• 2010 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship

    Quarter Final 2 Allister Carter 13-12 Shaun Murphy

    Best of 25 Frames over 3 sessions:

    Tuesday 27 April 2.30pm, Wednesday 28 April 10am & 7pm.

     Allister Carter
    Shaun Murphy

     Frame Scores: 
    1st Session: 41(37)-70(70), 51(47)-62(37), 82(51)-23, 63-53(48), 24-76(38,36), 19-100(53,31), 41-83(36), 72-47
    2nd Session: 39(39)-70(58), 89(55)-1, 32(32)-84(84), 54(30)-60, 83(41)-0, 101(87)-0, 73(73)-45(33), 64(64)-1
    3rd Session: 122(122)-10, 0-81(81), 19-101(33,49), 64(31)-25, 61(61)-1, 54(42)-69(61), 73(59)-46(42), 64(35)-40(35)

     Match Notes:

     They both made 35 in the decider, both had chances, both missed the yellow once, but it was Carter who cleared yellow to pink to claim his semi final place.

    Carter shows nerves of steel to level the match with 59 after Murphy broke down on 42.

    Carter missed a red amongst the balls on 42 and Murphy has cleared with 61 to go one up with two to play.

    It's pulsating stuff now as Murphy slots home a 90 break to level the match again. you couldn't ask for a better closer match. Well unless you look on the adjoining table where they're also locked at 11-11.

    Two back to back frames gives Carter the lead again. It's getting very tight and very tense now.

    Carter wins a low scoring frame to level again at 10-10.

    Murphy hits the front at a crucial time with a late run of 49.

    What a cracking start to the evening as Murphy slams in 81 to level again.

    Carter starts the final session in style with a century.

    Allister Carter has dug very deep to reel off four frames to level the match and what a thriller it could be when they return tonight.

    Carter looked a lot better in that frame and needed to, but he's still three behind.

    A green to black clearance earns Murphy another frame.

    Carter left a black hanging in the jaws on 32 and Murphy stepped in and cleared up with 84.

    Carter runs in 55 to pull a frame back.

    Murphy wins the first of the day. He broke down on 58 but Carter snookered himself on 39.

    Carter takes the last of the afternoon but will not be happy to have squandered so many chances in the first session.

    Murphy opens a two frame gap. At worst he can only be level at the end of the session.

    Murphy regains the lead with two scoring visits.

    Carter steals the fourth on the black to level after Murphy missed a red on 48.

    Carter missed an easy red to centre on 51 but got away with it to win his first frame.

     Murphy produces a good 37 clearance to steal frame two on the black.

     A great start for Murphy, he cracked in 70 after Carter faltered on 37

       An intriguing clash between the former finalist and former champion.

    Match Photos