• 2010 Betfred World Snooker Championship

    Last 32 - Match 10 - Peter Ebdon 5-10 Graeme Dott

     Frame Scores 1st Session
    85(50)-54(33), 16-105(105), 37(37)-70(53), 12-64(36), 0-105(57,48), 46(41)-68(41), 61-50(50), 36-91(44), 26-67
     Frame Scores 2nd Session
    73(72)-49, 72(47)-30(30), 46(46)-79(37), 81(55)-30, 28-73(34), 37-56


    Graeme Dott is really enjoying himself in this match. He's found time to share a little joke with a fan in the front row before getting down to slot a long red home and at 5-1 up he knows he'll lead overnight.

    Dott is really motoring now. He's flown through frame 5 and leads 4-1.

    Dott opens a 3-1 lead. Ebdon hasn't done much wrong but Dott is taking the chances better at the moment.

    A brilliant century from Dott to level the scores.

    First blood to Ebdon in a 32 minute opening frame.

    Good evening and welcome to a rematch of the 2006 final.


    Graeme Dott secures victory.

    Ebdon wins the frame before the interval but he nearly threw it away, missing a long red. But he got away with it.

    Oh dear how relieved will Dott be. He let Ebdon to the table 67-0 down and Ebdon made 46 before missing the green and Dott clear up. A pivotal moment in the match maybe as that's halted Ebdon's momentum tonight.

    Did I say a while! It's going to take a lot longer now as after 30 minutes they've decided to have a re-rack!

    This frame could take a while now. They've got the black in the jaws and all the reds surroundign it.

    Ebdon's pulled another frame back and Dott has broken down on 39 in the next.

    A gutsy 72 clearance from 49-0 down gives Ebdon the first frame of the night.

    Peter Ebdon has a mountain to climb tonight and if he fails he will drop out of the Top Sixteen for the first time since he gained a place way back in 1994.

    His ooponent, Graeme Dott, needs to reach at least the semi finals here to regain his place. He currently stands provisionally at Number 18.


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