Coronation Street’s Ashley 'fuming' after he is axed with screen wife

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:30 AM on 26th April 2010

Coronation Street’s much loved Ashley and Claire Peacock have been axed from the show and will be written out of the soap by the end of the year.

After talks with Corrie’s new producer Phil Collinson, actors Steven Arnold, 35, and Julia Howarth, 30, were told their characters would be cut.

Despite rumours that the actors confronted the producer to land juicier new roles but were instead given the chop, Collinson said the decision was mutual.

Ashley and Claire Peacock

Ashley Peacock, played by Steven Arnold, and Claire Peacock, played by Julia Howarth have been cut from Coronation Street

He made a statement saying: ‘Ashley and Clare Peacock have been part of the fabric of Weatherfield for many years but like any community, people come and go.

‘Both actors and myself felt that we had reached a crossroads with the characters, to the point that as actors they were not being fulfilled and stories were harder to find.’

Collinson continued: ‘We mutually decided to start working towards an exit for the Peacock family, giving the actors the chance to explore new opportunities and for us to devise a dramatic exit storyline.

‘I wish Steven and Julia, and of course the young boys who play Josh and Freddie, all the best for the future.’

Julia Howarth
Steven Arnold

Claire and Ashley Peacock, played by Julia Howarth and Steven Arnold will be written out of Coronation Street by the end of the year

Although the decision is reportedly mutual, Steven who has been on the show for 14 years, is said to be ‘fuming’, while Julia is ‘shocked’.

An ITV spokesperson said: ‘Julia and Steven are to leave the show but contrary to some press reports, there has been no confrontation with the show producer Phil Collinson.


‘All parties agreed this was the right time to say goodbye to the street’s Peacock family.’

Writers are now deciding on the best way to create a dramatic departure to tie in with the show’s 50th anniversary in December.


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Maybe 'Ashh-lehhh' can get a job as a vocal stand in for Joe Pasquale.

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New producers on TV soaps are like town planners. Arrive full of half baked ideas, knock things down, build road systems that dont work, then leave.
There are characters tht wont be missed, but please don't turn this into the dreary Eastenders, tick box soap that we switch off.
Look what haoppened to The Bill. Worked well for years, then along came the new everyone is out of a job

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Now can we get rid of the simpering dreary Gail Mcintyre

Click to rate     Rating   16

I stopped watching Corrie 12 months ago. The iconic programme used to be witty, surreal, tragic and outrageously funny. Now it a mish-mash of silly story lines and actors and actresses who have no personality whatsoever. It's a bit like Dallas, any moment now I can visualise Len Flairclough stepping out of the shower, the past 20 years having been just a dream.

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why is a programme boring if someone isnt dying or there isnt a fire every week,the idea of a soap is to follow peoples lives,some times on a street in real life weeks can go by without any real drama in any household.would be nice for once just to see a few episodes of good old corrie humour and people getting on and just something to watch and brighten up everyones day without there having to constantly be a storyline or the character is killed off,its absolute pathetic.the only thing i find boring about soaps is the constant cast changing, no street n the world has that many people coming and going,most people on my street have lived here their whole life whether there 20 or 90 ,why cant a soap be like that and actually follow someones life instead of bring them on have an affair write them out,

Click to rate     Rating   4

HOOOOOOORAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At last!!!!!!!!!!!!! That stupid character Claire with her wobbly voice and OAP outlook on life!!!! Gotta be the drearest couple on the street. Ashleys sweet but again the silly voice is irritating!!!!! Both silly not to be taken seriously characters - hope both the actors find something better to do with their lives.

Click to rate     Rating   12

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