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Opus Magellan II

The Essential Workbench Replacement and File Management system for Amiga!

The Magellan-II version not only upgrades many of the earlier functions but also involves an extensive re-development of many components of the Opus 5 system to give you enhanced usability, especially in the Workbench Replacement Mode. Amongst other features, in this version we have concentrated on providing greater user control over your custom Environment with a more powerful but easier to use configuration section, plus many new features such as custom Themes, custom sounds and scripts, improved User and Start Menus, greater Lister functionality, and a dramatically enhanced OpusFTP system where you can now tailor custom setting for individual remote sites and even leave out the site or remote files on your Opus desktop for instant access. Magii-front50.gif (67558 bytes)

Summary of Enhancements:

Amongst many other features, the Magellan version gave you:-

The new Opus Magellan-II version refines and extends these features further. (Note: Click on any of the links to see more details on the new feature)

The new features include:-

  • Custom Themes - customise your system with your favourite images, sounds, fonts and colours
  • Improved Lister layouts including proportional fonts, resizable fields, sort indicator, better in-line editing
  • An amalgamated Options and Environment editor to give you a more intuitive layout for better management of the display and program operations
  • Background pictures in button banks and start menus.
  • Random Background images.
  • New Outline and Shadow fonts options for Workbench display.
  • Fully user-configurable screen title for display of used and available memory, OS versions, processes etc.
  • New Sound events for Opus and system events - attach a sound to inserting and removing a disk! Even use Random Sounds for opening a lister! 
  • New Opus Path List settings allowing you to easily set the system paths for commands etc.
  • Support for File systems with filenames up to 107 characters.
  • Revised internal commands with many now replaceable by user-defined scripts and functions
  • New graphical layout and better configurability of Button banks and start menus including an 'auto-close' feature. Buttons now support "Active Popups" - an extended popup menu feature where each button act as a start menu
  • Enhanced Scripts system with more events and linking to internal commands and OpusFTP.
  • Improved Start Menus. You can now have multilevel menus and start menus are now always 'sticky'
  • Improved filetype identification system with better control of multitasking for large directories and CDs and new filetype matching functions to match foreign disk types.
  • New and extended icon and Lister popup menus.
  • Improved Snapshot ability for Listers, Icon modes and Groups.
  • New Icon Information requester with more detailed display plus new functionality such as ability to change icon type and edit the icon images.
  • Improved support for Drag and Drop functions.
  • Better Icon support with faster displays.
  • Many new ARexx commands to control Opus.

This functionality is complemented by a dramatically enhanced OpusFTP module which seamlessly integrates FTP into normal Amiga workbench and file operations. Treat a remote FTP Site just like a local hard drive!. Many new features including:-

  • Completely revised GUI with new FTPAddressbook, FTPOptions and FTPConnect requesters.
  • Individual configuration Options for each site including custom format and custom tool bars on a site-by-site basis.
  • Enhanced Drag and Drop allows you to create shortcuts to your favourite FTP sites, directories and files by leaving them out on the Opus Desktop for instant access.
  • Full recursive directory copying. Copy whole directories in a single operation!
  • More support for normal Opus commands including Getsizes, FindFiles and the Copy command now supports the UPDATE and NEWER flags. Great for web site maintenance!
  • Protect is fully supported with a new GUI allowing you to set remote protection bits in either Amiga or Unix fashion.
  • Seven new Scripts exclusively for FTP events on a site by site basis.
  • Automatic reconnection on failure or lost connection.
  • Better Site-to-Site transfer capability - transfer files between two remote sites without going via your Amiga.
  • Optional transfer and progress displays with more detailed information.
  • Support for firewalls and IP Masking with PASSIVE transfer mode.
  • Lister path gadgets accept industry standard URL syntax.
  • Inline editing of Name and Protection fields now supported.
  • Synchronous command structure so interactive ARexx scripts are now possible! Write BATCH files to transfer selected files.
  • Speed and efficiency improvements with better management of socket options and improved support for all AmigaTCP stacks.
  • Special popup menus for FTP Listers to access custom Options and Add the current site entry details and custom options directly to the address book.

We hope you will enjoy the advanced features in this new version which we call the Directory Opus Magellan II version. For those who were wondering we really wanted to call it the "Fernando Version", but......

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Directory Opus 5 Magellan II  is now in production. It received an enthusiastic response when demonstrated at the Cologne show,  November 1998 by Dr Greg Perry and Jonathan Potter. It is now available world-wide from good Amiga dealers and GPSoftware distributors.
Or you may support the developers by purchasing direct.

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Check out the new features of Magellan-II:-

Trevor's Opus Magellan Workbench

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