Rough French Translation Stanley Allen Meyer Water Fuel Cell
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Rough French Translation Stanley Allen Meyer Water Fuel CellRough French Translation Stanley Allen Meyer Water Fuel Cell

Translated from a French web-site and supplied by "ke-red" (

"Inventor Stanley Meyer

Having engineer in electricity of a great experiment, Stanley worked on the fusion of hydrogen at ambient temperature.

He was the author of various patents in oceanography, cardiac monitoring and banking systems of validation (42 in all including 10 in Canada). At the beginning of 1989, it had a preferential treatment at the patent office: some of its patents were accepted in 1993. The majority of them form part of section 101, where the agreement for the patent depends on a successful demonstration. In this office the patents of Meyer were dispatched in 8 months, which is a short time and in which proves that they thought that this technology was significant, more especially as in other texts it is known as on the contrary that 200.000 applications of patents were on standby.

It worked for the Battelle Foundation in Ohio, with the development of the Gemini project with NASA and also to the feeding system in energy on concept EBED for the Star Wars project.

It had companies, which manufacture such equipment, and it occupied of the functions of Co-sponsoring in international businesses. With his brother, former engineer in electricity of USAF, it assembled an operation of several million dollars in the field of transport and the spare parts.

He had the entrepreneurship. Technology Water Fuel Cell (W.F.C., name of the technology and the company of Meyer) is the property of Stanley A. Meyer de Grove City in Ohio. Nowadays, the W.F.C. International does not have official representatives in England. But, in spite of controversies, in the United Kingdom, members of the Parliament, scientists of the Ministry for Defence, just like study the W.F.C. of Meyer of great industrial groups and the foreign governments.

He financed only his scientific work, recognised and rewarded by national and international organisations, and was elected inventor of the year in Who' Who American of 1993. (It then received substantial supports of Canada, of England, and Sweden.


March 29, 1998, Eugene Mallove writer as a head of Infinite Energy confirmed on Internet the death of Stanley, 57 years old, after having called the service of undertaking with Evans (information taken again by W Bahman of P.A.C.E. and D.V.S.).

March 21, Stanley had dined in a restaurant on Grove City in company on other people. He abruptly came out of table by saying that he had been poisoned, then he ran towards his car on the car park and broke down. Its family, his wife Marylin, her twin brother Stefen Foster, another brother Henry, her sister Barbara Feret, ribambelle of nephews and nieces, even not having children to him, has to resign itself to the absence of funeral. Its skin was carried to be autopsiée. The first conclusions indicated that its death was due to an arterial disease, but as the accused disease very seldom leads to death, another examination in toxicology was ordered, whose results were still not communicated in April 1998. Inge and Adolf Schneider of the NET newspaper (which we thank for the authorisation for publishing the photograph above) had returned visit in Meyer in September 1997. Stanley had ensured to them that it had signed contracts with American firms to market his car. Jerry Decker had learned from Stanley even, met in Denver, which its car was almost at the point. He was in good health and full with energy. In March, it was on the point to have a great success for the installation of the first stone of a research center of $50 million with Grove City.


It is useful to replace the work of Meyer in his historical context, because, in fact, one says, " functioning to water " to speak about vehicles which, actually are supplied with hydrogen.

The theory concerning the energy of water goes back to 120 years. In 1874, Jules Verne had had the vision of this " coal of the future providing without limits light and heat at a point such as one had never dreamed it ". At the same time, August Otto, the father of the modern engine with internal combustion, made experiments with the hydrogen, which it preferred " with abominable oil ". Arrhenius, the large Scandinave physicist, posed the molecular theory, which would govern free molecular dissociation that Meyer shows nowadays.

The British Admiralty tried out its first engine with water in the Thirties, under the direction of the engineer as a Richmond head. During the war the gas of water was largely used. In the Fifties British Petroleum also invested on this idea. About 1970 Channel Islands spoke much about a Morris Mini Minor running on the water, but which, after great promises of financing for its marketing, quickly fell into the lapse of memory. A scientist of Eastern Europe hard tested, Yull Brown (see his file in the synopsis of the alternate Fuels) developed an apparatus whose fuel is water. In the Seventies, the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales was informed of the experimentation of a car been driven by a gas engine - water consuming 3,78 litres to the 1600 km.

