Youngman Europestar Lotus L5 launched in Beijing


Youngman Europestar launched a new car at Auto China 2010, engineered by Lotus for the Chinese company. The previously launched RCR (GEN2) and Jingyue (Persona) have been renamed the Lotus L3 5-door and 4-door respectively, while this new model has been christened the “Europestar Lotus L5″.

From the naming scheme I’m assuming that this is a car that’s larger than the Persona and GEN2. There’s not much information about the car online at the moment but a peek at the interior reveals that the dashboard is unique but does resemble the Exora’s a little especially in the upper half of the dashboard.

I can’t find information on dimensions anywhere but Europestar’s website says this car marks Europestar’s jump from the A segment to the B segment (vehicle segmentation in China is named differently). The L5 is available in both 5-door hatch and 4-door sedan form and is powered by the Campro CPS engine.

Youngman also unveiled that an L6 and L7 is in the making. Future models will include more sedans as well as SUV and MPV models. Source

Look after the jump for more pix of the new Lotus L5.



  1. jolly_idiot says:

    Proton EuropStar?

    • paultan fan says:

      I thk it is new Perdana or Persona replacement

    • pumpkin76 says:

      WHAT Europestar Lotus L5?!?!?!?!

      The name LOTUS is soooooooo heavily misused by Proton and its JV partners!!!!

      This car is so NOT Lotus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • damn says:

        Agree with you!!!

      • drMpower says:

        lotus, if my knowledge serves me good, is one name for flower or something?
        or is it loftus?

        well, in china, naming a car is the least u have to worry.

        they got a photocopy standard of a car. that roll royce i forgot whats it called. and business symbols that really really really very close to the authentic makers. selling the engines make money. so i am okay with that.

        but i am not okay with that 200bhp engine petrolnas sold to some chinese maker

        and perdana replacement?

        oh no please. i rather shoot myself in the foot than drive a car that looks like that x20 hyundai or something.

        really. turn it 360 degrees and u’ll get what i meant.

        in this car or walking? walking.

    • azrai says:

      Ah Beng’s taste in china. No need to worry. it will not coming to our shore. meanwhile, proton do own the intellectual property for this car. This is a good news. That’s mean we get royalty for each of the car produced in China. and using Campro, it mean it can break even sooner and the time is coming for new engine of proton.

  2. alex says:

    will it launch in malaysia?

  3. thgh says:

    about the car.. the interior is from gen2, the exterior is too fat. the design just looks unright

  4. Mazda 3 MPS says:

    renault laguna copycat and made much much uglier.

  5. selekohboi says:

    looks 1980’s to me.

  6. Ck says:

    OMG~the front look same as BLM =X

  7. peminat kete says:

    this car based on gen2 n persona..already knoe.the size are totally same with gen2/persona..had 2 version..sedan n hatchback same like gen2/persona.most of the part are using gen2/persona part..n the dashbord are mixed with persona n exora dashboard..

    • waja2000 says:

      size L5 is bigger than Persona/G2, Wheelbase is 2670mm, about same size Lancer. and it target C segment , will fighting with Lancer/Civic/ALtis/other china car in same segment, later will include 2.0 engine too.

  8. blowwaterguy says:

    1.6 cps inside…..

  9. anomyos says:

    new waja?

  10. Car guy says:

    Hmm I see Nissan Slyphy’s side profile. The rear is not bad the front is ugly.

  11. Vezeroth says:


  12. P4k4bu says:

    I guess the L3s must selling quite well for them to embark on bigger cars.
    Anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Who knows, this weird looking contraption might sell like hot stinky tofu… ;-)

  13. Alpha says:

    waja replacement model,i presume~

  14. protontaxi says:

    this car is so nice and good to become a taxi

  15. infinity says:

    Too roundish…looks like from the early 90s…interior looks ok to me, but not the best..anyway, maybe it suits the taste of ppl from china…

    it is still a good thing for Proton, as i guess proton still gets the royalty from using campro cps rite?and also the fees to Lotus for designing the car..

