• 2010 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship

    Round Two - Match 17 - John Higgins 11-13 Steve Davis

    Best of 25 Frames over 3 sessions:

    Thursday 22 April 7pm, Friday 23 April 2.30pm, Saturday 24 April 10am.

     John Higgins
    Steve Davis

     Frame Scores:
    1st Session: 1-69(53), 73(60)-15, 7-83(48), 60-34, 24-72(72), 52(52)-61(35), 5-102(102), 33-68(53)
    2nd Session: 78(78)-48(48), 58-39, 28-99(83), 36-71, 48-12, 106(106)-15, 63-33, 28-63(55)
    2nd Session: 98(70)-0, 135(115)-0, 22-87(37,46), 47(41)-60(49), 75(59)-33, 69(56)-19, 22-62(35), 43(42)-60(33)

     Match Notes:

     UNBELIEVABLE! The Nugget has done it. Beaten the defending World Champion to book a place in the Quarter Finals.

     Pure guts from Davis and he's won the frame. One more needed.

     A missed red by Davis and Higgins steps in to level the match.

     It is unbearable tense in the arena. Davis missed on 27, Higgins responded with 59 to pull back to 11-10 down.

     Oh what drama! Davis broke down on 49. Higgins came back with 41 and it all came down to the blue and pink. Higgins missed the blue and Davis very nearly overcut it but it wobbled in and he slotted the pink with the rest. And we need a rest now - a chance to draw breath at the interval.

     Davis needs two chances to regain the lead but he got an unexpected chance when Higgins missed a routine blue on 22.

    After 7 hours of drama, the matchis all square. Higgins pounced on a poor safety shot by Davis to pump in a frame winning century break. And that is John Higgins 100th century at the Crucible, to stand only second to Hendry in the all time list.

    Higgins wins the safety battle and makes 70 to take the first frame of the morning.

     Davis grits his teeth to run in 55 to take the last. His lead has been halved but he's still 9-7 up. Set the alarm and don't miss the final session on Saturday morning.

    A rare error from Davis as he tried to chip a red along the top cushion, having to bridge right down over the black. He left it and Higgins has pounced with a century.

     Higgins claws back a very low scoring frame. He still trails 8-5 and at best can only level the match at the end of the session.

     John Higgins is just all over the place this afternoon. Already in frame 13, he's missed the black off the spot and has now massively miscued to send the white bouncing up the table.

    I'm beginning to think I'm watching some sort of fairytale here. Steve Davis maintains his four frame advantage with an extremely determined 30 clearance to the pink. He is so fired up, he may ignite any minute.

    Steve Davis also shows he's still in fine form, a brilliant 83 clearance to go 7-4 up.

    John Higgins means business today. He's made a great 78 break.

     Good afternoon welcome back to a packed Crucible, full of anticipation as to how this match will unfold today.

     The stuff of dreams! Steve Davis maintains a 95% pot success rate and takes a 6-2 overnight lead.

     This is just amazing. Davis makes his first century of the season to go 5-2 clear of Higgins.

     Davis goes 4-2 ahead as Higgins breaks down on 52 and lets Davis in to clear up.

     Excitement in the media centre as Davis rolls in a 72 break in the fifth. Tonight's competition with Betfred is to predict how many Steve Davis' best break will be. Global Snooker is still in the hunt but hoping for a century but Snooker Scene and BBC have fallen at the first fence! The prize is a VIP day at the races!

    Higgins levels with a 60 run. He did miss frame ball red but got another chance.

     First blood to Steve Davis with a useful break of 53.

     Oh wow what an amzing reception for Steve Davis as he entered the arena tonight. A standing ovation, applause from the other players and roars from the audience.

    Match Photos