Recently, a Californian young person conceived a simple and cheap system for the cars. After being warned by DoE not to try to market says it system (what shows simplicity of it), it put its plans in the public domain. All these vehicles use systems, which produce gas that one burns on board. New technologies of hydrogen produce 20 with perhaps 1000 times more energy than the others. Royal Society examined an engine whose effectiveness is multiplied by a factor from 4 to 6. An official communication was envisaged. Other work (quoted in the next file " On the track of the Free energy... ") Like those of Roger Billings or " the hypercar " of Amory Lovins, converts gas into electricity. The admiral Griffin who had tried in vain to improve the water car of Dr. Henry Cornish is entered in liaison with Meyer. He thus could attend in person one of his demonstrations.

W.F.C. affirms capacity to replace hydrocarbons used nowadays. It is enough to modernise L ' injection of the internal combustion engines with average D ' an electronic control (by chip) simple and not very.

For L ' automobile, a kit W.F.C. is composed of injectors controlled by chips and that L ' one can install in less D ' one hour by screwing them in the holes of the candles. In the case of the diesels, planes

At a cost estimated at $1500, the process of Meyer N ' expensive is compared with that ($25.000) not required by L ' adaptation of the vehicles to the battery - hydrogen. The latter, based on a membrane with exchange of particles N ' is thus not a suitable technology for the countries in the process of development. Moreover, there N ' is not D ' industry which manufactures these batteries.

Meyer also invented autonomous systems for the domestic heating, and industry, like for the production of hot water and vapour. Other repercussions of the application of the principle of W.F.C. desalination of L ' sea water, waste processing, purification of water (Virus and bacteria being killed by the frequency and heat) and modules treating oxides and regenerating L ' air.


It is not a question of traditional electrolysis: there is no electrolyte, not discernible wear of electrode, not energy wasted in heat. In fact, the recipient of L ' supplied superabundant energy in L ' water is the public health. Indeed, according to the US National Board of Standards, water contains 2,5 times more energy than oil.

In the W.F.C. of Meyer, water is dissociated out of gas with average D' an electric tension produced by impulses of D.C. current to high voltage (20 to 40 kV) at the frequency of 10-15 kHz (of other Internet sources give 50 MHz and of less 1mA. Inductance, in series with the Capacity starts resonances inside the molecule. Those cause to break the covalent bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, by using very little energy. The two gases thus separated remain it, until a sufficient energy is available to again recombine them in the form of water. These principal points are shown to create a tension on the level of the particle.

C ' is really the oscillation of the particle which plays a role of generator of energy. One can reach a considerable energy, exceeding by far that of the simple combustion of hydrogen. Industrial burners were designed to function to the million BTU/h.

According to calculations', the mass of ZPE is about 10 X 1093 gm per cm 3. L ' energy which is contained there is equivalent to 2,5 million BTU per gallon of water (3,78 L in the USA). The " vacuum " inside the molecule is grouillant of energy, as one already knows it Since 1873 with James Clerk Maxwell and even since thousands of years in eastern sciences and the tradition. The water molecule is L ' intermediate which makes it possible to draw from ether.


IN the United Kingdom the admiral Griffin, was one of the first to try to obtain a scientific Credibility and an industrial financing for a private initiative D 'experimentation of technology W.F.C. As a controller of Navy, and with the number of the creators of Royal modern Navy, it was responsible, of the installation of the plan of development of the technique based on hydrogen. It S ' was in charge of the maritime applications of W.F.C. and had planned a conversion of the Fleet.

At the first stage of its countryside, the goal was to convince the English soldiers and the representatives of industry, that technology W.F.C. functions, and that it was possible to treat with Meyer, this one having D ' elsewhere given its agreement for a one year experimentation envisaged on a boat fed to water, with the docks St Catherine in London.

For the scientific articles and the voyages of the experts at W.F.C., the Admiral spent personally 30.000 £, and Sebastian of Ferranti 10.000 £ (among other sources of financing.) During 6 years, seeking supports and engagements, the Admiral Griffin contacted without success more than 100 departments of the government and part of the large-scale industries before finding finally a sleeping partner financial.

The way in which L ' admiral led his countryside was subjected to some criticisms relating to the feasibility and the claims of the initial plan. However, this countryside implies that the " Establishment " knows the work of Meyer well. The agency of search of Defence and MoD showed their interest in the development of the activities of Meyer.

An exploitation of allied Meyer technology to a certain ethics, excluding the military applications, would receive a greater international support. C ' is towards geographical areas where exist major needs, and for more sizeable goals, such as the provisioning of drinking water and the maintenance of essential agriculture, it would be necessary to engage.


