• 2010 Betfred World Snooker Championship

    Last 32 - Match 3 - Neil Robertson 10-5 Fergal O'Brien

     Frame Scores 1st Session
    22-60(44), 73-7, 81(70)-16, 75(30)-19, 71(62)-50(50), 94(64)-21, 6-65, 14-65, 106(106)-0, 77-70
     Frame Scores 2nd Session
    32-67(58), 40-73(64), 58-54, 77-70(44), 83(83)-4, 89(59)-0


    Robertson wraps up a 6-3 lead with a century.

    O'Brien is nibbling away at Robertson's lead, but he still trails 5-3.

    The Aussie have moved 5-1 clear, but that doesn't really reflect the match as Fergal has had some decent chances.

    Robertson gets intro his stride with a 70 break in the third.

    A useful run of 48 earns Fergal the opening frame on his return to the Crucible.

    Good afternoon. This match promises to be a fascinating contrast of styles.


    Eventually Robertson shakes off the shackles that O'Brien was imposing to run out a 10-5 winner.

    Robertson fires in 83 to stand one frame from the winning line.

    We're denied the longest frame by Robertson slotting the black and breathing a massive sigh of relief. They have to settled for being tied in third place for the longest frame in Crucible history at 69 minutes.

    What a frame we have on now.  68 minutes of play. Fergal has just taken blue to black to force a respot. We're eyeing up the longest Crucible frame which is 75 minutes, in last year's match between Stephen Maguire and Mark King
    Robertson pots a blinding last red and steals a frame on the black to lead 7-5.

    Fergal has compiled another sixty plus break and is only a frame behind now - it's game on.

    Fergal gets the first of the afternoon, but is still two frames behind.

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