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Fulton, MS Prom Discrimination (Filed)

April 21, 2010
 Constance McMillen
Constance McMillen

The ACLU wants Itawamba County School District officials in Fulton, Mississippi to reverse their decision to forbid a lesbian student from attending prom with her girlfriend and from wearing a tuxedo to the prom. Constance McMillen, a student at Itawamba Agricultural High School, came to the ACLU for help after school officials told her that she could not come to prom with her girlfriend, also a student at IAHS, and that if they arrived separately but slow-danced together they might be thrown out.

In response to a letter demanding that the school allow Constance to attend prom with her girlfriend, the school board issued a statement saying that they were canceling prom for all students.

STATUS: Amended complaint filed in federal court on April 21, 2010. In a preliminary ruling, the Court found that Itawamba County School District officials violated Constance McMillen’s First Amendment right to freedom of expression, though the judge stopped short of ordering the school to reinstate the prom.

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