Meyer was engaged in the constitution of a network of concessions, and it developed specific applications under authorisation of licence.

It is said that contracts of development of the type " Proof of bearing Concept " on more than $200 M are in hand with great industrial groups. NASA and USAF have a random access to the technology of Meyer because its activities are subjected to the law on the national security in the USA At the time of its last visit at Meyer, the Admiral could observe the development of work on a certain active number of engines of the mowers car carried to the large Diesel trains, while passing by the ordinary tractors.

One also mentions in the bulletin of W.F.C. of other initiatives coming from other countries, and, in America, a sales network is designed to adapt the systems by modernising the existing vehicles. There were regular seminars on the investments, and Meyer employed teams of specialists.

Search was made to establish centers with the outside of America. One quoted the United Kingdom (jusqu ' with the death of L ' Admiral) as well as Sweden and the Ukraine. Meyer makes a point much of not increasing the risks of concentration of any L ' activity in only one center. Many organisations, well known like the MITI with Japan and ETZ in Germany tried, in vain to reproduce work of Meyer It is said that Meyer did not produce the scientific articles agreeing with the reviews of his pars, which explains why the reports/ratios on its work were limited. Being given resistance to the NET in general and the natural competition in the fields of energy, it is comprehensible. The US patents were granted under the clause of an equivalent " practical application ", according to Meyer, with tests independentp> There were controversies in the media about its work but not yet D 'inquires true and complete. Meyer who had found that an article published in New Energy News was too partial and deformed asked that it be published by it another. Equipments of marketing are miserly details about the implied processes.

One tried several times " to as well buy " Meyer in his work as personally, and it was victim of provocation's. It is easy to include/understand its prudence, because it seems to wait before acting, until diffuses the idea widely that water can be containing hydrocarbon. It rather projects to control its technology for S ' to ensure that its invention will deal with the good of humanity.

There is a video of 1993 of ISNE, presented by INE. Fin at the end of 1995, a company of English television, INCA returned visit with W.F.C. L ' emission " Ca goes with water ", commented by Arthur A. Clarke was followed many requests for information, and visits of Organisations the such DRA (Ministry for Defence) and prestigious University. A member of the Room of Common also contacted W.F.C. and follows his progress.

Stanley Meyer S ' was returned to England and in certain countries of Europe in October 96. He had exposed to several industrialists the viability of technology W.F.C. many contracts " Proof of Concept " related to the fields of aviation, agriculture, of the domestic and industrial, transport by overland routes and maritime heating (in particular technology Hyperdrive Ò which relate to primarily a submarine of point.)ARTICLES OF SCIENTIFIC AND UNIVERSITY NEWSPAPERS

Here of many confirmations based on tests in governmental and university laboratories.

28 2nd IECEC Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, August 1993: " demonstrations repeated in front of many witnesses "...

Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) Documentation: " utility of this process for aeronautics "

Ray Bachnak, Doctor of physics, Professor and President de Electronic Engineering Technology, Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio 1996: "the circuit VIC Ò must achieve the function envisaged "

Dr. T Nagypal, Professor at the University of Vienna, and Engineer consulting in Industry: " but your theory functions... the effectiveness is 300 % "...

Rea O' Neill, scientific Professor of technology, Institute of technology of Dublin, Ireland: " it is a method undoubtedly different from the process of electrolysis traditional, it is a technology which will be able to provide to the vehicles an alternate fuel in a future close relation "...

Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin, Controller of British Navy (in retirement), Perkins Report/ratio, 1993: " the University of Sussex succeeded in producing hydrogen starting from a breadboard Installation of construction based on the circuits of Meyer "... Professor Robert Bailey, Mechanical Department of Engineering, University of State of Ohio, Grove City, in an article of the 06/03/1996 heading: " divine Intervention ": " There is no doubt: that functions "...

Paul Czysz, Professor in Aeronautics, University of Saint-Louis, consulting at NASA, Program Equinox of Channel 4, in London, emission of the 17/12/1995: " Ca goes with water ": " it is a technology which collects the ZPE obviously "...

Science Explained, the world of science to the daily newspaper, Hake, A. Ronan, General Editor, Copyrighted Book Science, 1993... confirms that the oxygen atom has a negative electric charge, and that that of hydrogen has a positive load...

