Port of Churchill Welcomes Continued Ship Movements From Russia

Churchill, Mb. - The Churchill Gateway Development Corporation is pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, ocean shipments from Russia have arrived at the Port of Churchill.

A Murmansk Shipping Company vessel, the Kapitan Sviridov, was the first Russian ship to unload a shipment of fertilizer imported by Farmers of North America in 2007. The port of Churchill successfully built on the success of 2007 and achieved two 9000 metric ton shipments of inbound fertilizer in 2008. These shipments originated in Kaliningrad, Russia purchased by Farmers of North America (FNA) of Saskatoon, SK.

The fertilizer has been sold throughout western and central Canada. The shipments once again clearly demonstrated the viability of the Arctic Bridge concept linking Churchill with Russian ports and are the result of extensive work to diversify the commodity base of the port.