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Broadcast Finals Tuesday: Lost, Idol Adjusted Up; Glee, V Adjusted Down

Posted on 21 April 2010 by Bill Gorman

Lost was adjusted up a tenth of an adults 18-49 ratings point, and American Idol was adjusted up two tenths in the final ratings, while Glee and V were both adjusted down a tenth. All the other broadcast final ratings for Tuesday are below.

Tuesday broadcast finals via Travis Yanan:

Dancing with the Stars
- 13.556 million viewers
- 8.8/14 HH
- 2.4/7 A18-49

Lost (62 minutes)
- 9.530 million viewers
- 5.8/9 HH
- 3.7/10 A18-49

V (58 minutes)
- 5.808 million viewers
- 3.8/7 HH
- 2.2/6 A18-49

- 9.987 million viewers
- 6.5/10 HH
- 1.8/5 A18-49

NCIS: Los Angeles (R)
- 10.270 million viewers
- 6.6/10 HH
- 2.0/5 A18-49

The Good Wife (R)
- 7.668 million viewers
- 5.2/9 HH
- 1.3/4 A18-49

The Biggest Loser (120 minutes)
- 8.577 million viewers
- 5.2/8 HH
- 3.4/9 A18-49

- 7.265 million viewers
- 4.8/8 HH
- 2.9/8 A18-49

American Idol (63 minutes)
- 19.669 million viewers
- 11.0/18 HH
- 6.9/20 A18-49
- 5.6/18 A18-34
- 7.3/21 W18-34

Glee (61 minutes)
- 12.982 million viewers
- 7.6/12 HH
- 5.3/13 A18-49
- 5.3/15 A18-34
- 7.2/19 W18-34

90210 (R)
- 0.787 million viewers
- 0.6/1 HH
- 0.3/1 A18-49
- 0.4/1 A18-34
- 0.5/2 W18-34

Life Unexpected (R, 92% coverage CW normally 95%)
- 0.759 million viewers
- 0.5/1 HH
- 0.3/1 A18-49
- 0.4/1 A18-34
- 0.5/1 W18-34

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  • katie_kat
    While I dislike V, if it stays 2.0 or above I believe the show will be renewed. And I honestly don't think next week with a Lost rerun will make a difference with V's ratings. Has Lost really ever proven to be a good lead in to another show?

    On the flop side, will people tune into V next season that haven't watched it this season considering it's serialized? Perhaps rerunning it over the summer from the beginning with some level of promotion would help bring in some viewers. It really depends on how big ABC is behind the show.

    Conceptually I always felt FlashForward had the better concept and was more original but sadly that show was bungled so badly, nothing helped
  • rherring73
    "crosses fingers" for V. Hope it does not fall beyond 2.0 next week!
  • well at least v hasn't gone down any further, since every other pilot on ABC has gone down in flames this year if v can maintain that rating it has a chance.
  • Next week there's no original Lost so V will likely fall in the sub 2.0 zone.
  • ChuckChuckChuck
    I expected this for V, Idol and Lost, but I thought Glee will fall at least 0.3, this is great!
    btw THE BIGGEST LOSER was also up a tenth.
  • ghostofOT
    "I must be one of the very few who doesn't get the appeal of Glee. "

    I was right there with you. I HATE musicals! I despise them and wish harm on those who create them. Bu then actually watched Glee. And yeah, there are still some cringe-worthy moments when it comes to the singing, but then again, not all episodes were as music-heavy as the Madonna one.