The Cliffs Notes of 1993 of Harold D. Nathan, Doctor of physics, check the unusual linkage effect electrovalent between gas molecular structures and liquids in equations where each group of different

Many laboratories independent of universities confirmed the importance of the tension raised for a current low

Gary L Johnson of the University of State of Kansas entitled his report/ratio: " Explosions in water induced by electricity ". He indicates to it that it discovered that the force of the explosion

Roy Azevedo, Peter Graneau and Charles Millet of the North-eastern University, as Neal Graneau of the Royal College of London entitled their report/ratio: " Of powerful explosions of plasma - water ". They confirm their results similar by using a voltage pulsating from 30 to 40 kilovolts

Doctor Ukrainiens Eugene Antonov and Vladimir Dresyiannikov, checked like the preceding researchers the various aspects of the patented technology of Meyer.


After years of search and development, technology W.F.C., arrived at the stage of systems design and of prefabrication by the first financing of contracts W.F.C. Proof of Concept S. This means that one expects nearest manufacture the industrial standards, of modules W.F.C

However, it will be necessary whereas water takes the fuel name, and that technology W.F.C. is tested and certified for the EPA and is appropriate for the payments of other governments. When one is there, the objective of W.F.C. to use water as fuel will be able to emerge at the great day. Concessions W.F.C. will thrive, and the dependence with the fossil fuels will touch at its end. C ' is a faith which animated all the steps of W.F.C.. After much of work, one S waits to see it achieving its goal.

The contract " Proof of Concept ", in four points, is a kind of contract single which protects W.F.C. as well as that with which it are conceded, user and / or company having a perfect command of a high technology

L ' Approval International W.F.C. on the agreement of contract indicates the parameters of the system of energy to be modified and establishes the terms and particular conditions relating to the totality of the contract. The Contract of project W.F.C. International relates to the construction of two systems of kits of prototype W.F.C., for purposes of tests and developments to the industrial standards, for the production. W.F.C. provides to the signatory the specifications design, and this one built the prototypes. W.F.C. provides also the electronic interface and the software necessary to launch the modules.

L ' acceptance contractual of L ' International Approval of licence of patent W.F.C., states the conditions and the terms for a licence of manufacture to L ' scale D ' a great distribution W.F.C..

L ' Approval for contract of industrial concession of International W.F.C., mentions the terms and the conditions of a licence of industrial concession on a given geographical area. This licence will not enter in conflict with the local dealers but will encourage the growth of the concessions.

W.F.C. supports many contracts in various energy fields of which the first gate on the domestic and industrial heating as well as transport with L ' significant project Proof of Concept of Resonator with industrial vapour W.F.C. Ò. This module can be adapted on enormous industrial boilers and would stabilise the energy costs of a great number of industries. Moreover, it prevents water from freezing when one uses the injector with fuel water W.F.C. in the application selected


Recently, W.F.C. was declared guilty D ' a coarse fraud, shown not to have shown anything which functions, nor of unspecified progress. The plaintiffs were investors D ' a program of competitor fuel. None of three " expert " witnesses N ' had scientific references and among them, it S ' found two of them which had previously tried to take the direction of W.F.C.. At the time of the lawsuit, the judge was just ' to cut the audio recording of the court during a demonstration of technology W.F.C..

Meyer (who since 1980 had spent more than 1,6 million dollars) thus deposited a request in rejection of the decision of this Court of Justice against the judge who ridiculed the laws of the Higher Council of Justice of L ' Ohio while at the same time the scientific confirmation is held. With the course D ' a meeting envisaged at the British Parliament, with the House of Lords, Meyer was to speak about the W.F.C. and production D ' energy by L ' extraction about L ' hydrogen about L 'water. But this meeting was cancelled at the last minute.


The by-product of injector W.F.C. Ò is a water spray, which turns over to the environment, where it will again receive the energy of the sun by photonic energy absorption. One can then collect this water in the form of rain, and again recycle it in the engine, that it is in open or closed system.

Technology W.F.C., especially conceived to be appropriate for transport, has taken part in the depollution of the atmosphere, by preventing the taking away of oxygen necessary to breathing, by eliminating the rejection from chemical oxides in the atmosphere, such as it occurs today with fossil fuels, by revitalising the energy levels of the molecules of air, and by dissociating chemical oxides already present, for 70 years.

With technology W.F.C., the internal combustion engine, instead of being a system polluting, becomes a purifying system of air

Conscious of this warning and the obvious signs of the major dangers incurred by planet, of the researchers of the whole world make known, thanks to Internet, the advantages of technology W.F.C..


Thus Meyer still defines itself the process relating to the W.F.C. (which makes L ' object of 26 US and international patents and whose one greater number are in hand).

