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Make Money from Asia

The Chinese symbol above represents the word DRAGON. In Asia, dragons are considered good fortune and often grant wishes. It is an appropriate symbol for Asia now that it is emerging on the world scene. May the information you find here grant all your wishes!

Emerging Dragon, How to Profit from the Rise of Asia is written by Kent Ninomiya, a veteran journalist who has researched and traveled Asia for more than 22 years.

Emerging Dragon .com has been following money making developments in Asia since 2008. The information is constantly updated to bring you the latest opportunities in Asia.
Why the Future is in Asia

Asia’s rising influence in the world is the result of a staggeringly large population hungry to modernize. As Asian economies develop, their booming middle class wants all the material goods we Americans now enjoy. Take a look at the numbers you will understand why Asia offers such opportunity. The United States has a population of about 303 million people. Now take a look at Asia. China 1.3 billion, India 1.1 billion, and Indonesia 231 million.

After World War II, Japan was pretty much like China is today. It wasn’t overly industrial and most of their citizens were poor peasants. In the decades that followed, Americans invested in Japan growing it into the second largest economy in the world behind the United States. Japan has less than half the population of the US. Just imagine the potential of a China with more than four times our population!

All those people will have the ability to buy a lot of stuff over the coming decades. Just imagine the new markets opening up. Most people in the USA already have a cellular phone, computer, car, etc. Not so in China and India. People there want all the things we take for granted. They also need infrastructure as they modernize. Asian governments are increasingly healthy with huge cash reserves earmarked for public works projects. It makes the meager American market look like a laughable drop in the bucket.

There are all sorts of ways you can profit from an emerging Asia. They are simple and accessible if you know how to find them. It can be as easy as investing in an Asian mutual fund. If you are more ambitious you could make business contacts and import or export. You could get a degree making you attractive to companies doing business with Asia. You can travel to Asia seeking opportunities or move there temporarily to teach English or work with a company making money there. It's all up to you.

The purpose of EMERGING DRAGON is to point you in the right direction and get you started. We help you understand the constantly changing and often confusing Asian market with the latest insider tips.

Emerging Dragon
How to Profit from the Rise of Asia

Asia is an intimidating place for Americans. The cultures, languages and customs are unfamiliar. Yet Asia is where the FUTURE is. The region is exploding economically, promising to shift the distribution of money and power for the next generation. This is especially true of China where most of the growth is occurring, and Japan that has the largest economy in Asia.

Emerging Dragon is for AMERICANS who want to be on the cutting edge of these changes and profit from this trend. There are plenty of web sites stuffed with boring and confusing data that no one understands. We don't do that. Emerging Dragon digs through the mountains of information, then tells you what you need to know in a straight forward way for Americans to use.

Emerging Dragon, How to Profit from the Rise of Asia shows you how to:
  • make money investing in the emerging economy of Asia
  • start a career benefiting from growth in Asia
  • get a job in Asia teaching English or in your own profession
  • travel to different parts of Asia
  • learn to speak the languages of Asia
  • understand the different countries and cultures of Asia with a country by country breakdown
Emerging Dragon is for everyone from the student looking to start a new career profiting from an emerging Asia to the investor who wants to make big money investing in Asia. All information is presented in a way that is simple for Americans to understand and use.

Emerging Dragon, How To Profit from the Rise of Asia costs just $19.99. You can download the book in just a few seconds as a PDF file immediately after purchase. You could be reading it in just a few minutes!

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