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Eagles Acquire LB Sims From Lions
April 19, 2010 | Last Updated: 4/19/10 11:43 AM ET | Comments (18)

The Eagles announced today that they have acquired starting weakside linebacker Ernie Sims from the Detroit Lions through a rare three-team deal that also included the Denver Broncos.

The Eagles sent a fifth-round draft pick in 2010 (137th overall) to the Broncos. The Broncos gave tight end Tony Scheffler and a seventh-round pick in 2010 (220th overall) to the Lions, who sent Sims to the Eagles.

In essence, it's a fifth-round pick for a proven starting linebacker.

"Ernie Sims is an impact player at the linebacker position," said head coach Andy Reid. "He brings a lot of energy to our already energized defense. We are looking forward to adding him to our team."

"We are excited to acquire Ernie Sims," said general manager Howie Roseman. "He plays fast, he's aggressive and his style is a great fit for our defensive scheme. He is a leader who was a team captain for the Lions and we are eager to see what he can do in our defense."

This marks the fifth trade of the 2010 off-season for the Eagles and the third for a veteran defensive player (defensive end Darryl Tapp, linebacker Alex Hall). The Eagles now own 10 picks in the upcoming draft - 1st round (24th overall), 2nd round (37, 55), 3rd round (70, 87), 4th round (105, 121), 6th round (200) and 7th round (243, 244).

Sims (6-0, 230) was originally a first-round choice (ninth overall) of the Lions in 2006 and has since played in 59 games (56 starts) for Detroit, totaling 505 tackles, 2.5 sacks, six forced fumbles and one interception. The 25-year-old linebacker played in 11 games (eight starts) in 2009, and compiled 49 tackles and one forced fumble.

Now in his fifth season out of Florida State, Sims was immediately plugged into the Lions starting lineup as a rookie and earned Pro Football Weekly all-rookie honors in 2006 after starting all 16 games and leading the team with 144 tackles. He was named the team's defensive captain for the 2007 and 2008 seasons, starting all 32 games and again pacing the team with 312 tackles during that span.

