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Excalibur, Dispatch Move to Bigger Premises under New Management

November 26, 2008 - By BNP News

Following on several staff changes, the BNP is happy to announce that both the merchandising arm, Excalibur, and the dispatch/logistics department have moved to bigger and better premises in Yorkshire.

Adrian Marsden, Yorkshire regional organiser, has been appointed managing director of Excalibur, replacing the previous acting MD. The transition will have no effect on the functioning of Excalibur, which has seen sustained growth over the last year and which will continue on its upwards trajectory.

Mr Marsden and his team at the new premises will in future be responsible for all aspects of running the Excalibur operation, and other team members will run the distribution of the monthly subscription (Voice of Freedom and Identity) publications, while bulk leaflet and literature distribution has been taken over by well-known East Midlands activist Alwyn Deacon. Arthur Kemp continues with the job of maintaining the main BNP website and will be concentrating on developing the new multimedia information and education projects that the party is rolling out for the huge wave of support which has followed events of the last two weeks.

The decision to move from the Deeside Unit was taken several months ago when it became clear that the premises were too small for the rapidly expanding workload. The array of new equipment, including the latest folding/inserting machines, laser guillotines, three large commercial printers, a sophisticated plastic bagging machine, an array of computers and the ever growing Excalibur stock list, had reduced working area to the minimum. A move had therefore become urgent.

The final prompt to seek new premises came after it emerged that one the directors of the then landlord company was Brian Mawhinney, a Tory former ex-cabinet minister. Once this was discovered, the BNP knew that it was only a matter of time before the Gestapo anti-democratic nature of the ruling Labour/Tory elite would kick in, and the lease would be ended.

As a result, the lease for the Deeside unit was ended by mutual consent as of the end of November, giving the party more than enough time to make the transition to the already identified and secured new offices.

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