Dofine, Daultay

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    Droid Control Ship
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    Trade Federation

From the Movies

The unctuous captain of the Neimoidian blockade over Naboo, Dofine was an officer in the Trade Federation. Greedy, deceitful and cowardly, Dofine nevertheless had the wherewithal to openly question Darth Sidious' machinations, for which he was verbally reprimanded by the Sith Lord. Despite his insubordination, Dofine remained in command of the blockade's forces. He gave the order to activate the droids on the surface of Naboo. Dofine perished aboard the Droid Control Ship when Naboo starfighter forces destroyed the vessel.

From the Expanded Universe

Dofine was a bootlicker of high birth, which allowed him to progress through unwarranted promotion despite his marginal competence.

Dofine had no military experience, and his prefered tactic was to stall targets with platitudes while determining how best to steal their assets. Many independent freighter captains traveling through the Expansion and Outer Rim Territories had run afoul of Dofine. The Neimoidian had siezed many freighters under the pretense of stopping pirate activity.

His self-indulgent lifestyle had left its mark with a characteristic mottling of his green skin. Dofine wore the quilted blue robes of a Neimoidian starship captain, capped with a vessel command officer's miter.

Behind the Scenes

Like his fellow Neimoidians, Daultay was initially designed to resemble an organic version of the battle droid, suggesting that the Neimoidians built the droids in their own image. This design direction was abandoned when it was decided to realize the Neimoidians as animatronic mask characters rather than computer generated ones. The revised rough draft described Dofine as short and fat.

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