  16. mim says:

    they used CPS? nah no problem, Proton’s gonna use CVVT next year. oh yeah.

  17. mitlanevo says:

    china taste very different from other part of the world, lol~

    • paultan fan says:

      they like length wheelbase car at affordable price. as example the length of bmw 3 series become 5 series etc

  18. ben says:


    • paultan fan says:

      I thk next persona or next perdana

      • Name says:

        It’s fugly, whatever model it will be, Proton better don’t put it into their lineup. We have sounded, 80% finds it ugly. If they still insist on it, it’s they own damn fault for it!

      • MoFaz says:

        no, next Persona will be designed in Italy.

  19. sImpZ says:

    real fugly front design… too much of the European influence on the exterior… jap designs look are much suitable…

    • mim says:

      it doesn’t even look like a jap car lol.

      the most fakap exterior design i’ve ever seen. the re-designed Exora dashboard looked pretty nice though.

  20. mystvearn says:

    The lights are out of proportion to the design. More like small lights with big body

  21. blablabla says:

    chinese car makers better dont export their car. it is a disease

  22. Dea says:

    Interior looks nice but quality look very poor like the paint will fade in one or two months time.

  23. malaysia memang boleh says:

    haha,this quite good compare to our own ugly AlZA,HAHA.just joking

  24. coupe lover says:

    Cis exterior design!

  25. SimonH. says:

    hmm… side view reminds me of Nissan Slyphy! front looks unique but ugly and the rear is obviously Renault Laguna’s design ~.~

  26. LordSatan says:

    OMG… so ugly… Dont tell me this is Proton-Lotus masterpiece… If yes.. why must it be launched in China instead of Malaysia? anyway no need to launch in Malaysia.. damn ugly

  27. mohd faizal says:

    the back side ugly…the lights too small….interior n front ok la…. at least they took some effort to design something NEW….

  28. Name says:

    Reading from ppl saying it’s a Waja replacement….
    Proton, please dun do it…… it looks like shit. If you don’t believe it looks shit, make a poll for it on facebook.

  29. kimi_ says:

    The rear lights like from PORSCHE and the overall rear design like from ALFA ROMEO 159…

    The side profile is nice and curvy like OPEL Igsinia…Interior feels good too…

    BUT BUT the FRONT is JOKE….Seriously SHAME, T-totally a letdown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. fade says:

    woww.. cps engine..

  31. Willian says:

    Ugly! Hopefully not waja replacement! If not, PROTON will lost the games especially to KIA FORTE, HYUNDAI, etc! Believve me!

    • HirumaKecil says:

      Oh.. kamon la… Waja replacement decide long time ago… kompom oredi.. everyone also know proton will re-badge Mitsu Lancer as a new Waja.. Proton not that stupid la….

  32. tansri says:

    now we can see how actually good is proton in design.
    there is other people far worst than proton…Proton is on par with others, except on technology & maybe some issu on built quality..

    • paultan fan says:

      ini memang PROTON-LOTUS la. apa da. cuma mula produce di China melalui usahasama nga company local sana. I thk perdana/ persona replacement

      • Aenz says:

        Takder pun dalam artikel cakap ini project Proton-Lotus.. yang aku baca cuma youngman-lotus….

  33. mkrafz says:

    What an ugly looking car.
    they just take an Gen-2/Persona body design from the side..
    and paste what ever they want for the front and the rear end.
    the whole proportion of the car doesn’t look right.

  34. AVG says:

    YaiillLk, omg.. so ugly…!

  35. indigo says:

    Youngman is a joker company. I think Proton might’ve shared the ideas with them. The marketing is horrible. Two gen.2 models with not much differences marketed as separate models. And they made Proton into Lotus. If the consumers are smart enough, probably they should know that Proton is from Malaysia. Even in Taiwan, Proton is called Proton-Lotus. Come on! When we shouted Malaysia boleh, then it is proudly made in Malaysia and engineered by Malaysians. When they try to market it in oversea, they told people these cars were made and engineered by Lotus. If they told everyone that these are Malaysian made, people won’t be interested.

