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Google,the American public corporation has recently submitted a complaint to the National Arbitration Forum,claiming rights over domain name . Google owns many trademark registrations all over the world for the “Google” mark.Therefore,they contended that the disputed domain name is confusingly similar to tis trademark.
Moreover,they contended that the respondent registered and used the domain name in bad faith.
“Respondent’s use of the confusingly similar domain name to attract Internet users to its website that displays advertisements and third-party links to websites unrelated to Complainant, where it presumably collects click-through fees associated with those links, is evidence of bad faith registration and use.”
Because the respondent failed to submit a response in this proceeding and because the complainant managed to demonstrate all the elements needed,the Panel decided the disputed domain name be transferred from the respondent to the complainant.

Quoted : DKD DomainNews

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Louis Vuitton,the famous fashion house,has recently lost an arbitration hearing to get the domain name. To make the case,Louis Vuitton claimed the domain name was confusingly similar to its trademark for “Louis Vuitton”,”Vuitton” and “LV” ,but the arbitrator didn’t agree,and rightfully so.
The fashion house also contended in the complaint that the disputed domain name was registered and used in bad faith .
“The disputed domain name resolves to a website which does not contain any original content; it is an automatically generated landing page featuring links to third party sites including sites that compete with Complainant. ”
However,the respondent contended that the two letter “LV” could not be confused in any way with the “LV” marks.
Because the famous fashion house failed to establish all the elements required under the ICANN policy,the Panel concluded that the relief to be denied.

Quoted : DKD DomainNews

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The domain marketplace, Sedo, has handled the sale of for the record setting price of $1 million. The sale marks the largest price paid for a .org domain. It was sold to who will try to bank its success on the simple address.

The previous record for a .org sale was $198,000 for followed closely by at $151,400. The $1 million price tag is not as impressive as some of the largest .com sales, which amounted to $14 million for, $9.5 million for and a rumored $20 million for

The sale also marks the largest sale this year for all domain names. sold for $851,875, sold for $360,000 and sold for $250,000. But the high price for domain names doesn’t guarantee success. After only four years of ownership the owners of are putting the domain up for sale. boasts itself to be a super affiliate that works with all of the major online sites. They operate,,,, and There is no announcement on their site for their plans for

Poker has had its squabbles over domain names in the past. Bodog had it’s domain swiped from underneath them in 2007. Bodog was forced to regroup under and later Owner Calvin Ayre finally regained control of in June 2009.

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Firstly, We say to you ” Welcome to Chat.ORG “. You are at the true address for chatting and finding a new friend.

We are using some protections on irc against drones. What are these protections ?

1 – On IRC , We are using AUTH Code system to enter Chat.ORG. Unless, you enter your auth code, you cant enter to Chat.ORG via IRC.

2 – We are banned Turkish IP Range against drones at that moment.

3 – On WEB, We have some protections but we dont use AUTH Code system to enter Chat.ORG. You can enter Chat.ORG, normally.

We have more classified rooms for your chatting with a new and mixed friends. You can chat all people from all over the world on Chat.ORG chat rooms.

Tomorrow, i will tell how you register your nickname and how you register a channel on your foundership.

Thank you for chosing and using Chat.ORG !



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