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1. Lumitectura
2 months ago
Musicvideo about the relation of light, music and architetcture.

Music by Saltillo
"The Opening" from the album Ganglion.
Go get it on itunes and amazon!

The clip is defined by 3 elements.

-One videofile, shot between 2 and 6 pm.
-The speed of playback of this file, which is synchronised manually to the music.
-About 50 different masks, wich define where the underlayed movie is going to appear on the screen. This makes it possible to have multiple light situations in the same moment.

So basicly, the sunlight caught from the building is the "natural" palette for the entire colors of the clip.



  • Lara 2 months ago
    Done really nice! Good choice of tune to go with the visuals!
    Definite add to the PsySoda channel!
    Though you might want to add tags so people can find this video easier! It's definitly worth the watch!
  • barno 2 months ago
    Hi Lara,
    thanks for the comment and advice. Seems like you set the trends here. After you've put me in your channel, the others followed... :-)
  • Artis 2 months ago
    just art with natural light, god creation!
  • Lara 2 months ago
    No problem bro! Good stuff deserves good attention!
  • Costa 2 months ago
    wowww that was incredible, what an amazing imagination and ability to express it!
  • Andrés Ciambotti 2 months ago
    Dude, WHAT!
    This is insane. You've done an incredible job. I hope this gets the recognition it deserves! I will sure pass this to my classmates over at my film school, it is a really clever idea!
  • birdpaula 2 months ago
  • Daniel Staud plus 2 months ago
    Really cool video.
  • Lukas Gut 2 months ago
    Wow, hat mich gleich ab dem ersten Moment gefesselt. Komplexes Setting aber alles schön sauber aufgelöst. Die Stimmung der Musik und des Bildes stimmt für mich, doch hätte es ein anderes Gebäude, welches "älter" wäre sicher die Stimmung noch mehr unterstützt. Interessant wäre auch, wie es wirken würde, wenn die Masken nicht immer 100% wären, z.b. beim Bus, so dass der Bus ebenfalls in der anderen Lichtsituation "vorhanden" ist. Würde für mehr Irritation sorgen :-)
    Ein super video, welches mich sehr inspiriert hat! Danke für diesen Beitrag.
    Zeige es gerne weiter!
  • barno 2 months ago
    Hallo Lukas,

    merci für deinen Kommentar!
    Ich kann deine Anmerkung gut verstehen. Dass ich mich für dieses Gebäude entschieden habe, hat teilweise praktische Gründe, aber ich finde auch, dass es einen instrumentenartigen Charakter hat. Ausserdem braucht es für dieses Konzept eine Oberfläche, die stark auf das Licht reagiert.
  • mpared 2 months ago
    posted at the curious brain
  • Luis Soldevilla 2 months ago
    Great work! great concept! congratulations! one question why didn´t you try to give some motion to the whole composition , just a little bit, something very subtle, so the technique is more tricky... just an idea.. amazing job anyway
  • barno 2 months ago
    Thanks! Yes, probably a moving picture could be the next step. But as it is now, it shows the concept in a clear form. There are the three elements, and thats it :-)
  • Emre Saraçoğlu 2 months ago
    download? :(
  • Frenky plus 2 months ago
  • rickflick 2 months ago
  • inge madeleine 2 months ago
  • Seriously, Salat 2 months ago
  • An excellent creative work ^_^ I hope that you will add some more :)
  • AHMED FARRAG 2 months ago
    It is very creative work
    music, time & light- it's a new relation that could inspire
    our imagination
    perfect !!!!
  • Petteri Nordquist 2 months ago
    That was absolutely insane!
  • Basil Steele plus 2 months ago
    Awesome!! very creative i must say!
  • Fernando 2 months ago
    Nice Work
  • Vince Parenti 2 months ago
    Looks like a great place to work...
  • Nicholas Fiorentini 2 months ago
    very beautiful sync with music!
  • Luca S. 2 months ago
    So Great!
  • Wow, just amazing. So well done.
  • Pablo Olmos Arrayales 2 months ago
    Such a great work, guys!
  • Emilio Gomariz 2 months ago
    I love it!!
  • Ilko Iliev 2 months ago
    Amazing work!
  • Data Projekt 2 months ago
    yeah, great timing... and great music ! very impressive...
  • Eugene Magee 2 months ago
    Epic scratch video
  • Ilya Malov 2 months ago
    Very interesting idea! Congrats!
  • Inner Light Spectrum 2 months ago
    Sickness !!!
  • 2 months ago
    Very creative. bravo.
  • Robert Shaw 2 months ago
    I love this, creative and inspiring, thanks barno.
  • J D 2 months ago
    das ist so schön...
    hab echt tränen in den augen :'-)