    • waja2000 says:

      In Taiwan can’t use “Proton” because Proton already is a trade mark for a Audio Visual campany call “Proton” in taiwan , Malaysian ppl also use the taiwan Proton AMP in audio system. for china, proton can’t going to china due some china trade issue, they have to local CKD and use local brand to sell it, and use lotus brand to increase branding. After local ckd Gen2/Persona, selling quite well now. average 2K+ per-month …

      • ribut says:

        ishhh… banyak tu 2k+ permonth…

      • ezra says:

        China has always had a very restrictive automotive policy. You think malaysia is strict? Cars are even LESS affordable in China. And their automotive policy is dead simple. No foreign company can own 50% or more of a local company. So it’s import cars or find a domestic partner. Proton chose the latter. Nothing wrong with that, other companies are also doing the same minus the rebranding.

  36. Bius Dogong says:

    wow its very nice n cool design…. i hope proton will not produce car like this beautiful rubbish!

  37. guanerrr says:

    Uglier than 1st model proton saga.

  38. Youngman Proton says:

    Sooner or later, Proton will be bought by Youngman Automobile to become Youngman Proton…

  39. epul says:

    4 us maybe looks weird, it may suits for their taste

    • paultan fan says:

      kita tengok brp unit kereta ni boleh jual di China so kita kan tau penerimaan rakyat luar pada jenama kita. Rasa ok sbb guna nama Lotus yg popular d sana. strategi baik banding guna nama Proton. benda baik kena sokong. krg2 da gak inisiatif proton nak export berbanding sblm ni harap local market je

      • Aenz says:

        sekarang ni pasaran Proton domestik 80%-20% eskport (proton target eksport cecah 30-35%) Perodua domestik 98%-2% esport… (perodua target 5% dlm masa 5 tahun)

  40. redkde says:

    UGLY!! shud send this card to scrap yard….

  41. wax says:

    it may b replacement of waja….a strategic of proton to test the market by using the proton family face

  42. nazri says:

    this is china taste.. grill chrome, and importantly have longer wheelbase…

  43. Ip Man F1 says:

    This car got a bad ass like ayam-kapan,LOL…

  44. malaysia memang boleh says:

    Paul,this is definitely gen2’s platform,if you observe the design carefully,it is actually quite identical too gen2’s roof slope,and it is a doomsday for proton if they use this design for the new waja or for new persona.

  45. IchimaruGin says:

    Fugly, in China no one dosen’t know this is actually not a real lotus car..

  46. nyan46 says:

    tail lamp better than gen2

  47. tamaki says:

    yuck, whole like chop and paste,dislike it

  48. brossprocps says:

    still waiting the new WAJA hopefully Proton use the new engine with turbo like incoming Exora.

  49. ipbossz says:

    I don’t understand why they agreed to put LOTUS’s name in there. With this kind of looks, Maybe it’s good for Europestar, but it’s degrading for LOTUS.

  50. Johan Bey says:

    there is nothing carried over from P1 car, except maybe the gear knob, hand brake lever, the dashboard buttons, maybe the indicator stalk too. but other than that, you can hardly see any resemblance between the L5 and waja. i wonder if proton is losing its influence at Europestar. btw they hardly use the name Europestar, instead they keep pushing for the “engineered by lotus” tagline.

    paul, the centre console does’t looked like an exora, but instead it looks more like an aveo.

  51. bmpower says:

    front look is ok lah so so i think. ( far better than Toyota ‘fugly’ Dugong )

    but the rear are just too empty.

  52. JasJos says:

    It looks like a mitsuoka built with a hammer under a shed.

  53. Marimo-kun says:

    youngman?? lol….sorry…*ehem*
    but its “you gee el why!”

