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Emergency Accomodations

The pages linked below will touch on emergency accomodations that are offered by agencies to help you in your situation. Every agency is different, but these options I will mention are pretty basic and are usually offered if the funding is available. Do not get discouraged if the option your interested in is not offered, just ask your community advocate to brainstorm other ideas with you.

As an advocate, my role is to listen and help you determine what emergency accomodations will best fit your needs. If you want to leave the abuse, but don't want to leave your home..then I want to offer you options to be able to stay in your home, safely.

Legal Assistance

Staying safely in your home may need some basic TLC. Adding a deadbolt to your doors, and considering other ideas can really make a difference in your level of security. Talk with advocates about how to safety plan around staying inside your home as opposed to leaving. Below is a link explaining protection orders. With or without an order you can talk to your neighbors to watch over you and your place. Keep outside lights on, and begin to feel safe in your own home. Contact advocates or myself on ways to safety plan around your home.

Stay Safely In My Home

If staying in your home is not possible then I want to offer other services to you. For a couple days to think about your situation there is the hotel. For a longer stay consider the shelter program in your area. If an emergency accomodation is available it will be offered to you. The hotel option is usually a 1 to 2 day stay. This can be used to avoid further trauma to children while avoiding a shelter program exposing them to complete strangers with backgrounds of trauma from domestic violence.


The shelter option is a short term stay, but long enough to help you decide what works best for you and your family. Every shelter is different. We will touch on what to look for in a shelter program on this site.


If you have family or a support system we can help you get to then we'll try to assist you in getting there. We can help make arrangements for you in another shelter program in the area you would need to go to also. So keep that in my mind.


If your fleeing, and need transportation then food can be provided if available. This is enough food to get you to your next stop.


I am offering you the link to The National Domestic Violence Hotline, so they can get you in touch with your state or local agencies for these services.

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