• 2010 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship

    Round Two - Match 19 - Allister Carter  13-11 Joe Perry

    Best of 25 Frames over 3 sessions:

    Saturday 24 April 7pm, Sunday 25 April 7pm, Monday 26 April 2.30pm

     Allister Carter
    Joe Perry

    Frame Scores:
    1st Session: 92(88)-4, 29-68(50), 0-63(50), 69(37)-36, 0-85(56), 72(72)-0, 29-60, 71-44
    2nd Session: 79(61)-29, 71(46)-28, 113(100)-0, 66-45, 0-70(36), 69-42, 10-85(37,44), 72(32)-1
    3rd Session: 9-63(62), 2-78(50), 23-78(31), 17-71(63), 0-68(55), 108(104)-0, 82(82)-24, 72(40)-47

    Match Notes:

    Carter completes victory helped by a run of 40.

    Carter follows his ton with 82 and needs one more frame for a quarter final place. Defeat for Perry will put him out of the Top 16.

    At last Carter gets his act together, and in style, with a century.

    It's high five for Perry, that's the fifth frame he's won on the spin. What could the score have been last night, had Joe not been ill with food poisoning?

    Gentleman Joe completes his recovery with a four frame burst to the interval.

    Perry rattles off another frame and he's won all three today so far.

    Just the start Joe needed, a good run of 62 to take the frame in quick time. And already he looks far better than last night, when he looked very pale and a shadow of his usual self.

    Carter carries a healthy 10-6 lead into this final session.

    Carter ends a very productive evening with a healthy 10-6 lead.

    Joe pulls a frame back with runs of 37 and 44. He really needs to win the last of the night too.

    Perry had first frame but Carter won the frame to lead 9-5.

    At last Perry gets a frame on the board. He broke down on 36 but Carter missed a red and Perry did enough to win the frame.

    Perry had chances but Carter took the frame on the pink to complete a four frame burst to the interval.

    The Captain is beginning to fly. A century and he's won the first three frames of the night.

    Carter opens a two frame lead for the first time.

    Carter takes the first of the night as Perry couldn't get the snooker he needed.

    The next four are shared and they go into the second session all square.  Perry got the two required snooker's in the final frame of the night but failed to take the remaining colours that would have given him an early advantage.

    All square at the first interval. Carter's made 88 and 56 while Perry has countered with two runs of 50.

    Welcome to the first session of this match. Joe Perry is out to avenge his defeat here in the semi finals to Carter.

    Match Photos