  54. nabill says:

    the interior is not bad…center console reminds of most VW cars actually , bt the aircond controls all located so low,very unfriendly…..

    guys , check out all the pics from the china auto show and see some of the rediculous chinese cars , one looks like a mini,one looks like a phantom.a rangerover and som many more……and funny thing is those chinse companies say ” we did our own design in our own design studios,we didnt copy from anywhere’ !!

    hilarious those ppl……!

  55. azrai says:

    Ah beng’s taste in china. no need to worry. it will not coming to our shore. meanwhile, proton do own the intellectual property for this car. This is a good news. That’s mean we get royalty for each of the car produced in China. and using Campro, it mean it can break even sooner and the time is coming for new engine of proton.

  56. 4G63tDSM says:

    It would be weird for Youngman to launch a platform mate of of the next possible Waja(?) far ahead of Proton, no?

    What made anyone say its based on the new Exora chassis? If anything, it looks like a stretched/rebodied Persona/Gen2 platform.

    When I saw the dasboard, Exora wasn’t the first thing on my mind. I’m thinking VW……

  57. Lancastrian says:

    I was at the motor show yesterday. I saw the one in white colour at one corner. The back looks nice. the front looks Hyundai. Overall, it does not factor that will attract people to buy the car unless they sell it very cheap to third and fourth tier towns/ kampung. I can seldom find one in Beijing.

    China is a major market, people here are spoilt with choices from MG, Buick, VW to Maserati etc. and btw, they can afford it.

    • Paultan Fan says:

      ada urusan pe bro g sana? betul rakyat di sana ada byk pilihan dan yang lebih menarik pemain2 besar macam Volkswagen/ Audi/ Merc/ BMW design kereta special berbanding standard ( 3 series dipanjang mcm 5 series ) untuk tackle pasaran sana. Dan yang perlu kita tahu harga2 kereta di sana 1/2 lebih murah berbanding kita. Volkswagen Golf GTI lebih murah berbanding Proton Perdana kita. Begitu juga dengan Nissan Grand Livina dalam rm 40 ribu ++. Saya setuju kena jual murah. Itu belum dikira jenama tempatan mereka yang mula membuat kejutan dengan harga murah dgn barisan model.

      • Aenz says:

        lain negara lain tax structure.. kalo tak suka Malaysia gara2 cukai import agak tinggi.. gi tinggal China sana la… senang ma beli keta… RM40k GL kata sana dah masuk cukai ker belum?

  58. Alex Yoong says:

    who allow them to use the name “LOTUS”? must be Proton

  59. Mysticmind says:

    china market is soooo big.
    such a waste if they not do something.
    I think this model is CDM – China domestic model.

    but if p1 wanna do magic,
    - use the same interior (it look ok, but black color please).
    - new front design
    - new rear design
    - dump 1.8 mitsu engine up-tuned by lotus under the hood . ;)

    and the important one, is THE QUALITY.

  60. Paultan Fan says:

    Memang kalau kita tengok tak berapa cantik. Tapi jujurnya sekurang2 nya Proton mencuba untuk memasuki pasaran kereta terbesar dunia. Hopefully, Proton will come out with hottest design next time to enter China market. More than 30 % of China market conquered by Volkswagen Group ( Volkswagen/ Audi ) and 2nd biggest brand is GM ( Buick, Chevrolet adn Caddilac )

    • not proton says:

      hey! This is not proton’s model. It doesn’t related to the waja replacement model or exora. This is youngman’s in-house production like 2000’s waja with mitsubishi’s engine inside. Understand!

      • Paultan Fan says:

        proton punya projek la. tak baca ker kerjasama youngman ngan proton satu masa dulu nak enter china market. tengok enjin sudah lah. hehe. pastu guna nama Lotus lak. Kat sana kalau nak jual ngan harga murah lepas cukai kena wat kerjasama ngan sykt tempatan, sbb tu da nama Youngman. Nak CBU boleh tapi tak kompetitif la nak bersaing sbb model premium macam Volkswagen, GM pun buat di China melalui usahasama.