For a long time the scientists observed that atoms stimulated in various ways on particular resonant frequencies cause the release of the energy which they contain.

Thomas Edison made the demonstration of it by using a flow of current to make oscillate the atoms of a filament in a bulb, with an aim of producing a luminous energy. Gordon Gould used the oscillation of the particles while making absorb then to again radiate by an atom the coherent energy of photons in what one calls Laser. The precursor of the Laser, was useful of this same oscillation with the absorption and the Re-radiation of electromagnetic energy, which gave the propagation of microwaves called Maser.

Musical instruments which use cases of resonance amplify the sound waves, and are thus also useful of the oscillation of the particles by absorbing then D - again emitting acoustic energy amplified

One can wonder about the cause of the flashes or on what feeds energy D ' a hurricane or D ' a tornado, frequent natural phenomena. Each answer has a common point: " bending " or the oscillation of the water molecule. The flash occurs when the face of the storm " bends " the atoms of water molecule exposed to clouds of storm to negative electric charge.

The bending of the water molecule present in the whirling draught that constitutes a hurricane or a tornado, releases an enormous energy which contributes to the formation of the storm. A rise in the initial temperature makes whirl the air, thus delimiting a zone of moisture in the draught. **time-out** the current whirl of air ascending create a tension electric opposite on the molecule of water which himself find in the atmosphere charge by the electricity of draught d' air in displacement. This tension " electrically bends "the atoms to release the energy which feeds the hurricane or the tornado.


Subjected to an electric pulsation, an opening of energy, located in the core of the atom, is physically constrained to open to make it possible a greater quantity of energy to penetrate in the spectrum of energy of the atom.

L ' energy is released by the intermediary of the atoms L ' energy is released by the intermediary of the atoms in our universe. It is what was quantified by the equation of Einstein E=mc2. When it raised squared the speed of the light, it realised that the luminous potential energy was larger than the third dimension in which we exist. This universal energy or ZPE, penetrates continuously in our third dimension by the openings of energy of the atoms. It is what makes it possible all the atomic structures of the third dimension to exist or to be maintained well in a state of balance atomic. If it were not thus, none the known forms of life would exist. How is it made a tiny seed gives a giant sequoia? How the child in the centre of his mother can undergo an atomic structuring to maintain the life? Neither the seed nor the mother draw sufficiently from energy of the sun or of food to be able to manufacture would be - only one atom. How the universe parallel to continue does its expansion the creation of its physical mass?

It seems that energy necessary to the creation of the universe and the life such as we know them emanate from the core of the atom, via the opening of energy. Thus all the atoms function as generators of energy.

Up to now, one needed a great entered energy D ' so that the process of oscillation of the atom releases from energy. It is what shows with violence a thermonuclear device, which really opens, then destroyed, the opening of energy of the Uranium 235 atoms and 238.

But it is in the release of this process on a low energy level that resides the secrecy. The process then becomes realisable economically, and usable by an average consumer. To achieve this exploit, Meyer had the idea to be used for itself of fields of voltage of polarity opposed on the water molecule. This produced an electric tension, which makes that the atoms of the water molecule exceed the atomic state of balance and dissociate or are divided into hydrogen gas and oxygen.

Around 40 kilovolts the gases take fire automatically, which produces an explosive thermal energy (gtnt). With higher voltages, even, and at the frequency of resonance of the water molecule, the opening of energy is opened and one can then see a controlled release, fantastic quantities of energy.

This method does not spend of great quantities of energy since the tension is not consumed in an electronic circuit. Energy neither is created, nor destroyed but released starting from the atom (see figure2)

Meyer calls his electrodes of the exciteurs, in fact, they are parallel stainless steel plates placed in parallel or according to a concentric diagram. The production of gas seems to be inversely proportional to the distance which separates them, the patent indicates 1,5 mm for good results. The true difference lies in the battery power supply for which Meyer is useful itself of an external inductance which appears to be in resonance with the capacity of the battery - pure water having apparently a permittivity from approximately 5 - what produces a resonant parallel circuit. This circuit is excited by a generator with impulse with high power, with unit the capacity of the battery and rectifier a diode, the whole forming a circuit of pumping of load.

**time-out** according to Harold Aspden, Meyer himself be useful of tube metal concentric immerse in the water and return the impulse between the tube what induce some field effect de champs radiant increase probably the dissociation ionic of molecule of water and produce the hydrogen and the oxygen with the energy collect in the ether (New Energy News August 96)

Figure 1- Optical thermal lens ??