A native of Tallahassee, Fla., Sims' father, Ernie Jr., played running back at Florida State from 1977-81, and his mother, Alice Bennett, was an All-America sprinter on the Seminole track team from 1980-83.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 11:36 a.m., April 19
Eagles Acquire LB Sims From Lions
5:16 pm ET
Hey uhh rcm5059, what in the world has Kolb done in his career other than look unimpressive when he's gotten the chance to start. How about we go with a player who WE KNOW can be a great player and work him back into one. Vick could easily get back to starter status if the Eagles only were to give him a chance and spend some time on him. Instead everyones going all crazy over a low grade unproven player like Kolb. Someone, anyone, give me a better reason to start Kolb over Vick if we wanna win some games this year and keep playoff hopes alive!!!!!!!
9:58 am ET
I really like the trade for SIMS. A 5th rounder is a steal IF he stays healthy. Definitely helps eliminate one draft need. I still believe that the Eagles will draft a guy in round 3 or 4 and then another in rounds 6 or 7. Especially, SINCE I think we will trade either Gaither/Mays/Jordan on draft day! Like the direction of the off-season thus far now lets KILL in the draft and watch a great season unfold with us hopefully hoisting a Lombardi trophy in the end!
10:16 pm ET
realT man i try i try lol... but notice i said every deal has been "worked" great that doesnt neccassarily mean i think all of them have been good. but we have shook things up before but usaully it was on a big name player that had question marks along with a big time salary.. roseman is getting big time talent that is stuck in an underacheving situation.. coming to the eagles from the brown,lions,seahawks is like a superbowl in itself. and we still have a butt load of picks left so we can get more proven players to lessen the requirenment for the rooks.. this has been fun to watch. if we can get at least ONE BIG FAT BOY IM TALKING 315+ FOR THE DLINE THEN EVERYTHING ELSE SLOWS DOWN... D juaran can make a secondary outta the bloggers on this site so i think dline is of more importance in terms of bringing guys in.
9:05 pm ET
Flyeagle!, usually you talk a lot of s@#$ but, you hit on the mark about roseman. With the exception of the Mcnabb trade, roseman has been a beast!! this offseason. If sims stay healthy and motivated, he can have an out standing year and give us a shot. If kolb just hands off, we could actually win 8 to 9 games this year. I like his work...We still need a impact, all heart QB with a true dynamic skillset.....almost there.
8:31 pm ET
hahaha robbery at its finest... where did they get this guy roseman from??? hes a double crossing passive aggresive shark!!! AND I LOVE THIS GUY (NO HOMO)!! lol this whole offseason (every move)has been worked great!!! ya i said it. i would take this offseason over any other including the owens kearse year. this guy roseman takes chances REALIZES REAL TALENT and then gets the job done... hands down hes the best thing that has happened! but the thing that has yet too happen but will eventually happen cuz that "shark in a fish tank" roseman wont be able to resist the temptation of stamping his name on this team..... if AR dosent win he walks the plank!!! and then think off the coaches that will be leap frogging over big red for gang green!!! hahaha i love this!!! superbowl!!! ernie sims WILL BECOME THE NEW LEADER OF THIS DEFENSE IN A YEAR! THE DEFENSE WILL BE AGILE!!! MOBILE!!! HOSTILE!!! WHOOOOOOOO......anyone gotta light? lol
6:43 pm ET
Vick as a starter? I doubt that. The eagles are looking for someone with LONG TERM skill and Kolb is that guy, he has waited and waited for his chance and now he is going to get it. Just because some hot shot comes out of jail and throws for less than 100 yards last season does not mean they will move him to start. I agree with most of yall this is a solid pick up though, and with that the eagles can trade up and shift their focus to a sure FREE SAFETY like Berry, Thomas, or Mays. DE is not a priority anymore it is almost unecessary to draft DE so early. Look for the Eagles to go DE late in the draft to add depth and maybe find a lost blue chip player
4:38 pm ET
This is the first offseason move where i felt like the Eagles actually tried to help there team. Are next move has to be Taylor Mays in the draft & maybe another good pass rusher to compliment Cole. After that name Vick the starter at QB and i think we might actually have a good season & a shot at the super bowl. Just whatever you do PLEASE dont slaughter the offense anymore than you already have!!!!!
3:10 pm ET
I want my Sims jersey NOW.
3:02 pm ET
Sims has shoulder issues and is in the last year of rookie contract so that's why Det let him go cheaply. Let's hope he fits into the Eagles system and can stay healthy since he's only 25 and has some cover skills too.
2:48 pm ET
sims is a perfect pick up since he can also play middle and has nack for shedding blockers and is good in coverage, he is going to upgrade our LB core alot if hes healthy.
1:58 pm ET
I love the creative strategies of our front office. Jerry Jones is standing pat for the most part, while Philly is putting the pieces together for a youthful team that may just get better at the same time. Like Jaws said...THIS draft is crucial because it will lay the foundation for years to come. I can't wait until April 22nd and see what unfolds!
1:32 pm ET
Sims is a real talent and getting him for a 5th is a steal if he is healthy. He was the 9th pick in the draft a few years ago. This move makes Akeem Jordan a backup. We still need a SAM linebacker. Wondering who we could be targeting for that spot in the draft. The one guy who I think would be fantastic for that spot is Brandon Graham from Michigan. He is a dynamite player who I think can convert to the LB position from DE in college. He can be a blitzing LB who will give teams fits and someone who will make us very stout against the run as well. He's my pick at 24 if he's there. Otherwise I go for Kyle Wilson the corner from Boise.
1:27 pm ET
Screw it lets trade all picks, grab Suh , and I'll play safety!! 5'10" 155 6.4 40. Wouldn't even matter YEA!
1:24 pm ET
Great pickup!!! Living in the detroit market I've seen enough of sims to KNOW he will be freakin sweet in eagles green. lets go EAGLES
1:18 pm ET
The pick they traded today was the pick they got from Cleveland for Gocong. So this trade is like trading Gocong for Ernie Sims. I think anyone would have made that trade. Good job by the FO.
12:50 pm ET
Good job FO, I like this move and I think a change of scenery will help Ernie to reach his full potential here in Philly. Now I don't think there will be a LB for the Eagles in top 2 rounds, probably means not much need for Weatherspoon. Now they can focus on trying to trade up to get Earl Thomas. Not saying LB spots are solidified but this sure helps. jhustoncc- the Lions technically got Scheffler and a 7th for Sims, so I guess there solid at TE now and could possibly battle for #1 Te there.
12:31 pm ET
I don't know anything about Ernie but why would detroit give up a former first rounder for a fifth? Always good to add depth to a position of great need though and hopefully he can live up to his potential with a fresh start here in Phil. GO GREEN!
12:16 pm ET
HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats great news right there. gotta love that. i always fealth that ernie sims can be a really good linebacker. and we got him for a 5th? thats amazing. NOW SIGN HIM TO A LONG TERM DEAL. man i cant wait till thursday for the draft.

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