• 2010 Betfred World Snooker Championship

    Last 32 - Match 2 - Mark King 9-10 Steve Davis

     Frame Scores 1st Session
    67(53)-1, 78(47)-8, 52(38)-61, 94(94)-1, 4-86(77), 39-77(30,35), 78(62)-22, 69-35, 31-55
     Frame Scores 2nd Session
    53-33, 40(40)-78(54), 45-76, 0-68(34), 6-60(49), 78-14, 73(54)-45, 0-91(91), 77(48)-42, 43-55


    Davis grinds out the final frame of the night and now the match is nicely poised for a late night thriller on Tuesday.

    King goes two ahead and he's guaranteed the overnight lead, with one frame still to play.

    King regains the lead with a timely run of 62.

    The Nugget has battled back to level the scores, now we have a real match on our hands.

    Davis finds his potting boots after the interval with a nice run of 77.

    King makes a cracking 94 to take a 3-1 lead. Davis had first chance but missed black off the spot.

    King has got away to a two frame lead. Davis hasn't had a decent scoring chance yet but it does look as if Davis has set his stall out to try and keep the match very tight.

    It's slow start after 14 minutes of play they've opted for a re-rack in the first frame.

    A truly amazing welcome for Steve Davis. Even the players on the other table stood to applaud Davis into the arena for his 30th Crucible appearance.

    Davis has done it!

    Hard as Davis tried he couldn't get all teh snookers he needed and we're heading into a nerve-shredding decider.

    A great time for Davis to produce his highest break of the match. He needs one more for a memorable victory. He'd be the oldest player to reach the last 16 since Eddie Charlton back in 1989.

    Two gtusy frames by Mark King and the match is level. It's going to the wire now and the tension is mounting by the moment.

    Steve Davis takes the lead at the final interval. What a thrilling night this could be for Davis fans.

    Davis levels the match but not before King played on in the vain hope of getting an improbable number of snookers on the pink.

    A frame apiece so far and a useful 54 break from Davis before he left the black in the jaws.

    Good evening welcome back.
    This could be a roller-coaster evening for Steve Davis afficionados. Can the Nugget find some form or will he be trumped by King?


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