• 2010 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship

    Quarter Final 3 Graeme Dott 13-12 Mark Allen

    Best of 25 Frames over 3 sessions:

    Tuesday 27 April 10am & 7pm, Wednesday 28 April 10am.

     Graeme Dott
    Mark Allen

     Frame Scores: 
    1st Session: 1-99(66),  0-75(38,37), 41(41)-73(58), 29-67(54), 76(76)-0, 69(35)-43, 67(39)-33(33), 0-105(100)
    2nd Session: 44-66(38), 67(39)-1, 74(74)-8, 2-68(44), 136(116)-7, 116(85)-13, 91(67)-21, 20-78(67)
    3rd Session: 86(65)-31(31), 62(54)-24, 11-74(45), 13-93(42), 64(53)-65(30,35), 31(31)-75(31), 115(115)-3, 56-8, 75(41)-0

     Match Notes:

     Graeme Dott produces three near perfect frames to clinch a massive victory 13-12. That victory gives Dott back his place in the Top 16 and it's richly deserved.

    The momentum has swung in Allen's favour now. He dominates the next to go within one frame of a second Crucible semi final.

    What a massive frame for Allen to steal. Dott missed a red on 53. Allen made 30 and laid the snooker on the last red and got the chance to steal in with a 35 clearance.

    Mark levels the match and no we have a thriller on our hands after the interval.

    Allen wins the frame in two visits.

    Graeme Dott is looking very dangerous now. Another fifty plus break and he's opened a two frame lead.

    We're into the final session of the match. One of these players will be the first man through to the semi finals. Dott gets away to a good start with a run of 65.

    Allen wins the last of the night to leave the match level ahead of the final session on Wednesday.

     Dott makes another good break to level the match.

    This is turning into a real battle, as you'd expect with the gritty Dott at the table and he's just fired in a superb 116.

    Mark regains a two frame advantage as they share the first four frames of the evening.

     Dott comes back with two frames to close to only one behind.

     Mark Allen takes the first of the night to stretch his lead to 6-3.

     Allen rounds off the morning session with a century.

     Dott is right back in the match now having won three on the spin.

    A 35 clearance earns Dotts another frame.

    Dott is suffering from a headache and has dosed up on some paracetemol during the interval. Seems to have done the trick as he's made a good 76 to take his first frame.

    Dott had a good chance in the fourth but missed a red on 29 and Allen has gone 4-0 up at the first interval.

    A brief glimmer of form by Dott in the third but he missed the last red.
    Mark Allen isn't hanging around this morning. He's whistled through the opening two frames in 28 minutes.

    I'm not sure Dott doesn't have a problem this morning. He's been holding his hand to his ear and lot and doing facial stretching exercises as if he might have ear ache.

    Match Photos