• 2010 Betfred World Snooker Championship

    Last 32 - Match 6 - Joe Perry 10-4 Michael Holt

     Frame Scores 1st Session
    67-57(42), 18-112(112), 71-36, 72(37,31)-62(62), 65(64)-64(64), 62(62)-1, 11-59(47), 72(34)-38, 73(55)-8
     Frame Scores 2nd Session
    69(60)-19, 3-79(56), 56(32)-63(54), 67(46)-44(39), 57-44(44)

    Perry finishes the session in style with a 55 break and a 7-2 lead. The matches resumes on Sunday evening at 7pm

    This session is turning into a distaster for Holt. He's had chances but squandered them and Perry has pushed on to 6-2 ahead. Only one more frame of the session and Holt desperately needs to win it.

    Perry wins a massive frame to go 4-1 up. He was 64-0 now and produced a brilliant 65 clearance to steal the frame.

    Holty breaks down on 62 in the fourth and Perry nips in to clear up for a 3-1 lead.

    Holt gets into his stride with 112 in the second frame, but Joe has nicked the third with three 20+ visits.

    Chances for both players in the first and time to settle into the match.

    Good afternoon. Welcome back. Barely time to draw breath after this morning's opening session, but we'll be off and running again in a minute with two more great matches.

    Holt had a chance to take another frame but Perry has potted blue and ink to win the match.

    Holt had a good chance of taking another frame, but Perry pinches it to need only one more frame after the interval.

    Holt rattles off two frames on the spin to stay in the match.

    Perry takes the first of the night and Holt's slim chances get slimmer by the minute.


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