs. Why the change? My original intention for Blogging Expertise was that it would be a resource for consultants and authors—people with expertise to share who need a medium to share it.

Over time, the focus shifted to blog design, general tips, that kind of thing, but I still have a passion for helping experts (and would-be experts!) learn to blog. As a result, I’m going to go back to the basics with this site and turn it into a community site for the consultants and authors.

However, I’ve also learned a few other things while running this blog. One is that most of you are obsessed with getting more traffic to your blogs. :) Not that I blame you; I want traffic as much as the next person.

Another thing I learned is how much the quality of your theme code affects how much traffic you’ll get. The more I’ve tested this concept, the more convinced I am that it’s one of the most valuable-yet-undervalued things you can do for traffic.

Those two lessons combined with the fact that I’m never going to stop blogging (and designing themes, and testing theories) led me to open up shop at Findable Blogs. There we’ll offer the same design services we have offered here, plus a few more (like blog promotion), and blog about topics (like traffic!) that are of particular interest to individual and small business bloggers.

Once I’ve published this post, I’ll switch the RSS feed to pull from Findable Blogs, and it will be there that I’ll announce the new version of Blogging Expertise when it’s ready. In the meantime, I’d love to have you join us at Findable Blogs and continue the blogging journey together.

The easiest way to find an SEO WordPress theme for your blog

In news that’s been way too long in coming, I’ve just launched a new site called WordPress Theme Review. The concept is based directly on the work I’ve done to improve search engine optimization (SEO) in WordPress themes.

Based on the response from Wendy Piersall’s Problogger post, I realized that many bloggers want to use a search engine optimized theme but don’t know how to evaluate the code. I also got many requests to review specific themes. Instead of writing “Best themes for SEO” posts forever, it seemed like a better idea to create a site for this, and that’s the basis of WordPress Theme Review.

The site offers thumbnail images of the theme in use, as well as info on whether or not it supports tags and widgets, if there’s a cost, etc., but the main feature is that each theme is assigned an SEO score (out of 100) that helps the average user know how optimized the theme is.

Bottom line, if you’re interested in getting an off-the-shelf theme (which are usually free or inexpensive), you can easily browse the best WordPress themes for SEO purposes and find one that fits your style and will help you in the search engines.

New sidebar widget: WYSIWYG Text Widget

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve released a new WordPress plugin: the WYSIWYG Text Widget. This is a simple but highly-useful widget that allows you to put “fancy” text on your sidebar, including links, colors, images, etc.

I’ve had many requests for this feature over the last year or so, and hope you enjoy it!