Thursday, April 29, 2010
About The Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee
The Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee is a group of publicly recognized, independent experts on the financial services industry who meet regularly to study and critique regulatory policies affecting this sector of the economy.

On Sunday, April 25 and Monday, April 26, members of the Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee (SFRC) met in two closed sessions to discuss, among other things, the proposed tax on large banks, improving the transparency of the costs that expand the financial safety net, a resolution regime for financial institutions, and SEC regulation of the equity markets

At the luncheon press briefing that followed these sessions, SFRC members issued four statements and answered questions relating to the topics discussed. Video and audio of the event are available at the event page.

About the Committee

The Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee works to identify and analyze developing trends and ongoing events that promise to affect the efficiency and safe operation of sectors of the financial services industry; explore the spectrum of short- and long-term implications of emerging problems and policy changes; help develop private, regulatory and legislative responses to such problems that promote efficiency and safety and further the public interest; and to assess and respond to proposed and actual public policy initiatives with respect to the impact on the public interest.

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Additional Shadow Information

The next Shadow Committee meeting at AEI will be held on Monday, February 22, 2010.

The U.S. Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee (SFRC) meets with Shadow Committees from around the world every one to two years to discuss a theme of common interest and issue a joint policy statement. The most recent Joint Shadow Meeting was in Santiago, Chile from August 15-17, 2009.




U.S. Committee Members

George G. Kaufman, Co-Chair
Loyola University Chicago

Richard Herring, Co-Chair 
University of Pennsylvania

Ray Ball
University of Chicago

Marshall Blume
University of Pennsylvania

Charles W. Calomiris

Kenneth W. Dam
University of Chicago School of Law 

Robert A. Eisenbeis
Cumberland Advisors

Edward J. Kane
Boston College

Christian Leuz
University of Chicago

Robert E. Litan
Kauffman Foundation

Kenneth Scott
Stanford University

Chester Spatt
Carnegie Mellon University

Peter J. Wallison*

*Peter Wallison is currently on leave from the Committee while serving on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

This book argues that privatization of the government-sponsored enterprises is the only viable way to protect the taxpayers and the economy.  
This report examines the debate surrounding the role of the states in regulating credit bureaus, especially in light of expiring amendments to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  
Because two disparate clients demand loyalty from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, these government-sponsored entities must fulfill two ultimately irreconcilable roles.  
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Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee
Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee
Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee
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The results of the Committee's deliberations, the Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee Statements, are intended to increase the awareness and sensitivity of members of the financial services industry, public policy makers, the communications media and the general public to the importance and implications of current problems, events and policy initiatives affecting the efficiency and safety of the industry and the public interest. To view a list of these documents, please visit our section on Statements.