Development W.F.C. of technology EASER Ò controls then this power, without however destroying the atom and its opening of energy (see figure 7). The element more running on Earth, hydrogen, are the containing hydrocarbon perfect one because of its great energy and its availability. The oxygen atom supports our life. L ' water, combination of hydrogen and oxygen, is as well generating of life as purifying. It is thus strong in connection with using water as a source of energy clean and which can be recycled.CONFIRMATION OF TECHNOLOGY W.F.C.

Since 1985, W.f.c. S ' is employed to persuade the scientific community to change its way of including/understanding the nature of the water molecule and the forces which act on it. It had to understand that the water molecule is charged out of electric dipole, and that there is an electric force of attraction between the atoms of opposite load. There is not electromagnetic force between the atoms different from the water molecule, since the 8 electrons of the orbit external " L " of the oxygen atoms are put per pair and turn in opposite directions. The orbit " L " of the oxygen atom admits to 8 electrons but not more for stabilisation of the water molecule

The electric force of attraction is equivalent to the two-shared hydrogen electrons occupying the orbit " L " of the negatively charged oxygen atom. The potential of tension applied during the pulsation of the water molecule is not consumed in the electronic circuit. The electric stress of opposite electric polarity supports the molecular oscillation, as in a generator with energy. Figure 2 - Burner Nozzle ®

Logical continuation: the assembly of the conduits of industrial burner W.F.C. Ò. The burner can meet all the needs for heating, of the house to the megawatts of the power stations while passing by the industrial burner D ' a power of the command of the million BTU/h. Favour technology W.F.C.: this tube of burner can be adapted to replace of old burners, or well can form part of a new heating system.

Interesting contacts were made with the navy, air transports, the producers of electricity, the companies of desalination of, and processing sea water of toxic waste or not. The contacts overseas include/understand England, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, Australia, the News Zealand, Thailand, India, Korea and the Ukraine. The American contacts include Hawaii and Alaska like almost all the states. The USA and the world preparing to enter the era of hydrogen, W.F.C., will be placed best to meet the requirements in energy for the whole world. Figure 3 - W.F.C. Industrial Steam Resonator ?? Developed to the industrial standards with a contract Proof of Concept, this apparatus formed D ' a line of tubes, heats L ' water without apparent flame, at the temperature chosen, and under various climatic conditions.

Its applications are numerous: industrial baths, heating of the swimming pools and the greenhouses, heating domesticates with water or air, injection of vapour to destroy bad grasses.


At the wheel, Stanley Meyer, Dr. Russel E Fowler, Personnel manager and presentation of the technique of W.F.C., (second starting from the line)

To the USA, L ' interest goes more on one car supplied to water, in England, on a boat and with Sweden, on an individual heating.

A Buggy Dune was modified in 1985, to take part in a race of 1900 miles in November 1991, in Australia. In its battery with water, which remains cold after several operating hours, the process of thermal combustion uses L ' oxygenates L ' water instead of L ' to extract from L ' atmosphere. Meyer intends to miniaturise his system.

One can compare the estimated cost of modernised the Meyer system intended for L ' automobile - 1500 dollars spent only at the time of L ' installation - with the 14.000 dollars D ' purchase of fuel which would be necessary to supply the same car for all its length of time D' use. One could produce 11000 of this equipment per day.

The use of ionised gas coming from the ambient air can support the energy increase in the flame while carrying the gas burn up rate on the level of that of the fossil fuels.

The energy absorption of the photons supports the " atomic time " remaining to allow, thanks to an adequate spark, a firing of combustion gases (hydrogen and oxygenates water) present and subjected to the pulsating electric stress. The frequency of pulsation applied, as well as the amplitude of voltage, and the volumetric calibration of the water droplet determine the energy production. Only one water drop of 7,4 µl (micro litre) is enough to make function a fuel injection engine with internal combustion of 50 horses. With a water droplet of 148 µl per cycle of injection, C ' is a fuel injection engine of 1000 horses which can function (see figure 7)

Figure 5 - W.F.C. Water Fuel Injector ??