  • Nick Wilcox-Brown plus 2 months ago
    Very impressive 'animation', good music and a great result. Tweeted!
  • A. Nielsen 2 months ago
    Great! Nothing more to say...
  • barno 2 months ago
    Thank you all for the motivating comments!
  • BORN TO FILM 2 months ago
    Incredibly awesome
  • Matthieu Dufour plus 2 months ago
  • slimane aniss 2 months ago
    wow !
  • Pawel Stec 2 months ago
    Its ALIVE!!!! amazing...
  • Frank Jacob 2 months ago
    very cool!
  • redbimmer323i 2 months ago
    that's amazing..
    Great Job..
  • Vallie Jean 2 months ago
    quite brilliant.
  • Suresh 2 months ago
  • Jonah Lee Walker plus 2 months ago
    One of the coolest shorts I have seen in a very long time. Fantastic!
  • zezva-z1 2 months ago
  • igor 2 months ago
    Sensational and Brilliant! Excellent video!
  • Brandon Alperin 2 months ago
    Love it.
  • Echinadrome 2 months ago
    Wow. Manually syncing the masks to the music? Isn't that tough? Isn't there an expression or plug-in for that? I know sound keys can help with the beats. Not sure about what expression you'd use to manipulate time...
  • jfm 2 months ago
    Definitely unique idea! How many days did you spent in working on it?
  • Roosters in Space 2 months ago
    excellent!! what software??
  • enes bilgin 2 months ago
    loved itttt
  • Martin Béreš 2 months ago
    :-) krasne super
  • Phil Kramer 2 months ago
    This is amazing! What software did you use to edit it?
  • geekjustin 2 months ago
    Great idea brilliantly executed.
  • Jöhannes 2 months ago
    really nice smooth & perfect in time.
    I like the buses, although they could have a light party as well. Cheers
  • david bijttebier 2 months ago
    really nice idea and very well excecuted
  • Rod MacGregor 2 months ago
    Original idea well executed!
  • Gilles Herbin 2 months ago
    Absolutely great, I love the idea, and it's so perfectly made!
  • Marc Lehman 2 months ago
    Simply AMAZING man, here's a few crits I noticed.

    I loved all the lighting except the top left box when it shot upwards in this shape \ / . that one felt "fakey" like the shape was too crisp.

    Also I agree with Jöhannes, in that the buses could have used a bit of lighting tweaks or maybe a stutter to go with the music, would have brought it too the next level.
  • marzio 2 months ago
    Great work!!!
  • A. Lwin 2 months ago
    Simply AMAZING!!! I am going to share this with my photographer buddies.
  • Elves Sousa 2 months ago
    Nice work! =)
  • Chris Buczek 2 months ago
  • Watson Tong 2 months ago
  • Dave Cameron 2 months ago
    Beautifully done, & wonderful choice of music to accompany. It's creativity like this that nearly make me question my profession as a photographer ;)
  • Mattias Käll 2 months ago
    Oh, that's just beautiful. Reminds me of when I made a musicvideo for Precios death and just filmed a stone. My salutations to you and your work!
  • Ben Grundy 2 months ago
    Very effective.

    I wish this sort of thing was available as a visualisation for a media player. However, I think it works particularly well with the music you have used and may not work so well with other pieces.
  • Brandon Dull plus 2 months ago
    this is amazing.

    follow on twitter @BrandonDull
  • Daniel Uddin 2 months ago
    That was outstanding mate, what camera equipment did u use?
  • Paulius Mtzvcs 2 months ago
    Its 100% perfect. And only one question left - HOW? Any light on how, with what, what soft, camera and the whole concept? :)
  • Paulius Mtzvcs 2 months ago
    So I have watched this video maybe 10 times now and it just takes my breath away. I cant imagine what the effect would be wit more motion (like You I guess want to do it next time). :)
  • langustart 2 months ago
  • Bekon TM plus 1 month ago
    simple and really cool idea, I admire creativity
  • Esben Blaakilde 1 month ago
    That is an amazing idea
  • SUSHI ADV. 1 month ago
    Wow, wonderful!
    I'm talking about it on my blog
  • willboldinus 20 hours ago
    sorry.. one questuíon about the music. Do you pay money to use that music? Have you contact to the musician? I want so use a track too but i´m sure if i`m allowed too.
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