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"The Indian Community continues to grow in New Hampshire, and I am pleased at the number of people of Indian heritage who have taken an active role as volunteers and as members of boards and government bodies in our cities and towns."
State Senator David Gottesman

"The strategic partnership between the United States and India announced on July 18, 2005 by President George W. Bush and Indian Prime Minsiter Manmohan Singh advances the national security of both countries and lays the foundation for what will be a key relationship of the 21st century. It brings together two of the world's major democracies and economies on an agenda based upon shared values and mutual interests."
US Senator John Sununu


Indian Americans in New Hampshire

New Hampshire
  • There are over 6,600 Americans of Indian descent residing in New Hampshire, 3,983 of whom reside in New Hampshire’s 2nd District. (2003 American Community Survey, US Census Bureau)
  • The Asian Indian population in New Hampshire has risen approximately 71% since 2000. (2003 American Community Survey, US Census Bureau)
  • The median household income for Indian Americans in New Hampshire was $71,415, which was more than 40% higher than the national figure for Indian Americans. (Source: 2000 US Census Bureau Report)
  • Of all Indian Americans 25 years of age or older residing in New Hampshire, more than 83% possessed a bachelor’s degree of higher. (Source: 2000 US Census Bureau Report)
  • Nearly 30% of Indian American families in New Hampshire own single family homes. (Source: 2000 US Census Bureau Report)
National Statistics
  • Over 1.678 million – number of Americans of Indian origin in 2000. This represents a 106% increase over 1990. The community is a multi-religious and multi-ethnic.
  • 7.6 percent – average annual growth rate of the Indian-American community (Source: 2000 US Census Bureau Report). This makes Americans from India and their descendants the fastest-growing ethnic group in the US.
  • $60,093 – the median income of Indian-American families, nearly double the median income of all American families -- $38,885 (source, US Census Bureau)
  • 200,000 – the number of Indian-American millionaires (source, Merrill Lynch)
  • 58% -- percentage of Indian-Americans over the age of 25 you have a college degree (BA or higher)
  • 43.6% -- percentage of Indian-Americans in the workforce employed as managers or professionals
  • 35,000 – number of Indian-American physicians (source, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin – AAPI). There are also a disproportionate number of Indian-Americans employed as lawyers, engineers, academics, financiers and business-owners.
  • 10,000 – the number of Indian-American medical school students and interns.
  • 300,000 – number of Indian-Americans working in the high tech industry
  • 15% – percentage of Silicon Valley start-up firms owned by Indian-Americans More than 5,000 – number of Indian-Americans on the faculties of institutions of higher learning
  • 74,603– number of foreign exchange students from India studying in US. This represents
  • 13% of total foreign enrollment in US colleges and universities – the highest number from any one country

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