The modification of a car is probably one of the most simulative projects because of the variety of systems which it is necessary to calibrate with the protocols of confidence tests. It is what W.F.C. is on the point to achieve because it completes the data-processing programming and also that of other electric components and the hardware. One improves also the injector with fuel water W.F.C. which can be appropriate for all the energy requirements met by fossil fuel combustion. It can replace the candles of the cars, the injectors of diesel, the openings of injectors in the engines of planes and the turbines with vapour, and the openings of the conduits in the engines of rocket supplied with water

Figure 6 - Converting Water Droplets instantly

In this injector, alternative of the resonant cavity W.F.C. Ò which increases the release of energy of process W.F.C., the water droplets are converted instantaneously into hydrogen gas and oxygen fired in a field of tension to impulses. This injector in particular was developed to release energy by the opening of the atom (see figure 10). The water droplets arrive according to a certain flow in the frayed resonant cavity which functions like a guide of waves of tension. The water droplet subjected to the impulses with high voltage of opposed polarity, is transformed instantaneously into its two gas components (see figure 10). Immediately after, with a higher electric tension, the released gases become ionised gases (ejection of electrons), and are finally rejected far from the opening of the tube of containing hydrocarbon injector with water W.F.C. Ò D ' lighting of gas.

Figure 7 - Voltage tickling of state space ??

The frayed shape of the probe of positive voltage in the center, amplifies the sequence D ' impulses of voltage continuously to increase the electric stress on released gases of the water molecule, all along the resonant cavity which functions like a circuit of compression of thus activating voltage..., the stage of starting of energy which one calls Voltage Tickling of State Space Ò.

Injector W.F.C. Ò achieves in only one moment several continuous functions with knowing

- release of hydrogen gases / oxygen cominng from the water droplet injected

- the oscillation of combustible gases flooating freely under the pulsating electric stress which makes oscillate the particle like a generator of energy

and finally the ionisation of combustible gases by the emission of an electron right before the gases under pressure are ejected by the opening of the tube.

When the gases expelled in tension return in a state of steady balance, the gas atoms " in inflection " release energy - release which makes start and propagates the process of combustion of the gas, which one uses energy

According to its electric and physical characteristics, resonant cavity W.F.C. Ò can satisfy various energy needs. For example, in the field of automobile transport, it becomes injecting with fuel water. This one replaces the traditional spark plug of a petrol engine or diesel, without one needing to change the engine. The injector can also be designed in series to be appropriate for the adaptation and modernisation of industrial boilers or in the assembly of conduits of burners W.F.C.

In those cases, injectors W.F.C. Ò are specifically designed to convert instantaneously and according to the request the droplets of water in thermal energy explosive (gtnt). It is what allows technology injection of water containing hydrocarbon to be in conformity with the National Security Energy Act of 1992.

This law requires D ' to use oxygen in the combustion of hydrogen gas to make function the Buggy Dune or any other internal combustion engine. To receive name again, a fuel must thus add oxygen to its process of combustion. And among all its admirable properties, L ' water, precisely, provides its own oxygen.

The conversion of the water droplet into instantaneous explosive thermal energy, by means of a cycle of injection also makes it possible technology W.F.C. to be in conformity with the directives of national security in the USA because it prevents any risk of explosion at the time of a collision. Indeed, water is the best means of storing hydrogen, since it is contained there and cannot thus burn there.

Figure 8 - W.F.C. Exhaust Air Reclaimer Technology ??

The development of the technology of regeneration of air W.F.C. Ò, (figure 8) is sophisticated to eliminate the possible emissions from oxide of nitrogen (or laughing gas), as well as other undesirable gases. The mixture with two for one of hydrogen with oxygen in the water molecule is assured continuously through the injector with fuel water W.F.C., which gives a formation of negligible quantities of nitrogen oxide. If however a nitrogen oxide molecule were formed, the Air Reclaimer Ò would separate from them simply the elements out of nitrogen and oxygen. The by-product of this type of injector is a water spray which turns over to the environment. Technology W.F.C. of regeneration of the air can overcome the connection electrovalent these oxides, (as for the dissociation of the water molecule), while placing them in zones of voltage of polarity opposite


water containing twice and half more hydrogen than the gasoline, the energy of the water released in explosive thermal energy, is equivalent to more than 2 million BTU per gallon (3,78 litres in the USA) of water. It is what occurs, with an electric tension pulsated, initially on the water molecule, then on the atoms of hydrogen gases and oxygen.