    It's generally a fun show.
  • jeremyisthename
    I expect Glee would rise this week but it fell down just a tiny bit.But Glee deserves it.It was such a great episode.As for V,hope it will get a second season I like the show much more than FF
  • DarkSunStormbreak
    CBS didn't have much faith in the Dukes of Hazzard, either, when it first aired. I remember Paul Harvey, in one of his "Rest of the Story" segments years ago, talk about how the show slipped on the air and the CBS programming chief at the time wanted it off as soon as the pilot was aired. Apparently he changed his mind after the ratings came in on the overnights. I'm guessing there was truth to the story since it was Paul Harvey's show, and the show stayed on for a bit longer after that. ;-)

    So Glee, doesn't surprise me much. It's new, it's different, it's geared to the young, it's got music and dancing. I've only seen a few clips here and there so no idea how the characters or stories are, not much of a clue about the show's stable of story subject matter, or any of the rest of it. I just see the ratings and think "so far so good, let's see where this ship sails."
  • epicsquared
    Don't worry, you aren't alone. I can understand why some people enjoy the show, but I cannot believe its this huge! I tried to watch it last night and cringed when the singing started :P But I suppose that's me. And I also wish V and Glee would switch ratings, I believe V deserves it more ;)
  • I must be one of the very few who doesn't get the appeal of Glee. Never in a million years would I have thought it would be a hit. I really hope V is worth a second season for ABC. I hate that it's not getting big numbers. This week was a really fun episode when you look past the cheese of the whole thing. It's entertaining. LOST continues to be fantastic too.
  • Carol_R
    Fox must love Glee's ratings, especially in the 18-34 age demo.
  • marcelrochester
    Averaging this week, Dancing with the Stars has a 4.2.
    Lost 3.7. Maybe Grey's and/or Desperate will once again be ahead of Lost, even if not that great compared to previous months still. I believe Bachelor averaged out to about a 4.
  • Interesting that Life Unexpected was preempted in some areas, but got nearly the same ratings as 90210 last night.
  • It's funny to think that a show like Castle has more overall viewers than Lost. Clearly Lost still has the edge where it counts (the demo) I'm just saying from a cultural standpoint Lost gets a lot more lip service for a show with fewer viewers.
  • JR35
    "V" increased overall viewers by around 150K and held steady in the demo.

    Very strong for "Glee."
  • forg
    Nearly identicial ratings for 90120 and LUX repeats, those are 700k+ are loyal CW viewers :D

    Well V didn't drop below 2.0, I thought it would do so this week but I'm glad it didn't.

    Parenthood just proved how yesterday's renewal news was deserved :)

    Glad to see Glee still in the 5.0+ zone, I hope it stays that way until the finale.
  • forg
    And the DWTS results show at 2.4. Is that good I have no idea.

    - It's not really good but it's decent enough financially speaking for ABC. They would get lower ratings for a first run show of a scripted show and even more for a rerun
  • cath
    CBS is holding off until May ratings which start next week on Thursday. If you only make 22 to 26 episodes a season, half the weeks have to be something else or repeats. You can expand or contract some of these reality shows by controlling the number of contestants or as in the case of Amazing Race this week scheduling some event program in between. It all pretty much irks the regular viewer. But look at cable. You are lucky if cable shows run 10 episodes before there is a break. Audiences seem to be much more patient waiting for Psych, for example, because they know up front that there will be a certain number of shows in the first half of its season and it will come back for new episodes later on in the year.
  • marcelrochester
    Hmm, though Idol went down in audience and 18-49, it went up in W18-34.
  • thesedays_99
    Am I seeing this right? NCIS LA had more total viewers and a better 18-49 share than the original? Even in repeats that's a first, correct?
  • katie_kat
    So V ended with a 2.2 and Glee still did well with a 5.3. I love it. What's the excuse now for the V 2,2 and 5.3 M viewers.

    Parenthood held up good for them and Lost still steady, Yeah

    I don't get CBS doing repeats at all now. Makes no sense but maybe I am missing something.

    And the DWTS results show at 2.4. Is that good I have no idea.
  • SJ
    Ha! Notice please that The CW didn't dare air a rerun of Melrose Place :D I wonder why that is!

    Other than that, pretty much everything is as expected - V stagnating, Glee falling but not by much...
  • Glee still only a few tenths back of Idol in 18-34... FOX must be very happy with that.
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