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Meshuggah - 'Alive' DVD

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Meshuggah - Alive

Meshuggah - Alive

Nuclear Blast Records
After being together for over 20 years and having several CDs under their belt, Meshuggah is releasing their first full-length DVD Alive. Directed by Ian McFarland (God Forbid, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All), the DVD was filmed at the 2008 Loudpark Festival in Tokyo and on Meshuggah's 2009 North American tour. Four of the 12 songs were filmed in Tokyo, the rest in New York, Montreal and Toronto.
A third of the songs on the DVD are from 2008's ObZen, with the rest of the music spanning the band's career. 2002's Nothing is also strongly represented, with three songs. The band's musical performances are extremely tight, as you'd expect from Meshuggah. The audio quality is great, and the editing uses fairly quick cuts, but it's not distracting or seizure inducing.

Instead of having a separate documentary as a bonus feature, Alive intersperses black and white documentary style features in between the live tracks. I thought it might really interrupt the flow of the music, but the features are well done, varied and not too long. And since the live songs are filmed at several different venues, it actually ends up flowing better with the vignettes in between the music.

There are a couple of extras, including the video for the song “Bleed” along with short features with a couple of band members. In addition, there's an audio CD that has the same songs as the DVD, but in a different order. Meshuggah fans that have been waiting for a DVD will enjoy Alive, and although a few more songs would have been nice, there's still plenty of content.

(released February 9, 2010 on Nuclear Blast Records)

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