• 2010 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship

    Round Two - Match 22 - Mark Allen 13-5 Mark Davis

    Best of 25 Frames over 3 sessions:

    Thursday 22 April 2pm, Friday 23 April 10am & 7pm.

     Mark Allen
    Mark Davis

     Frame Scores:
     1st Session: 4-98(62,36), 14-79(49,30), 81(81)-49(49), 88(46,41)-8, 71(51)-21, 146(146)-0, 72(41)-15, 14-103(80)
    2nd Session: 73(63)-7, 56-31, 28-66, 67(59)-43, 77(73)-32, 76(36)-1, 78(74)-24, 0-72(72)
    3rd Session: 131(131)-0, 101(101)-27

     Match Notes:

     Mark Allen fires in a ton and he's whistled through the next frame with another century to be the first man through to the quarter finals.

     Allen keeps the momentum going to lead 11-5 after the second session.

     Allen is embarking on a 147 attempt. This time he hasn't taken a pink and is on 72... and he's lost position and he's overcut the black from near the bualk line!

     Allen wins three of the first four frames to lead 8-4. Davis needs to do something, and quickly.

     Allen starts the second session brightly to open up a 6-3 lead.

     Davis takes the last of the afternoon to trail 5-3.

     He's done it. The first 146 in Crucible history.

     Mark Allen is on course, at the moment, for a 146 in frame six. We've never had a 146 at the Crucible. He's on the yellow now and still on course. A shame he couldn't win £146,000 for a 146.

    Allen levels at 2-2 at the interval, a pretty brisk match so far.

     Mark Allen sparks into life with a 81 break.

     Allen hasn't got going at all yet and Davis leads 2-0.

     A good start for Mark Davis in his first Last 16 match since 1995.

     Good afternoon and welcome to Round Two...

    Match Photos