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Adam Ant wants to collaborate with Kaiser Chiefs

New romantic singer is apparently planning a comeback

Adam Ant is planning a comeback - and wants to work with Kaiser Chiefs.

The singer, real name Stuart Goddard, reportedly told The Sun that he had written a new album which could potentially be released next year.

As well as the new album Ant said he was interested in working with the Leeds band. "They've [Kaiser Chiefs] got it just right," he said. "I'd record with them in a flash."

The untitled new album by Ant has apparently "sparked a bidding war" between record labels.

"Adam has had a difficult couple of years, but has finally found his focus," an anonymous source told the paper. "His new material is really strong, and he's going to come back stronger in the new year."

Adam & The Ants had two number Number One hits in 1981, 'Stand And Deliver' and 'Prince Charming', while Adam Ant went on to have a solo Number One the following year with 'Goody Two Shoes'.

He was sectioned in 2003 and spent six months in psychiatric care after he attacked a neighbour's patio with a shovel.

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Comments (4)


Oct 8, 2008

someones got to


Oct 8, 2008

Cheers for the Ant man! The recent accolades for this man are way overdue.


Oct 9, 2008

Kaiser Chiefs and Adam Ant?? Killing 2 careers in one go?? Go on then, do us all a favour!

tracy rochelle 

Oct 20, 2008

About time! cant wait.

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Pic: PA Photos

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