        • Aenz says:

          Mmg pun kerjasama dgn youngman, tapi untuk Project Gen2 dan Persona je setakat ni… project ni youngman & Lotus punya la… tak baca ke kat atas tu “engineered by Lotus for the Chinese company”? Kalo setakat guna enjin tak salah sebab mereka dah memetrai perjanjian usahasama.. kalo waja lama pakai enjin 4G18 tu project mitsu ker??

  61. Paultan Fan says:

    tapi tengok2 gmbr tu especially yang colour putih, rasa lebih cantik banding Persona skrg dan mgkn ni next Persona. Interior tu patut guna colour hitam semua br cantik. Rekaan dashboard tu simple sgt.

  62. taucu says:

    whateverla proton……………most important marketing marketing marketing and marketing strategy.

  63. Peter says:

    Nope, this is not the replacement model for perdana, persona or even waja.

    This car has nothing to do with Proton. The chinese company uses the gen2 and persona to modify it on their own.

    Furthermore, replacement model for persona is not out yet. For waja, it is a rebadge of Mitsu Lance but still unconfirmed of using Campro or using Mitsu engine…..

    For perdana, there’s seems to be no news about it……

    We shall wait and see……..

  64. lazyf says:

    the steering looks nice…way better than Persona/Gen2 fugly steering…

  65. p4k4bu says:

    I DON’T think this is a JV with Proton …. except allowing the use of LOTUS name …. even then it may means other lotus …. like “Lotus melon seed” ;-)

    I mean…. well…. they got a blueprint, jigs, tools, casts etc etc from the L3/Gen2/Persona project already. What’s stopping them of taking the next step of “re-engineering” the L3 into a bigger car? Stretch here a bit, stretch there a bit. Paste this lamp here. Paste this bumper there. Plug in this dashboard inside. Re-use this door handle. etc etc…

    The mat saleh was there to make it believable to whoever wants to believe….


    • Paultan Fan says:

      kerjasama la bro. try google kerjasama Proton ngan Youngman. pasti jumpa cerita2 nyer

      • Aenz says:

        ko ni ada terlibat dgn usahasama antara youngman dgn Proton ke?? ko ada simpan Proton nye annual report yg terbaru ke?

  66. made in china says:

    Proton export the parts n engines for youngman so they can make n sell gen 2 n persona overthere as a ckd. But they r very clever. They design their own model n using our technology. Then they said it’s made in china n engineered by Lotus. not related to the proton…

  67. infinity says:

    hey ppl..there’s the specification list on the site below!

    wheelbase is 2670mm, which is longer than gen2’s 2600mm…

  68. Paultan Fan says:

    lampu belakang dia LED ekk. Tapi apasal namanya panjang sgt. Susah nak ingat dan sebut. Youngman Europestar Lotus L5. ha3. lawak punya nama. Try baca artikel ni memang wujud kerjasama Proton – Youngman. . Both Lotus dan Proton bantu this Youngman untuk design kereta ni. Memang lah rebadge tapi dlm artikel tu nyatakan yang Proton dan Lotus memang bantu diaorang bina kereta ni dan ini cara untuk Proton jual produknya di sana.

    • Mysticmind says:

      FYI, chinese love longer wordings example…
      movie2 atau drama diorang.

      Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre,
      crouching tiger hidden dragon,
      One upon a time in china (1 2 3 )
      Legends of the condors heroes

      and many more!.

      So what do you expect?

  69. paultan fan says:


    tapi guys try you all baca 2 artikel ni yang memang ada dlm ni mengesahkan telah wujud kerjasama antara Lotus-Youngman. Yang sign agreemnet pun DSZ. Lotus bantu diaorang bina kereta baru guna platform Gen2.

    so ni memang kerjasam antara Proton ngan diaorang bagi tujuan Proton bina tapak disana dan capai economic of scale

    • CERDIK n CERDAS says:

      eiii… pandainyer…. insider proton ker?
      kalau tatau jgn berlagak tau… annoying la….

