Larry Wall's Very Own Perl Page

Perl books:

You can order them from O'Reilly & Associates, 1-800-998-9938. Local/overseas is 1-707-829-0515. If you can locate an O'Reilly order form, you can also fax to 1-707-829-0104.

Here are some recommended books:

Programming Perl (the Camel Book)
Learning Perl (the Llama Book)
Learning Perl on Win32 Systems (the Gecko Book)
The Perl Cookbook (the Ram Book)
Advanced Perl Programming (the Panther Book)
Mastering Regular Expressions (the Owls Book)

The Perl Conference:


Other Perl Stuff:

Almost anything related to Perl, including kits, ports and docs can be found on the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, CPAN for short. (If you don't know of a CPAN site near you the CPAN multiplexor will help you find one.)

Good places to start Webbing include,,, and These sites contain a wealth of information, history, FAQs, resources, documentation, and lots of things we could say here but it would be redundant..

If you have a Perl question that is not answered in the Fine Manual, and I don't answer right away, try comp.lang.perl.misc (after reading the Perl FAQs, of course). If you have a Perl 5 question, try mail to (If you send me a Perl 5 bug report, I will probably forward it to that list if it's a configuration issue.) You can also try the various people listed as authors in the manual, especially if they wrote the section you have a question about. For advice about particular extensions, see the author of the extension.

Much as I sympathize with the travails of students, if you ask me to do your homework for you, you're likely to be ignored. I very much prefer well-posed questions requiring short answers, preferably answers that can't be found in the existing literature. See below.

Perl 4:

Is available by ftp from CPAN. It's very stable, because it's not supported. :-)

Perl 5:

Is up to version 5.8. Please fetch maintenance version 5.8.0 (or so) from CPAN/src/5.0. If you're working with Perl 5 you might want to join the mailing list to get the most recent patches and documentation. To subscribe to the list, send the message "subscribe perl5-porters" to The traffic is about 100 message a day.

Perl 6:

We're working on it, slowly but surely...or not-so-surely in the spots we're not so sure...


CPAST: Comprehensive Perl Arcana Society Tapestry
Uncultured Perl: a Subversive Lifecycle
(Also see the section on history in the Camel book.)


Perl, the first postmodern computer language
1st State of the Onion, 1997 Perl Conference
2nd State of the Onion, 1998 Perl Conference
3rd State of the Onion, 1999 Perl Conference
Natural Language Principles in Perl
Principles of Psychological Chunking in Perl


Linux Weekly News, World Domination? That's Hubris.
FEED Magazine, Divine Intervention
Linux Journal, Larry Wall, the Guru of Perl
Dr. Dobb's, A Conversation with Larry Wall
Web Review, The Virtues of Perl
ZDNet, Gluing the Web Together: An Interview with Larry Wall
Sunworld, Perl: the challenges ahead


Tim O'Reilly & Ben Smith: The Importance of Perl