Figure 9 - Electrical Polarisation Process

While starting with the process of polarisation electric W.F.C. Ò, (see figure 9) and while continuing with While starting with the process of polarisation electric W.F.C. Ò, (see figure 9) and while continuing with the process of fracture of hydrogen, one releases more and more from energy. When the oxygen and hydrogen atoms are subjected to the impulses of tension, the electrons are constrained to move away from the core of the atoms. Their orbital spin decrease and the atoms enter then a state of non-balance. To each fresh impulse, the electrons jump on higher energy levels, since the atoms seek to become again stable. It is what makes oscillate the atom and gives the phenomenon of release of energy through the oscillation of the particle - generator of energy. With the following stage of differential increase, the electrons which jump are then ejected far from the lengthened molecule subjected to the electric tension. This reduction in the atomic mass makes that the opening of energy S ' increases... what releases, starting from the atom, of much greater quantities of thermal explosive energy (gtnt) that before.

The potential of negative voltage (B -) and the potential of positive voltage (B+) of the same intensity, but opposite, overcomes the bonding strength electrovalent atoms of hydrogen and oxygen of the water molecule. This obliges the oxygen atom carrying a negative electric charge to being attracted towards the zone of positive stationary voltage (B+), whereas at the same moment, the positively charged hydrogen atoms are attracted electrically towards the field of stationary tension negative (B -).

This force of opposite electric attraction achieves instantaneously three functions in a sequence of events:

1 - the molecule of water himself lengthen

2 - the report of time-sharing portage of electron of structure atomic of hydrogen and of atom of gas be change, what weaken the connection electrovalent between the atom of hydrogen and of oxygen,

3 - the fact to pulsate and to increase the tension electric on the molecule of water weaken the magnetic field magnétique of atom of gas combustible, what cause L ' extinction of covalency of molecule of water in reduce the orbital velocity orbital of spin of electron concerned and subject with tension electric.

These 3 stages allow then, on a very low initial energy level, to divide the gas atoms composing the molecule of water. This input D ' energy depends much on the voltage and starts in the range of the millivolt / milliampere. However, the escape of amps is maintained with its minimum, while the voltage increases considerably. It is with 40 kilovolts and beyond that the two gases ignite automatically, when they are dissociated. The process is economic, since one maintains amperage with his minimum and that the field of tension of polarity is not consumed in an electric circuit.

And it is also without danger, since pure hydrogen is not stored, but burns with the request with the oxygen atoms of water. Moreover, the technology of Inventions W.F.C. does not create energy but releases only energy already present in the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, thus conforming to the laws of thermodynamics. " Started " electrically, the atoms function like generators of energy. The laws of thermodynamics apply only one time that energy is released from the atom.

This dissociation or single fission of the water molecule was supported by the invention of VIC Ò (amplifying circuit of tension W.F.C. to see figure 10).

Figure 10 - W.F.C. Voltage Intensifier Circuit ??

This one in particular is conceived to low maintain the escape of amps on its level, which makes it possible the potential of tension of opposite polarity to achieve work necessary to the separation of the atoms of the water molecule. Thanks to the characteristics of inductance of VIC Ò and to his single design, one can increase the tension at the necessary levels. One can also reduce the flow of amps while allowing the potential of voltage of opposite polarity to operate the separation of the water molecule charged electrically into bipolar, and this with average D ' a force of opposite electric attraction, or electric stress. The car inductance distributed on each reel prevents primarily an surge of amps (or delays the flow of current) on the water opening.

At the same time, the capacity distributed on each reel causes an increase in the potential of voltage applied, with opposite polarities placed in opposite in the water molecule: the process of polarisation electric Ò is thus achieved. Each reel functions then as a reel of impedance (coil) charging whose resonance agrees to the dielectric properties water, when the frequency of pulsation's is adjusted to attract itself a minimum of flow of amps, whereas the potential of voltage tries to go up towards the infinite one (if the electric circuit allowed him.) The increase in the number of whorls of each reel which is directly connected to the increase in the amplitude of the voltage of pulsation applied, increases the electric stress above the water opening.

In all work of engineering relating to all the systems, of which each process profits from that which preceded it and amplifies it, the technology of the programmable electronic design by EEPROM Ò ensures safety and reliability of products W.F.C. Moreover, this technology lends itself to a mass production, since one has controlled very well for fifteen years microelectronics and the injection of moulded plastic.


BTU Baril Oil equivalent
DoE Ministère of Energy
EPA Department of the Environment
gtnt grams are equivalent tnt
INE Institute for New Energy ISNE International symposium for New Energy
MoD Ministère of Defence
NET New Energy Technology
ZPE Zero Point Energy

In addition to the sources quoted in welcome page, add W.F.C. International New Release fine n° 11A 96 which recommends the diffusion of its information and diagrams and London Sunday Times"

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