    • RT says:

      of course…
      Lotus makes money with Youngman, then Proton also makes money from Lotus..
      got it?.

      • Cerdik n Cerdas says:

        yup..but is it really been design by proton engineers (since everyone kutuk the design is not cool at all) as someone mention it before.. is it really the waja or perdana or persona replacement…. if it is not true.. then it will be an annoying rumours la…

  70. izzat says:

    d only nice part is d light at d door panel

  71. Squawk says:

    Kinda like the rear. Front, not at all. Steering looks better than Proton’s and the 3 dials near the gearknob is stupid. Driver needs to stretch over and the knob’s in the way.

  72. apeman says:

    wha?? it looks good man! this is like new to proton design, i never seen proton design like this…its ok for me!!

  73. kowreck says:

    the only thing l like bout this car is the headlights. reminds me of a chevy cobalt and a ford taurus sho

  74. love it says:

    ugly it or not
    at least proton is making effort to be a global player
    where the F is perodua? or naza? or inokom?
    shut up!

  75. nazri says:

    walaupun youngman ambek dari platform gen2/persona tapi nampak kesungguhan dalam design.. yg penting engine from campro.. means p1 lagi bnyk pasaran engine..

  76. prolover says:

    this is what called platform sharing…
    batter than others car maker that only re-badge…

  77. khaix19a says:

    i think the rear lamp looks like renault laguna….i think…

  78. Wormnachia says:

    Tahniah Proton

  79. rost says:

    Paul tan’s fan, read carefully next time!!!!!!!!!!

    Youngman Europestar launched a new car at Auto China 2010, engineered by Lotus for the Chinese company

    Proton Holding Bhd subsidiary’s Lotus engineering Ltd (LE) got the contract to design and commission the car for Youngman . In return Proton got to sell the Campro engine (economy of scale and royalty) and Youngman could use the Lotus trademark (as “Europstar Lotus” not stand alone “Lotus”). The models will be belong to Youngman and not LE. Proton (PONSB) the car manufacturing company, a subsidiary of Proton Holding Bhd also used LE for GEN-2 and NEO . For savvy and EXORA, PONSB use V-ENS as the design partner. It is normal for automotive company to sub out some (in Youngman case all) of the design work due to limited resources (expertise/ manpower/time). There are many companies that do this sub work such as Ricardo, Magna Styer, LE, V-ens, Italdesign Giugiaro,

  80. carneo says:

    Oh no ……Don’t tell me this will be the Waja replacemen model later………

  81. Tommy says:

    Maybe its just a revised version of Gen 2’s platform, because, from the front, we can actually see the resemblance of Gen2, and it has high butt like gen2 does…

  82. 20v_ke35 says:

    is it this ‘GEN2′ and ‘PERSONA’ really proton design? Hmmmm…… it sure looks like renault to me.

  83. Annihilated says:

    Although it doesn’t look quite right, but I’m suprised with their reskinning effort. It’s a commendable effort for a coach builder. It’s obviously way more than P2 “bumper” works.

    And does the Europestar L5 bumper design fix the infamous ’sagging-bumper’ trouble that plagues many gen2 & persona?

  84. meane says:

    this car so good, as the floor mat using newspaper page..

  85. Aenz says:

    Body shape is quite good actually except the ugly front end but rear looks is quite acceptable.. Proton can rebagde, redesign font and rear, sell it below RM40k otr.. named it as “Proton Classy”.. oh, don’t forget redesign the dashboard…

    just my 2 cents

    • waja2000 says:

      proton interior design more ugly …. just see Exora dashboard u know … just like 1990+ level …

  86. Exedy says:

    so so

  87. Gen2 says:

    My Gen2 better! Wahahahahaha

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